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Welcome back to kryptos or us, i am george, we’re all george so get ready, bitcoin holders several big pieces of news announced today, so i’m going to talk about lightning network strike, app new country, argentina, and also talk about what’s coming tomorrow, big release tomorrow. What is it and how will affect bitcoin? Well, let’s discuss so thanks for tuning in, as always smash up the like subscribe to the channel two streams almost every day, 11 30 and 8 30 p.m. Center standard time so make sure you hit that notification bell and follow me on twitter, facebook, instagram and check out all the latest news articles and guides at cryptozeros.

I want to talk about so, let’s get started. First of all, bitcoin is at 42.5. So since this morning it climbed up a little bit. It touched 43 000.


Once again, so you could see that’s like the new temporary ceiling. We have 43 000 three times today and bitcoin wants to break higher, it’s itching to break higher and we may get it tomorrow because because it’s one big event, but first of all, let’s talk about. Let’S talk about this where’s this this this! Yes, here we go so pretty big announcement and president buchelli of uh el salvador predicted that two other countries at least will jump into bitcoin and make bitcoin legal tender, and this may be the first one, although it looks like two, others are following the same footsteps. So strike is launching bitcoin payment service in argentina, obviously using their app, and they will be using lightning network of course.

So this will be a huge thing for citizens of argentina, because we know that they suffer right now from hyperinflation. Doesn’T matter how many zeros argentina chops off? They still have the same problem and it hasn’t been easy for them to find something else. That could be a store of value that could be a hedge against their inflation. Well, here comes bitcoin, okay and jack muller, so this is coming.

Argentina didn’t officially announce anything like they’re gon na make bitcoin legal tender, but the way this is launching it does seem like that, wouldn’t be far-fetched and that could be right around the corner. So this is pretty big having another country almost fully embracing bitcoin right. Of course, argentina is a much bigger country than el salvador about 45 million citizens and they’re, not alone, because it looks like brazil and colombia are next, at least that’s where strike plans on expanding into, and it just makes sense so latin america. A lot of financial instability, economic woes and strike and bitcoin, especially bitcoin, is going to make a big impact on the citizens within within the area within the within uh within the countries right. So i think this is pretty significant.

It’S the start. I told you guys. El salvador was going to be the first they’re to benchmark their their the test bed and everyone else is paying attention and figuring out how they could integrate bitcoin into their system, and it’s starting. It is starting now, speaking of lightning network right, they’re, not alone, because jack dorsey and cash app right uh. They are integrating lightning payments, so they want to make it as easy and as cheap as possible to send bitcoin from one app to another anywhere in the world.

Basically, so this is also a big thing for lightning network and if you look at a chart for lightning network, it is just increased my leaps and bounds not in this one. Unfortunately, but it is just skyrocketing in terms of the number of nodes and liquidity – and this is positive for bitcoin as many including jack feel like it will become the new currency of the internet and in order to to become that bitcoin needs to scale and needs To be very fast and very cheap, you can’t have people waiting 10 minutes for confirmation, and that is what the lightning network is here to do so also big news for for uh for lightning network and that’s not all jack dorsey. Also, he renamed square into block and they are doing two other things based on their hiring number one they’re hiring someone to develop a new asic miner for bitcoin, and it could be because he wants to integrate it into into. Maybe you know the terminals, you know block terminals, maybe he wants to integrate it low power ones. It does seem like he’s very serious about it, hiring for that and also he wants to build a wallet, and we we kind of knew that already, but he’s also hiring so jack has big plans for bitcoin.

This is probably the reason why he stepped down on twitter because he wants to focus everything on bitcoin and how to utilize block now to fully embrace it and grow it even more. So this is also pretty big um in terms of utility adoption right. It’S it’s only getting started. This is why i tell you guys to focus on bitcoin and the growing fundamentals. This is part of that right.

This is this is still so early. That’S why you don’t want to give up on bitcoin now. The other big thing that i want to talk about is, of course, is tomorrow: okay, big, big, big news or not big news, but big. I guess uh uh speculation on what may happen tomorrow. Okay, cpi numbers are coming out, inflation numbers are coming out, and i mentioned this already: traders, hedge funds, whoever wall street, guys they’re all trying to figure out what to do about inflation and the the the answer is quite obvious, except people are still pretending like bitcoin.

Doesn’T exist, okay, so there’s really there’s only really three things that you can do about inflation right and, and only really one of the two things or three things makes sense. So what can you do right? What can you do if you want to hedge against inflation? It’S expected that u.s inflation rate is going to climb into the seven percents okay, so you know – and that’s just measuring the growth between november to december and what it is overall, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t keep growing.

So what can you do as an investor or as an average joe? If you have a ton of money on your hand, what can you do right? Can you buy bonds? Can you buy 10-year bonds or 20-year bonds and 30-year bonds well, they’re, paying out 1
7 1.8 percent yield after 10 years.

Is that a good hedge against inflation? No, what else can you do? Well, you could buy gold and surprisingly gold kind of went up because people don’t know what to put their money in right, so they’re buying gold, but we know that gold was destroyed by bitcoin in 2021. Gold was in the negative while bitcoin returned 70. So how do you, hedge against inflation, if you can’t rely on gold which has been relied on for thousands of years, basically uh, not not not for financial markets but for jewelry and stuff, but from a financial standpoint, maybe a hundred years 200 years?

No, not even that long, but you get my point right, but now you can’t rely on it anymore. So what else is there? Well, the answer is simple. Bitcoin right so tomorrow could be a big big day for bitcoin if the inflation numbers turn out to be worse than expected. You’Re gon na have the overreaction again by the traders and hedge funds into buying hedges against inflation, and i just don’t know what else there is.

The buying power of money of cash is decreasing at an exponential rate based on how much has been printed over the last few years. There’S nothing you could do about that. So now you need to buy something that goes up even faster than inflation. Otherwise, you are just you’re just losing right. You may think you’re sitting on a pile of cash and is doing great except every single year.

Now it’s disappearing by seven percent and it’s growing right. So you have to decide. So i think tomorrow could be a good day for bitcoin, because the inflation numbers turn out to be even worse than expected. Well, i think you’ve got a a reaction, a overreaction of maybe gold, spiking bitcoin spiking right and even if you don’t, even if you don’t see inflation numbers being worse, i think overall traders know that this is still the beginning. If you look at inflation rates, the cpa numbers have been steadily going up and up and up and up and up right so what’s coming out tomorrow is for is for december, not counting january right and then next month.

We’Ll look at january numbers and it’s probably gon na be even worse and we might go into the eight percent so we’ll see so that’s coming tomorrow. Right and of course, uh people are wondering tomorrow’s gon na be there’s gon na be another fed meeting. I don’t. I don’t think it’s gon na be over tomorrow. I think it’s gon na carry into thursday.

So again, people are speculating on what chairman powell is going to do. He’Ve already said what he plans on doing in december, but is he actually going to do it soon? Right and there’s that to look forward to so overall a lot of stuff coming a lot of stuff coming all right now, in addition to all this, in addition to bitcoin’s fundamentals getting better and how it’s the greatest inflation hedge that we have today, there are still Other bullish things about bitcoin, for example, a liquid supply, and you can see that is still going up it’s at the same level. Now, okay, even though bitcoin is at what 42 000 right now, it’s at the same level as when bitcoin hit 64 000 back in 2021. So you could see a lot of the supply is being taken off from the exchanges and there’s reason for that, because the big whales they keep accumulating they keep buying behind the scenes, while retail is panicking and they’re laughing all the way to their virtual bank because They are buying bitcoin at a discount for cheap and they know this is really really cheap compared to where bitcoin will be in five years, which may be at a million dollars, then right, so a liquid supply keeps going up and no that’s pretty much it, and That’S pretty much it!

Okay! Now, before i get into other stuff uh all coins, i did want to talk about phantom real quick. A lot of you guys are phantom fans, and i am too um financed that us decided to list phantom today so finance the u.s one of the bigger exchanges in the u.s listing phantom.

So pretty positive. Also a couple things about phantom major projects on cryptosros.com. Within this article listed right, some of you guys may have heard of like tomb finance, spooky finance. You may want to learn more about it.

It is on cryptozoros
Com – and just so you know, i want to spooky swap looking at the farms – that’s available right, like phantom versus usdc pair 90 apr, and some of these other ones are 40. 50, 60, 70 percent man bargain not bargain, but but uh. I love the. I love d5 yield, so i’m starting to love it more and more and more all right, that’s pretty much it overall! You know today we’re still feeling good.

Ever since this morning, bitcoin has come up. A lot of all coins have started coming up right. I don’t know why i have it off, but let’s go to coin gecko. Recently. I’Ve noticed that coin market cap has really really really really been, like.

I think, there’s too much usage so now they cache it. So it refreshes every 10 or 20 seconds, and just it just kind of sucks. But overall today you guys could see. Market cap is up 2.8, not too shabby.

A lot of all coins have recovered today, uh slightly, but there are still a lot of bargains to be had. But the point of me, bringing up more defy is because i think it’s perfect while things are stagnant or while you’re holding and you want to make more income passive income look into d5. This is the reason why l ones are so strong is because of d phi, and that is why uh that’s why l ones are here to stay and that’s why so many continue to lock in their tokens, and you could see in terms of total value locked It hardly moved off from its top right, because so many people are making great yields and they continue to leave the leave their tokens in there and not panic selling and that’s fantastic, that’s fantastic uh. Lastly, there’s two other things: uh for v chain: v usd the stable coin has launched okay, so they v chain partner. Up with this other company called step stability and they have launched vusd, which is backed one to one to usd so they’re, not a algorithmic stablecoin.

This is actually uh acid-backed stablecoin, but this will jump start v chain in a big way for their d5 ecosystem, which is just getting started, but i have a feeling after this you know, there’s going to be a big push. Several other l1 have these mega funds, like 100 million 300 million funds to draw in dap makers. I have a feeling v chain’s working on that and if we see one and get announced, maybe 100 million 200 million into drawing damn maker, especially d5 stuff. It’S gon na, be it’s gon na, be very positive for you to feature all right, uh, that’s pretty much it. The only other thing i wan na talk about before again q a is, i do have a new channel partner.

You guys may have noticed it on the screen and that is ftx.us ftx. You can’t you can’t uh. You can’t watch tv without seeing one of their commercials or you can’t check out a publication without seeing some kind of big headline that they have formed. Sam bankman freed of ftx have pushed ftx to the limits and they are now one of the biggest exchanges out there right.

So ftx has many advantages. They have a ton of tokens, a ton of coins, i should say the trading fees and withdrawal fees are the lowest in the industry, and not only can you use them on your computer, but they also bought out block folio, which some of you guys may remember. It is now called ftx app, okay, so block flow. Folio is not only a portfolio tracker, but also you could trade within you could trade anything that’s within ftx. You could utilize that okay, but just to show you.

This is what the interface looks like and on top there’s many different crypto and they utilize usd bitcoin and the sp stablecoin usd t, and not only that. Not only can you use ftx.us for trading, but also nfts. They are pushing big into nfts, trying to steal the thunder from open c and even solana from seoul art, so you can actually mint nfts for either chain completely free, no fees at all. You can launch it on solana or you can launch it for ethereum and you could also deposit from either chain right.

So they are also making a big push into nfts as well. And it’s just a lot easier for people to create, because you don’t have to worry about a hundred dollars of gas fee for every single one that you create and even when you sell it to get that into your wallet, you have to pay another hundred dollars. So you’re saving a ton of fees just by utilizing ftx.us nft marketplace. So there you go uh.

So if you want to check them out, url is placed in the description, but i will be talking a lot more about ftx
Us in the future, all right guys, that’s pretty much it now. Let’S do some q a francisco asks. Can you do a quick icp overview? It’S been a while, since i looked at icp, i’m i’m neutral on them. Okay, i’m neutral on them.

I didn’t like how they were over hyped and they they pumped up to the moon and now they’re nowhere close they’re all-time high uh. There are some things i’ve learned about them before i didn’t like they’re, not really open sourced their staking mechanism rewards time. So, of course, the team who started sticking has more control over the new stakers. It seems like they use a digital id system, so they they see it better for kyc. But if you want to be more hidden anonymous, uh, it’s it’s counterintuitive for that.

So there are a few things about icp, that’s a little bit different, but um can they come back, maybe but they’re they got pumped up so much when they first release now they’re. Nowhere close to it, i think, they’re still like 90 off, that’s how far off they are all right. Um, diy, kenny, d5 kingdoms. You know i’ve been meaning to do an update video on d5 kingdoms. In fact, i want to do one just on staking.

Overall, many people have asked me how i’m staking on anchor utilizing ust right and also how to get into d5 kingdoms, and i’ve started experimenting with some other defy um projects, and you know what d5 is just it’s it’s as easy as cake really, but of course, The more apr or more apy, the more risky it is, and you can get rug pulled and stuff like that. So you have to be careful, but there are certain ones, especially if you’re staking into projects and you’re earning yield. From that i mean, there’s basically no risk um, especially if you’re contributing a network of a project that you believe in so yeah, i’m still making about 900 a day from tv kingdoms, but in total. Now because i put in i sprout money in all these, like different projects and in terms of just staking, i was calculating. I’Ve been calculating, so i’m getting about i’m getting over two thousand dollars per day from rewards.

Now i mean that is tremendous. We’Re talking about! Sixty thousand dollars a month at this pace so uh. It shows you that stakings taking rewards yields is legit, but you have to be careful. I have to be smart about it, but but uh right now, um.

You know, i think it’s still something that’s kind of taboo for a lot of people. Just like me, it’s like! Ah, you know it’s not for me, it’s too risky uh and i think it’s just because most people don’t understand it’s today, wednesday. Tomorrow’S wednesday, i will be bringing out my portfolio to dca um. Let’S see here good data price action, any idea one kdx would be launching no.

You should tweet to kdx and ask them that question because i have not heard they said soon. They launched their mole, their their beta of their browser wallet, but in terms of their decks i don’t have a eta yet, but i think that’s going to help them. Let’S go help them um, let’s see either ada haters are trendy, i don’t know with cardano. You have a lot of hate and got a lot of love and there’s no in between. I i don’t know what the deal is with that um uh nfts on cardona are much easier except they’re, not utilizing cardano’s smart contracts.

So that’s the problem. That’S the problem. Um all right, i finally caught up to the to the comments. Uh, let’s see here, do you think a dana could do 8x from here from this bull run. I think it’s back up to about nine dollars so 8x from here, yeah, nine.

So yes, yes, i do, can they go up even 10x? Their 1.5 billion market cap 10x will give them 15 billion right and 15 billion is not too far off from let’s say polygon right now. It’S 16

Can they do it sure, but it’s going to take a lot of development. First, okay, they’re going to have to onboard a lot more dexes a lot more they’re gon na need to have more staking and a lot more projects that involve staking um.

So, yes, it could happen, but uh they’re. They need to build out and that’s what they’re doing. That’S the whole point of getting in early so that yeah, so when, when these things come because it happened with so many projects, for example like avalanche and polygon, i mean these guys shot up in 2021 because they kind of like all came at once. So it definitely could happen same thing. Solana happened very fast for solana too uh augustine this year.

Argentina would suffer a drought, it’s it’s likely, it will default imf and argentina. Central bank is completely broken. Let’S hope bdc saves me from starving. Well, i’m sorry to hear that you are in argentina um but yeah. I don’t know what to say.

I i i haven’t lived in conditions like that, so i can’t comment how bad it is, but i’m hoping that strike yap and bitcoin can make a big difference for the citizens of argentina. I think it’s made a big difference for citizens of el salvador and i hope that it will help relieve some of this badness from your life um. Can you ballpark how much in total you’re staking it’s not that much like, for example, we’re d5 kingdoms? I put in 80 000 and i’m getting about 900

Some of these others i put in smaller amounts, but i’m not i’m not gon na name names right now, because i don’t want to just it’ll be reckless to do that, but some of these other ones i put like 50 000, 10 000 and some of the Other ones like anchor – you guys saw i put in like 150 000 and i have like a ton on um on the centralized lending services, but they’re earning very yield low yields, so most of it is from from like liquidity pools. But you know the payback is.

If you calculate the payback is really quick, if, if here’s the thing about staking and liquidity pools and yields, they only work if the token that you’re getting back is not dropping. If you get it and it drops, then it eliminates the yield right. So you have. That’S why you have to invest in good projects, the ones where the the yield will not be eliminated by price drop or volatility. So you got to be careful about that that that is something you have to be careful about and i’m permanent loss which people have mentioned to me before.

Basically, with liquidity pools, you have two sides and if one side deviates too much from the other side, you can end up actually losing when you’re withdrawing. But then again you make up for from all the fees and yields that you you made already so you’re, just kind of making less unless there’s a huge deviant from what you put in before so just to throw that out. There um already have both even have more put in tonight. This is from david g that would vet news and sand due to 13

Yes, they’re having that mega city sandbox is having a mega city. Uh extension we’re sandbox here yeah, so we’ll see how that goes right.

So they’re partnering up with some big hong kong firms to try to get them more involved with metaverses, or i mean not to get them more involved. They want to get involved. So that’s pretty big um you think resurgence of d5 is coming. D5 seems at bottom. Picking up momentum yeah, i think so.

I still need to read more about curve wars. I hear a lot about it. I don’t quite understand it yet, but d5 is definitely here to stay. The problem with a lot of these d5 projects is liquidity. Pools are our majority for other projects or or the the the token of the underlying chain or the coin out of the underlying chain right.

So all these d5 projects on top of ethereum they’re, helping ethereum more than they are helping themselves at this point, but um yeah they just they just need to figure out how to get people to hold their own token more so, but yeah. I think i think their resurgence or their they’re gon na come back, but still maybe slower than some of the other projects. Uh mike says i bought one on kucoin and i went to withdrawal. Uh they’ve been converted to maine that coin. How did i get that?

Metamask uh, you could still it you could. You can send i i tested it. You can send harmony from kucoin straight to metamask right. But the thing is it’s a little bit difficult, because if you get the harmony address on metamask, it’s still a erc20 token address. So what you do is you go to harmonies black explorer enter that metamask address and it’ll give you the real harmony address which starts with one okay.

So it’s a little bit complex. But if you do that, then you can send it to that harmony. Address and it’ll pop up in your metamask, so to test out, send a little bit, don’t send the whole thing and see how that works, but for me it worked and for kucoin their withdrawal. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer. So keep that in mind.

My first withdrawal took like like two hours before harmony got there. I don’t know just congestion at a time, so hopefully that helped you uh james. Thank you for that big super sticker. Getting an error message, moving harmony from crypto
Com to metamask any alternative, here’s the thing, that’s what i just said chad, so the metamask address for harmony is a erc address, so you need to actually copy that go into harmonies block explorer and enter that address and search and it’ll. Give you the equivalent harmony address, okay, and then you can utilize that address to send to and then appear in your harmony wallet in metamask.

So it’s a little complex. It took me a while to figure out but try with just a small amount first and then, if it works, then you can send the remaining uh all right. You think oculus would be big in a metaverse world. I i don’t know oculus been around for a while. Obviously, facebook wants to take advantage of oculus since they bought them.

I should say meta: i’m not used to calling a meta but yeah. I think i think they could. I think they could um james. Thank you. What does a rap coin mean basically you’re having one one coin from another network onto another chain, so like wrap bitcoin on ethereum right, so basically you’re bringing you’re locking in bitcoin on one side and then you’re getting equivalency on the other side.

And it’s wrapped and you can always change back. So that’s that’s what wrap means? Basically, you’re you’re, taking one coin from one chain and you’re you’re uh you’re, moving that liquidity to another chain, starting a small farm at or thoughts of, supplementing, a small farm by staking crypto to combat food inflation in my local community or i don’t is that oregon. Uh staking is definitely i mean it’s, it’s a good idea. Okay and for me you know, what’s a gear, almost a guaranteed um with staking, and you don’t have to worry about.

Uh volatility is stable coins um anchor okay, so i’m just gon na give my own. This is one of the things i’ve discovered recently that i’m doing so anchor is a project created by tara for the purpose of staking and borrowing, and you could also um. You could do bonding and other things with the anchor token, but they created this primarily as a draw for people to come in and utilize terra usd and earn some rewards and kind of get people involved, while they’re growing the ecosystem right. So i mean this is almost a sure thing unless the stable coin itself collapses, which right now does not seem like it’s likely because of how big terra is or anchor collapses again, not likely, because anchor is controlled by terra, which is now worth what 30 billion Dollars so it’s not likely either. One of these will go away.

There might be fluctuating ust, but it’s pegged to one dollar. So, despite the market going up and down, it doesn’t matter whatever you’re putting in you’re pretty much earning this apy right and right now, i’m earning 84 from this. It’S a large amount. I know, but it’s consistent every single day, 84 and if you add up to a year, that’s almost 31 000 right that adds up. That adds up.

So, if, in your case, if you want to utilize, staking to make rewards and utilize that to combat food inflation, for example right, i would highly suggest using a system that takes advantage of stable coins, not crypto themselves, because, as i explained before, crypto can go up And down, and if the underlying token that you’re staking goes down significantly, then the yield means nothing right. So that’s why stable coin staking is, is, in my opinion, right now like um, it’s like a guaranteed money. Basically, and it’s not just for ust with usdc with ust with binance busd right, you can earn 10 with those. If you have them laying around right or you have money in a bank account, why not you can you can utilize and earn much more rewards than you would ever get in a savings account or a checking account or bonds right? So there you go check out.

Cvr 50 apr with no luck, no lock, there’s a lot that has no lock, but i don’t know if i what’s cvr uh cover compared yeah way too small of a project. For me to do two trust: six million uh. So sorry that i’m not gon na trust that that’s just a little bit too small um tutorial, how do you make 2k update no 900 a day fluffy? Yes, i’m actually having my team right, uh uh, actually not for kikinami, i’m doing it for anchor first. In case you guys want to know, because that’s more of a less risky thing defy kingdom’s a little bit more complex, there’s a lot more steps, but eventually i will get to it all right.

John says one influence over the half, a million followers says ada would tank in the next month. I don’t know, i don’t know about that. Uh 70 plus percent of cardano is staked in a pool and uh. You know what it just seems like it’s unlikely unless they all give up and dump it right. So it’s hard to see that, can it go down more sure we’ll be dumped to back to like 10 cents like where it was in 2018.

2019. I don’t. I don’t think so, um sober something. I appreciate that sorry, i meant crv on convex what what is convex, i don’t know which one you mean: convex crb or this one: okay, one point 1.7 billion, so this is much bigger.

I’Ve never heard of this project before. Let’S take a look boosted curve staking deposit liquidity earned boosted crb. So this is like a a compounding for curve. It sounds like um put crv to work all right. The positive number curve curve into convex receive uh, basically a synthetic token and then receive a total share of the curve, rewards and uh and earn some trading fees.

So what is the reward here? Yeah 47.9 apr. That’S not bad um, [, Music! ]!

That’S not bad! That’S not bad i’ll. Try to play around with it see see how it is, but i mean 47.9 is really it’s really good, but still not as crazy as some of the other ones, which means it’s not as not as risky so i’ll give it a shot. I’Ll, try it and see how it is barbecue thanks for bringing it up.

Someone asked about rose well rose, got a big investment from binance today and also they’re hooked up with facebook too. So i’m gon na do more research into them. They could be a big big player going soon um. What do you think about mimblewimble and litecoin uh when when is it going to be done, and you know what i think they’re just better better buys than litecoin? Okay, there’s better buys make a video on staking coins and lists, maybe maybe uh best way to decide usc terra station js.

A lot of people asked me about this earlier right, most likely you’re trying to do it from kucoin or gate io, or something right with metamask. With the harmony address you have to put into harmony black explorer, then it will give you equivalent harmony address and you have to send it to that address. That’S how it works. Okay, so test it out. First, but yeah.

It took me a while to figure that out. Um litecoin is trash. I i won’t disagree with you. There, argentina government won’t adopt bitcoin as legal tender because politicians like putting money but here’s the thing. I i probably, i think, you’re right, but here’s the thing if strike app is allowed to be used by the people.

Well, the people will figure out how to get around it right. The thing is: if the government does not allow people to use the strike app to buy bitcoin, then that’s a different story. So um have you looked at bomb i’ll, go peg to bitcoin? No, i’m not bomb a little bit too small, all right guys. That is pretty much it overall, some big stuff.

Just this conversation went into d5 right, but d5 is exciting. I’M really passionate about d5. That’S why i tweeted out once you start getting into d5, you really get addicted because there’s just so many layers basic staking and then you got more advanced staking but of course, there’s more risk. But man there’s a lot to it. It’S very exciting, but anyways talking about bitcoin, there’s a lot of stuff going on right.

Argentina is allowing strike gap. Can they fully embrace it? Can other countries embrace it? Well, yes, we’ll have to see, but tomorrow, cpi numbers. What is it going to do right?

We will see we will see, but there’s not a whole lot of things that you can buy to hedge against inflation. These days, you can’t buy bonds, it’s not inflating as fast as usd you can’t buy gold, because it’s not inflating as fast as usd, but you could buy bitcoin, which is definitely inflating faster in big usd. So we will see what happens tomorrow.

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