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With only moments to go until the tips that should not touch do indeed touch also known as the dreaded death cross, while some analysts believe that bitcoin has run out of juice, but the real question is: can bitcoin squeak out one final push to the upside? Like a married couple, whose passion for each other has long subsided, I’m your host, William wiggles, and not to be confused with William the wiggler, and i think, that’s enough uh fun for one day make sure to like subscribe. Absolutely time-sensitive alerts. Remember uh! We will be doing the bit coiner ledger competition tomorrow, um, actually, i’m gon na be out of town.


So if i don’t do a video tomorrow, then the next day uh, but i’ll try to do one um if bitcoin does something uh and as well. If you guys are interested in bonuses, make sure to check out the stuff below uh uh the deals below and never fall victim scammers i have one instagram one, twitter and the rest are fake and without any further and the real ones are in my description. Without any further ado, let’s get this over with unbelievable. So as the dreaded tip touch of death draws closer here, some analysts are worried about a potential dump. However, let’s jump into this so we covered this about two days ago, when we were talking about the death cross, that it’s a lagging indicator, it doesn’t really mean too much it’s supposed to be bearish, but the track record is pretty murky, meaning it’s not very reliable, Meaning that death crosses don’t really mean that we’re going to get dumping.

In fact, usually it just means that we’ve already gotten dumping and that’s pretty much it. So. The grim sounding pattern in june of last year and another one in march of 2020 proved no dumpiness to continue here and actually turned higher and then formed a golden cross er shortly after on both those occasions here uh. But there was a cross back in 2019 that did um show that bitcoin had a little more dumping to do so again. Uh, if i’m being totally honest, it’s basically a non-indicator, it doesn’t really mean too much.

Nobody cares. Some people say it’s bearish, but for bitcoin, just about all previous death crosses or golden crosses have proven to be good, buying opportunities which again the longer time goes on. It just makes more sense to be buying bitcoin over time, always right, even if you buy the top uh. So far i mean bitcoin has always gone up and surpassed those tops so uh. I guess what i’m trying to say is buy bitcoin, but that’s not financial advice uh.

Whenever a death cross has occurred in the broader market indices or stocks most not all of the bad news has already been priced in. I think time could be a bigger risk to bitcoin than price at this point uh and as well. While people are looking for bottoms here, there are some mixed opinions here, uh. Obviously, forty six thousand forty six point: five, i think, is going to be a nice hurdle uh. As i said yesterday, i’m not gon na get really bullish in the short term until we break 46.

at the minimum, and i believe yesterday we only went up to about yeah about like the mid 44, thousands so somewhat close and actually now we’re taking a little Move to the downside here so uh yeah as i as i said, none of this is really bullish in the short term, until we at least i mean, realistically until we even break 49 and 50k. So again, we still have a decent amount to go before i get bullish in the short term, uh bitcoin bulls may show up to clear a few levels, but the whole herd is going to have to show up to clear them and that’s exactly it. We really need uh actual momentum to change and we have not seen that. Okay, we got a little bit of a baby bounce over the last few days, but that is not a change in momentum uh. We got many baby bounces over the past two months.

Okay, many baby bounces and they all turned into absolute devastating dumpage continued here. But one thing to note uh by suzu here, is that observing perpetual funding going increasingly negative as price grinds higher. It appears a real liquidation wave may be on the upside okay. Uh basically saying that uh we could see this squeeze punish late short traders who are just holding on to their positions to short bitcoin, which is exactly how we get bottoms form where everybody piles in with these. These short positions, everyone just doubles down and and thinks yes, we’re definitely going to keep going down and then by golly it doesn’t just.

I mean the best example. Really, i think, is back in the summer of 2021, where we had so many people. I remember everybody. Uh, well not everybody. A lot of people were saying that yes, 30k yeah we’re going straight back down to 20 and stuff like that.

People were actually putting in short positions at 30k, which was ridiculous, uh and again yeah. We did go a little bit below maybe like a thousand dollars below 30k for mere seconds, but uh trying to short bitcoin at 30k. Here a lot of people were doing. You might be thinking wow, that’s really dumb. Who would be dumb enough to do that?

A lot of people, a lot of people were doing that and uh that i think personally, absolutely completely cemented that bottom and allowed us to squeeze out a lot of the juice from the market and absolutely bust to the upside. My goodness, that’s what we love to see here, but um yeah other than that um bitcoin is still not doing much matic, i believe, overtook. I think it went higher up on the. I think it surpassed sheba, shiba, doggy coin, very big, again, fundamentally, very bullish on automatic and ethereum, as always uh bitcoin, ethereum and i’ve been, i don’t know, probably covering matic out of like 15 videos out of the past two or three months, so yeah very bullish. On that, as well uh, but with the spx now again, i’m heading a little bit down to the dumpy side, uh bitcoin again it looks as though we could easily see that re-test again of 40k and what i said a couple days ago.

I would not be surprised to see a really really quick swing down to the mid 30s okay to absolutely cement. The bottom could be mere seconds mere moments which i think it would be more likely that it would be very short than it would be a long, prolonged amount of time there um, but yeah with that being said, there’s nothing in my opinion that has shifted this Momentum actually firmly to the upside, yet we still have a long way to go. See the new channel make it. Electric is missy’s absolute time-sensitive alerts, make sure to check out any bonuses uh if you’re securing your crypto staking with our pool earning rewards uh. If you’re interested in trading bonuses or getting old coins make sure to check out everything below one instagram.

One twitter they’re, both linked below everything else, is a fake account. I have thousands of fake accounts of me: um uh, absolute dirt bag, dirt, munching, scammers, absolutely uh, burning hell gobble. My gumdrops and um make sure to drop your comment below and without any further ado. You

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