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Welcome back to crypto, sir us, i am George, we’re all George, so it’s looking pretty good bitcoin is right around 52 000 and a lot of all coins are doing fantastic today and that Christmas rally seems to be ongoing, even though we’re past Christmas. So let’s talk about what’s going on with bitcoin, how a reversal and how a pump up to 69 000 rain may ra may be right around the corner and why we should all hang on for 2022

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om welcome. Welcome, welcome Austin investors watching me in Australia at 4 49 a.m. Does that mean you woke up really early or you you just didn’t sleep? Well, take a look!

I’M glad you’re here. Just take a look bitcoin just smashed through 52 000, and why is this significant? Well looking at you know this channel that bitcoin has been stuck in for quite some time right you could see. The top is right around there. 52 000
Below you know, we struggled a little bit with 47.

, but we’ve crawled back up and now we are looking like. We want to move further and there’s not much holding bitcoin back after 52 because we fell down from what 58 right. So we could see some explosive movement right around the corner right. We still have a week left well less than a week, but we have yeah almost a full week, yeah one two, three four: five: five full days until the end of 2021, and we may see some explosiveness within these last five days and here’s a new chart. New new uh new site that I’m going to start showing coin360.

om – and this is pretty good because it gives you a heat map of the entire market, and you could see pretty much everything is in green today. Things are looking pretty darn good. Now, let’s get to what’s going on with bitcoin and the rest of the market. Well, today, take a look at this um actually not today, but take a look at this bitcoin yearly candles, so kind of puts things into perspective. 2011.

12. 13. Some explosive gains 2014 was right after a four year cycle had a down year, but after that three more explosive good gain years right then, we had of course, 2018, which is a pretty down year and since then, 2019 2020 and 2021 has been pretty darn good. 2021 is still not over, so this 75 could definitely be much higher by year end. However, the question is: does this mean that we are fully done with the four year cycle because, as you can see, 2014, which followed 2013 was a down year?

2018 follow 2017? Was a down year: does that mean 2022 is gonna be a down year? Well, that depends on if this four year cycle has basically been broken and shattered, and now we’re having a lengthening cycle right, and if we do, then that means that 2022 doesn’t have to be a down year like 2018 and 2013. We could see more explosiveness upwards and it just makes sense because the environment now is just very different. I think a lot of us.

We try to look at history right, look at patterns, look at what have occurred before and we try to. You know extrapolate what information we can to kind of forecast the future. However, we know that the environment for bitcoin and crypto is so different in 2021 and 2022. It’s really hard to make the comparison sometime, especially when the adoption is growing and the fundamentals keep getting better and better and better and defy, and web 3.0 is just getting started, and global adoption for bitcoin is also really just getting started too, as big as bitcoin Seems like it is, but it’s really still very small compared to the context of everything else around there around the world, so so it’ll be interesting.

2022 will definitely be very, very interesting and i do think we’re going to skip this red right. The reds of 2014 and 2018, i think we’re going to see a lot more greens up ahead. All right so just want to start with that. What else is there well a couple of things here: here’s a very, very interesting graph from uh Phil Philip. So this guy said i posted this chart three years ago.

Today, price is exactly where he predicted. You won’t have enough crypto for what will happen in 2022. So obviously this person, this trader, agrees with me and believes that 2022 will be even more explosive. So, let’s take a look at what he posted. This is what he posted December 27 of 2018, and this looks very similar to like, like what Benjamin has posted like the lengthening cycle.

There’s the logarithmic cycle. I mean there’s a lot of charts that kind of have that diminishing respect kind of growth right, but this is what he posted three years ago right and then now. This is it’s kind of hard to see, but you could see that if you take a look, there’s a little deviation when bitcoin first went up to 14 000 right, a little more deviation when bitcoin went up to 64 000 early on. But overall it is following the same path, and this last leg up is when things get very, very interesting, because that’s when the price starts moving up exponentially, okay, so where we are now going to where he thinks bitcoin will end well, there’s a lot of room To grow because according this bitcoin will end up somewhere around three hundred thousand dollars, 332 000 to be exact. So does this mean this is what we have to look forward to in 2022?

Well, very, very possible possible sure it could happen so many imp. So many have predicted two hundred thousand two hundred fifty thousand, even four hundred five hundred thousand. So why isn’t three hundred thirty three thousand achievable right and and keep this uh in the back of your mind? Bitcoin has to hit over 600 000 each to equal the market cap of gold. Okay.

So if bitcoin is going to replace gold or be equal to gold in the future, it has to go up to six hundred thousand dollars each before it gets to that point. So there’s still a lot: a 10x growth uh potential there before it reaches the levels of gold, so just keep that in the back of your mind, all right, so we got this to look forward to what else is there well parabolic matt also is looking at. What’s happening right now, which is a bump and run reversal bottom right and he even put a little chart for contacts on the on the left hand, side, and you can see how there’s a lead in face. Then there’s the little bump face and then you have the run phase. So if we are following this, which looks like we are bitcoin we’ll be ready to get back to 69 000 in the near future.

And of course this needs to happen before bitcoin hits. 332. 000, but you know what this could also be, something that is right around the corner, maybe in the next five days before the end of the year, or maybe it’s going to be in January. But this is looking like it’s shaping out pretty well also other things that that kind of relate to these reversals. Well, take a look at this one, Dan crypto trades post, the weekly fit the weekly m.

A moving average has been holding strong as a support ever since nine thousand. Do you guys remember when bitcoin was back in 9000? I do, i don’t know seems like a lot of you. Guys were not around when bitcoin was at 9 000, but that was only last year. That was not three years ago that was just last year when bitcoin was still at 9 000

And you can see at the very left side where it’s circled, that was when bitcoin used that 50ma.

It also used it when it touched 28, 29, 30 000 a few months ago, and we are using that as a support right now and you can see what happens after bitcoin uses the 50ma as a support. It goes on pretty hefty runs right. So again, this could be right around the corner or it already happened, and we just haven’t seen the tail end. Yet right we’re we, i would say I’ll, take that back. We are seeing that reversal already.

We definitely have i mean we have seen it because we were just at 42 000 not too long ago and then here’s another comparison of bitcoin 2013 versus 2021 same kind of pattern. I love these kind of patterns, I’m not a ta guys, you guys know, but i, like long term fractal patterns right again, just kind of equating what happened before to what may happen doesn’t mean that it has to happen. But when you combine all the data points together with the growing fundamentals in adoption, well, then you could get a better clearer picture of what’s coming right, so you take a look at this with the rsi correlations, with the the support correlations and what’s most important, is The peak, if the p correlation comes through well, then we’re going to see some explosive movement, possibly up to 300 000. Just like the very first chart, i showed you guys see, there’s a lot of good stuff. This is why you need to hold on, or i like to say, strap on for 2022 there’s just so much going on right now right.

This is why you need to be in the game in the game all right now. What about some fundamental things? Well, a lot of good stuff. A Thai telecom company is now investing a hundred million dollars into seven thousand bitcoin mining machines. So i’ve been showing you guys a lot of articles about miners, putting tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars into bitcoin mining machines.

Why are they doing this? Well, because it’s a race, it’s a race to mine, the very last bitcoin right, 90 of bitcoin has been mined already, so only 10 left and everyone is fighting to accumulate as much bitcoins as they can right now, because everyone has the same mindset. They think that bitcoin is going to go much much higher and become a global standard and maybe one day replace gold all together. Think about that. It’s still very early here, Mexican billionaire stay away from fiat, invest in bitcoin, this guy Ricardo, solanums, horrible names and even worse with Spanish, but he told his one basic one million followers on twitter that that fiat is garbage.

Cash is trash same kind of sentiment from ray danio, who believes that fiat is not worth holding on to, as it keeps inflating inflating inflating right. What you want to do is put your money into hard assets like bitcoin, so that is why ray danio is now turning to bitcoin. This billionaire is turning in bitcoin. Michael sailor is turning bitcoin, and so many other billionaires are turning to bitcoin because they just don’t believe in cash anymore, and I do agree. I do agree other than having some cash on the side uh having some cash on the side for peace of mind and also for for uh for times when uh we have corrections, so you could take advantage.

So, besides that uh cash trash cash trash – okay – so that’s bitcoin overall, and i showed you guys the heat map i mean literally, everything is in a green. Today you have some really good movers. Obviously, whenever we have good green days, take a look at cardanol. Cardanol is moving today up. Seven percent Charles does have some announcement so I’ll get to that in a little bit.

So that’s pretty good. Polka dot is coming up in a uh, similar manner, six percent, but you could see a lot of movers unsnap. You know. Finally, some of the swap plays the the d5 plays ha they’ve been stagnant for a long time like the guys, like una, swap pancake swap aver uh compound they’ve been they’ve, been stagnant, but they’re coming up in a big way. Right and overall today is a pretty good day.

Even privacy coins look at that even Monaro’s up, and I mean you just can’t complain on like a day like today right, which is why I’ve been telling you guys to stay patient. Look at sushi swap 18 stay patient right continue to huddle, and if you have the ability dace, you dace. When things are low, you don’t dca. When things are high, unless you’re on a schedule, then you just dca based on a schedule, but a lot of you guys. You get scared, you don’t want to buy low because you think it’s going to go lower, and this was the point in my video yesterday.

I did it just a dedicated video um addressing bill who, you know, happened to buy a top and it seemed like he was hesitant to buy at the bottom right. He, along with many others, millions of others. Unfortunately, they like wait for confirmation before buying. They want to see things go up before buying, but that’s that’s where you know you get trapped, sometimes because you’re buying at top right. You want to buy when things are at a discount and that’s why i’ve been telling you guys to stay patient and pick up the dips and we had so many of them in 2021, but we just gone through a little period of that too.

So, congratulations for those of you guys that took advantage because now you’re seeing you’re seeing the reward, you’re you’re, seeing the gains right um, but a few few of these projects i want to cover. For example, cardano charles hoskinson did uh um. You know a christmas uh eve talk basically what’s going to happen in 2022, so, according to charles, he still believes concurrency is not is not an issue. It’S never been an issue. It’S just that that makers haven’t figured out how to program around it.

Okay or program uh accordingly, okay, so concurrency, first of all, according to charles, is not an issue, but dapps are still trying to figure it out, but in 2022 this is the year where cardano is really going to shine according to charles because uh. This is where he gets to. You know the him and iohk, and everyone else go work on really cool things and basically really expand the ecosystem right. The projects i’ve been concentrating on the l1. Most of them have had tremendous movement or growth.

I should say in 2021 when it came to uh their ecosystem right, getting d5 projects involved, getting lending projects involved, getting um. What’S that anything that deals with uh d5 static, token creation, you know token creations in general, nfts, marketplaces, right and then wallace supports. I mean there’s just so many things within a d5 ecosystem right, just growing the ecosystem and many of the other l ones have done a really good job in 2021. But charles wants to make sure 2022 is the year for cardano. When all these things right it, it is uh, i guess it’s, it’s just ready.

It’S ready for the chain right, so 2022 could be very, very good for cardano, which is why i think they’re having a good recovery date today and probably more to come in 2022. So we’ll see we’ll see what happens, but charles is very very excited about what is coming in 2022. Now, besides cardano, what else is there? Um tara continues to be an absolute powerhouse. They seem to have hit a ceiling at a hundred, so they came back down a little bit, but i mean, if you look at this uh, this is gold.

I mean this. This should get you excited it should i don’t know if it does, but according to doe, who is the founder or co-founder of tara ust, which is tara’s stable coin. This is that algorithmic stable coin, not one, that’s like usdt or usdc, but this is a algorithmic stable coin and it’s very widely used within terra’s ecosystem and now many other chains. It is the very first one to hit 10 billion and he expects this to keep going and the bigger ust gets the more burning that happens. So take a look at this fun fact: 27 million luna were burned uh in december.

This equals to 2
7 billion worth, in other words, the amount that was burned, would have been at number 63 on cmc or coin gecko. That’S how much was burned and when you have this much pressure, burning pressure and deflation and depression ontario. What do you think is going to happen right? Of course the luna tokens will go up and this will continue, and this is only possible because of growing adoption. Tara’S tbl is now number two, even above the likes of solana and sitting right behind ethereum.

So tara looks like they’re gon na have fantastic 2022, much like cardano, maybe even arguably, better uh, also uh, to bring up uh sushi swap had a pretty is uh it’s up pretty substantial today, but kadena also it’s above 16 above 16. Again and that’s because now you have wrapped container that is, live on sushi swap so that’s pretty positive. Whenever you have wrap tokens right or synthetic tokens, it does add to the liquidity and lock in a lot of the liquidity right. So kda has to be locked in for wkda to come to be synthesized, so that’s pretty positive and also kadena also have cadx. The project is working on uh, their very first amm and also their browser wallet.

So this is very positive for the team overall. Looking like they’re going to be fantastic in 2022, what else is there uh there’s a lot, a lot more like axe infinity looks like you know. Actually infinity does have a barrier to entry, because axes themselves cost a lot. So there’s actually a lot of guilds. That’S being um formed right now to kind of loan out axes.

Well, it looks like axi realized. That is a problem, so they’re actually going to build something called origin which they will give out free axes so that you can actually learn the game before you have to commit to buying your own axes. I think that’s brilliant, that’s brilliant right, so it removes the bear to entering kind of sort of and uh. I think it’s going to help them the one. You know the biggest play turned game in the system, so that’s very positive for them as well, and then decentraland and sandbox sandbox has their alpha seems, like you know, they’re doing very well.

Building upon that and the central land is still building right. For example, they’re gon na have a metaverse uh fashion week, so there’s gon na be cat. Walk, shows papa shops after parties immersive experiences. This is coming in 2022 and i do believe that matter versus will only get bigger and stronger. In 2022, when i was in bahamas, i talked to a few fans about metaverses and they didn’t really understand what the potential could be like, and i made some examples.

I mean there is so much that brands can do right now and uh. One of the interesting things that came up during that conversation is imagine imagine like something like airbnb that that comes up in decentraland, so that you could actually rent out your property or land to others. Think about how wild that is that what kind of uh? What what that could bring right, there’s just so much that could happen, no matter verse, so i’m looking forward to it. So i think modern verses will also have big 2022 uh big year and 2022 as well.

All right, that’s pretty much it overall, it’s not 2022! Yet we still have five full days, but i think this week i’m gon na show more and more projects that i believe will have a fantastic 2022. All right, that’s pretty much it now. Let’S do some. Let’S do some q a uh johnny asked about mayor dax and hollow ride.

I don’t know so much about hollow ride. I know it’s backed by audi, but mayor dax is the big thing for for elrond and they have done very well in 2021 and i think they’re going to continue growing in 2022.

By the way on cmc, i reformatted this a little bit so that you see the market price, a price market price. Then you see that dominance. I think dominance is important, because bitcoin has been hovering around 40.

It looks like it wants to drop to the 30s because others like ethereum and binance, with solana and cardano’s eating away right, and then i have some other numbers here, but i think this makes it makes it more interesting to look at them. The dominance factor man. I i i don’t. I don’t really have any thoughts on multiback. I wish them the best, but they don’t have any traction right now.

Um corey says george is plumbing the market. Clearly i am not. I don’t have that kind of control over the market. If i did uh that would be wild, but uh trust me, i am not all i’m doing is hoping that you guys you guys stay uh stay in the game. You know uh, giving you guys hope making guys see what’s to come right and uh, making sure that you guys ignore all the fud and all the noise out there all right.

What else is there? I love alluvium as a project. However, i’m concerned that the fact that less than ten percent of token supply is currently in circulation – this happens with almost every nft project, because they’re reserving a lot of their tokens for future rfts. They kind of have to do that right. So it is a point.

I mean it’s definitely a concerning point, but as long as the game continues to do well and attracts new players, then it is not a problem, but if it doesn’t, then it will be a problem. But then again, if there’s not enough players, then the new tokens won’t be released because new nfts won’t come out, so it shouldn’t be a problem. So just know that nft projects are all like that. If you look at flow, it’s the same thing: it’s horrible! If you look at their certain supply versus total supply – and it’s only because they’re reserving a lot of that for future nfts that that hasn’t come out yet so that’s the reason affinity is at 225 million um.

I predict the project would go 100x during 2022.

I am a big fan of affinity from engine, i’m a big fan of engine overall, i think they’re very undervalued. If you look at engine where they they’re about 2.7 billion and that’s still undervalued versus some of the other uh play to earn or nft projects out there, but if you look at effinity, where is it infinity token uh? 206 million yeah, i would say that’s pretty.

I mean it’s a new chain right, it’s a new chain, so it needs to prove itself, but if engine could do a very good job with it, which i think they will yeah, it’s definitely undervalued, see. Here’S a good example of how circuit supply is also very low versus total supply, because they’re trying to reserve that for the future, nfts that’s coming out on a chain, so kind of kind of shows you all right um what else wes super chat! Thank you. 2022 price for adam i like adam, i like adam – quite a lot. I do think they’re, one of the l ones – that’s very undervalued right now, along with v chain.

So you could see that they’re uh. You know they had a good year 438, but last 90 days down, eight percent still so they’re definitely uh definitely undervalued. At this point i like them, i think they’re gon na do very well. I i can’t give you a 2022 price prediction, but i think it’ll continue to do well, um any through the claim that a phantom took a dara code for uh, probably zero, probably zero, um and here’s the thing you know: hedera hashgraph hashgraph is actually open source. The reason why hedera is called hedera hashgraph is because they created this corporation or llc, so that people can’t use the open source code.

They basically essentially copyrighted them right. This is one of the reasons why i actually don’t like hedera so uh. After listening to your 2017 video a couple weeks ago, i sold my car sold my ada charles and bryan guy, but no rush to complete anything. Well, that’s true, that’s true, charles is not is not working to pump the price. He does not care about the price.

For better and worse right, if you’re, a short-term investor, it might be frustrating, but for long-term investors, there’s nothing wrong with that, and i’ve showed just yesterday that cardano had you held in 2017. 2018 you’d be a multi-millionaire from from your cardinal holdings right recently. Yes, i know it’s been it’s been, it’s been, it’s been hard holding it down 24 in the last 90 days, when you see like finance, points up 70 or luna’s up 187 right, i get it. I get it, but i’ve lived through the times where cardano also didn’t move until they did and it was explosive, so um, jeff, happy holidays to you and the family to you, too, wishing you uh ever continued happiness success. Thank you.

I appreciate that uh renee, the moving 200 for bdc is 46 and the moving 50 is at 54

We’Re facing a death cross will bdc pump to the top after a bad dip. Here’S the thing a lot of people focus on death crosses, but the thing is sometimes by the time a death cross is formed or it’s about to form right. That’S when the sell-off is ready over and then we flip to the upside there’s been cases. I’Ve shown there’s been cases where death cross forms for bitcoin and then we have a tremendous run up afterwards. So it’s it’s!

You can’t. Let’S just say you can’t use that as a soul indicator. Let’S just put it that way. Thoughts on the lakers on paper best team still lose live. I don’t know, i don’t know what to say about like i have not watched them at all.

I just watch all the clips about russell wilson, not russell wilson, russell westbrook, really breaking it up and making all these stupid mistakes. That’S the only thing i see um. How do you think ponyo impact will do in 2022? Is the first real auto impact token is already donated yeah? I don’t think i don’t think it’s going to do much honestly.

I don’t believe in charity coins. I just don’t. I don’t believe any of them were created for charity. They may have that they may they may uh do that, but it’s a very small amount in terms of the overall market cap. Let’S just put so so.

Unfortunately, west i don’t have any, i don’t have any thoughts on them and i don’t think i’m not a fan. Um. Can you say hi to my girlfriend, simone she’s new to crypto. Hey simone. Welcome welcome, welcome uh, hey jordan, i’m a fan, not sure if i missed when you told the community glitch protocol is a scam, but if you haven’t please look into doing so.

I hate to spread fun, but i hate to see others, i’m not sure. That’S true. At all, i don’t know if your super chat is meant to spread fun but uh. I have not heard anything about glitch protocol being a scam. In fact i covered that many times in the past.

I will look into it, but i hope that you’re not trying to spread fun with that super chat. Uh camatic reach 1520 in 2022. Yeah, that’s possible 10x – would make it 28. So you’re talking about less than 10x, probably like a 5x 6x7x yeah. It could definitely happen.

Doug amp is moving today. What do you think about? Am i i like fam? I support them uh. The thing that’s holding back is flexa is not being widely used right now, right, a lot of retailers close down a lot of retailers.

Don’T have a lot of business right now and amp is basically, you know, collateral token being used by flexa um, so the more use that flex it gets the better it is for amp any thoughts on request network yeah, request network. I i think i remember it. Basically, basically, it’s a project allows you to to send invoices and request payments. It’S not mind-blowing, it’s definitely useful, but i don’t know it’s not doesn’t seem very, very uh. You know innovative it’s just it is what it is uh guzzle ass.

Can you shed a light on xrp xrp? Surprisingly, uh is still up 300 for this year because they were down, they were like 30 cents uh. You know this time last year, however uh i don’t think they’re gon na make any big moves until that settlement is over and a lot of people keep hyping that the settlement will be coming between ripple and sec. You know that could carry well into 2022 mid to late to 2022, so until that is lifted, they’re always going to have like a ceiling kind of holding them back right and in the meantime, others will pass them. So i anticipate that luna will be passing xrp in the near future and i anticipate that avalanche and polygon and even others like crypto
Com will continue to move up and can possibly pass xrp2, so they need to have that settlement come soon soon.

Am i a fan of sheba? I am in a sense where i think it’s sheba is better than doge. I think doge has no purpose other than yes, you have mark and elon that’s trying to hype it up, they’re trying to move to prove a steak, but they’re not building anything useful on top of that shiva. On the other hand, they look like they are, so i’m i’m a much bigger fan of sheba than doge and i’ll just leave it at that. I invested 1200 in a jungle book um, i’m second guessing that decision.

You probably are right at second guessing that, because that does not sound like a legit project at all, so i don’t know why you did that. I’M sorry that you did and uh vls vellus ball locks not familiar with any of those. So i can’t can’t help you with there all right that is pretty much it uh overall guys, it’s a good day. It’S a very good day. Everything is pretty much in the green a lot more to come.

We got five days left in this year and it could be explosive could be explosive, but even if not 2022 looks like it will all right guys smash it. A like subscribe to the channel and i’ll see you guys tonight. 8 30 p.m. Center standard time.

All right have a good one guys take care bye,

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