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Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Welcome to big boy crypto. My eyes are up here. I personally would not advise that strategy. [ Music ] bug funnier tweet bird, how to make money in crypto, oh you’re, killing me welcome to bit boy crypto home of the mid squad, the largest and greatest crypto community and all the innerwebs. My name is ben everybody on this channel.

I show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and crypto, then make sure to hit that subscribe button. If you want to go deeper into crypto, make sure to check out bit lab, it’s not under the table here: dot, com, bit lab right! That’s it! You got ta just do that again right there there it is. God, that’s terrible, it’s hard to point to that box.


Well, I moved it on you, moved it yeah see now it’s easier to point at it. Well, no! I can’t. I can’t reach that low on the table, though i have to go below that. No, you have to go forward four bit lap.

Oh look at that! Guy you’re you’re, a spatial genius. It’s amazing! I just looked at where the mannequin or the little toys were yeah. Well guys today, just like these uh white walkers up here, Ethereum is dead, we’re officially moving on from Ethereum today, as you saw from the title correct.

Yes, Ethereum is dead. Well, uh, we’ll be talking about that. You guys know where i stand on. That theorem is not actually dead. Some people are saying it is, though, that’s what some people are saying.

You know. Sometimes we do a title and it’s what other people are saying and then i come on and tell you why. I think it’s so great. So we’ll be uh, taking a look at ethereum in today’s video, especially we got a special guest, we’re talking about metaverse gaming, we’ll be talking about uh. What’S going on with the markets, somebody that’s been around in the markets for uh.

You know going back to 2012 yeah kind of when i came in um but uh you know. Bitcoin has not been doing that great. What’S the price of bitcoin at right now, dj do you know i think it’s 46-ish. I had a long in at 47.


, oh gosh. I hope i’m not. I don’t think i got liquidated on it. Let me see, let me see what happened. I’M definitely negative on the trade, a pretty good bit here.

I think. Let’S see what it says here – oh god, oh god. Oh no! I uh: oh, i put a stop loss in. I thought i got liquidated for a second, i put a stop loss and i got stopped out a while back so wasn’t too bad 20 down on the trade, but our contest is still doing pretty well uh.

We are in the um, let’s see where we’re at. I don’t know i’ll. Look at my ranking because it’s terrible uh we’re coming in at number is that correct. We were at number four see if that’s accurate, yeah. We are number three.

I think we dropped down to actually number four we’re doing pretty good on the competition um. As you guys can see, we are number three at 54. We got some heck. You know what i’ve been thinking about, tj. What’S that i’ve been thinking about doing uh like a separate training channel – hmm, i haven’t discussed this with you.

I meant to discuss it today, yeah so like a channel where it’s all charts yeah we bring up, we we bring in an expert ta guy. We do the matty b stuff over there uh. Maybe we do a live stream every every day. I want to build a trading community, because what i realized is we have a lot of dynamite traders in this community yeah. You know so we got some dynamite, traders and and they’re crushing it i’m actually negative.

Sorry, i’m dying. I swallowed down the wrong pipe, so i may die during the show today, but that’s always risky. It’S always risky. You know going down the wrong pipe so, but the fact is, we got a lot of killer traders in our community and i think we take advantage of that yeah i like that or we could yeah and we’ve got the discord as well. The bitlab discord in there with a lot of strong traders and uh.

You know people helping each other out yeah. I think the lab would be the place where we assembled the community there yeah, i would think, that’s a yeah. I think we should do that yeah. So man, this throat is really rough right. Now, where’s the throaty cody.

I have been drinking the throaty coating, it shows yeah. I have been it’s not helping right now, oh well. We know how tall bin is. How tall is a christmas tree? That’S a seven foot tree right there guys seven foot tree, that’s an eight foot tree over there, maybe maybe 34 feet um.

Okay, all right! Well, let’s go and get started guys, let’s see, what’s going on here: uh 1.43 million subscribers on youtube! Thank you for that. Hey guys, look at this big announcement.

We just got verified on twitter yay, so i got the email this morning at like probably 9 10

Finally, it’s the last platform we weren’t verified and i clicked on it, and i literally or i clicked on my profile. I literally got to see the check pop up. It’S pretty cool got to see the check pop up. So finally, i mean thank god, so many people are getting scammed out there. Uh 393 000 followers on bitboy underscore crypto uh.

You guys want to see a real here’s. A picture of me and my wife over here is a picture of uh. This is a video anniversary from our christmas party yeah. We had our anniversary. Yesterday we went and took pictures at the church where we got married at 12 years ago.

That’S cute so um and, of course uh here is. I took a picture of the lamb, the lambo well or an old one. I’M missing the lamborghini shop, soonish soonish. You know i heard that somebody was uh making fun of the fact that i got in a car accident. Well, that’s not very nice, not very nice!

What kind of person celebrates someone getting? I was in the car when i got hit frank and i were driving back from a from a charity, golf tournament that we had sponsored and uh. Somebody ran a big giant truck ran into the back of me. So what kind of person makes fun of someone for getting in a car accident that wasn’t their fault? That’S pretty somebody who’s, a pretty low quality human being there i was gon na, say probably somebody who’s hurting in their own right, yeah, probably so i feel bad for them feel bad uh, 2.

7 million followers here on uh tick, tock and uh. Let’S check out the markets here, see what’s going on with this uh 2.146 trillion dollars. Overall marine cap 90 billion dollars, volume is still very low. Bitcoin dominance, 40.

about the same where we left it last week. Ethereum dominance, 21.1 percent. Look how cheap those gas fees are. 33, paraguays, hey!

That’S nice, yeah, 33 paraguays we’ll send you an eighth transaction bitcoin coming in and and guys i don’t know. If you guys noticed, i didn’t really do um. Somebody said the wreck. Didn’T happen. Frank can’t get too far from the cage we have it.

We have. We have a travel, a a travel case that he goes in yeah. What would they call a pet? We have a travel pet carrier, we have um but guys. I have not been doing the night wrap up videos, saturday or sunday.

Now i had some other stuff going on, but there just hasn’t been a lot of big news happening. You know it feels kind of like i don’t want to just manufacture those videos at night. If there’s not big news going on right now, it seems like everything that’s going on is just related to the bitcoin price, and it’s very deflating in crypto. When this is the case – and this does remind you of times where you’ve been in the doldrums or times that we’ve been in the uh doldrums uh jotty1306 says you guys trade green dots, we had a great green dot discussion which, by the way, guys i i Will we get to the chart? I still believe that these are gon na um still believe these green dots are gon na play out and i’m going to, if you didn’t know, i believe in them, and i’m going to show you guys something very interesting on the bitcoin chart uh when we get There somebody says: sander mana, i’m jumping to ama on accident uh, leave that for ama, but put that one on there.

I think that’s a good question. Bitcoin coming in at 46.2, uh ethereum at 38.
25 finance coin: at 513, barely hanging on to 500 solana getting crushed right now, still down for the week or up for the week cardano. Just i mean do we even talk about cardano anymore?

Is this even a project? People are interested in anymore according to the chat cardano’s dead yeah. What do you all think where’s the ada gang? Let him know do you think carnano’s dead? It’S certainly hibernating, that’s for sure, avalanche up 31 percent for the week and tara luna up 36.

For the week, they’ve actually moved in number nine and number 10

Sorry, it’s gon na be a while for this cough gets out of me. Um avalanche and tara luna, both top 10 projects kicking out, polka, dot, dogecoin and sheba polygon drop. Didn’T polygon have some problems over the weekend. I’M not sure i saw a big story about uh uniswap b3 moving towards polygon, adding them which will help with a lot of the fees and some of that, but i didn’t i didn’t hear i’m not sure if they had an issue over the weekend. Yeah uh.

This is what i’ll say about carnano i’ll, say: yeah, there’s a game they’re in here we’ve not given up on cardone, we haven’t sold a single one and uh. We won’t give up on it, but what i will say is it has been pretty boring lately. I will definitely say it has been uh pretty boring here, guys make sure you do as a favor and smash that like button up is the number one thing that helps the channel to get more views and get more of the message out for crypto. So uh right now we got 7 500 viewers 1240 likes. Do us a favor, make sure to smash that like button up and then it’ll send more people in here?

All you got. Ta do actually have the live chat on mobile. This is the key thing. People forget to do because you you’re watching the chat on mobile and you don’t see a like button. All you got ta do is hit the x hit the like and then come back in and then uh.

You know same thing: if you’re watching on a smart tv you might be like, i can’t do it on a smart tv yeah. You can’t bottom left ankle your screen, say three dots i’ll, say more actions or more options and you hit react and you hit that like button. No, this is definitely not a pandemic. I literally am 100 fine. I swallowed water down the wrong way as i was coming or no, it was a granola bar.

I think i swallowed down the wrong pipe and uh sorry. I just got a little little uh hiccup in my in my talk right now been throat game week. From pun, any vamper, all right, we’ll start uh just trying to use the throaty cody q a with this super chat from king ralph. This is actually something i was talking about with one of our research. Guys mike has a theory on this uh.

Do you think data coins will moon in web, three storage, cia file, coin, etc? You know, uh storage coins is a niche that i feel like has never collectively pumped right. Do you agree with that yeah? I do, but i feel, like it’s very viable and will be needed in the future, but doesn’t ever seem to get a lot of attention. Hype, love whatever you want to call it.

I i think, when you look at uh different niches that have pumped, i mean there was certainly several that you know nfts take, for instance like in 2018. You know stash and others were talking about nfts and they’re, the next big thing, and then they just sat there and sat there and sat there never moved until 2020 or uh yeah until 2020. They finally started moving. I think when you look at storage coins. I think there’s a big um opportunity there and eventually they will have their day but they’re just ahead of their use case right now.

So um, you know how much decentralized storage do we really need when everything’s not on blockchain? I think when we start moving towards more stuff on blockchain, there’s gon na be a bigger need. So i do think i mean web 3 is certainly rising up to be such a hot buzzword right now, yep um and not just in crypto. So what i’m saying on tick, tock people making web three videos have nothing to do with crypto yeah. So it’s a very popular topic kind of the same thing we saw with nfts.

So i think one day, but i don’t think anytime soon. No, i could see it being decent in the next cycle. You know three years from now, or you know next couple of years out, like kind of like what you were saying, as more of these applications get built out, you need more storage options. They can, you know, they’ll, just kind of grow organically over time. So uh next question here.

Do you still think ftt will go up during christmas or the holidays? Uh yeah, i mean, i think. Well, it’s kind of one of these things. You got tara and you got uh avalanche running against the uh general market market right now, yeah um, let’s see what is ftt done, so i this is kind of where i stand on it. I would say i don’t expect ftt when we were talking about these coins pumping this had a lot to do with the overall market um the overall market.

Moving up as we were expecting. I expect ftt and i expect um uh, the other one. We talked about thor chain to go up when the market goes up, but the thor chain one may be a little bit different because they are doing their um there. It is ryan, they are doing their may not launch next week. I think right so, unfortunately, for thor chain.

I do expect it to have a pump this week as it moves towards main net, but unfortunately you know we were expecting it to be launching its mainnet when things were going positive and they haven’t been positive. So you know it guys: the market is driven by bitcoin period. You have outliers, you have things that pump. It can be based on vc money. It can be based on insiders based on a lot of stuff, but at the end of the day, bitcoin is not rallying, especially people were expecting it to rally and it’s not rallying, then at that point you know we’re probably not going to see uh.

You know anything really move consistently all right. Uh back to that question, you originally pulled sand or mana question mark yeah, i’m going with sand. I i think that sand is just it just offers more. I i think of sand more as a game. I think of mana more as just virtual real estate, and i know there probably will be some gamification with it.

We know digital currency group um is behind digital currency group is behind decentral and as well as a lot of other projects out there uh, including their own coin, desk um, it’s some other ones as well, including coinflex, um, weird, isn’t it uh, but digital currency group. You know everything they touch turns to gold, and so you may you, you may want to run with that from a price perspective, but in terms of utility and in terms of what we think is going to be the better better metaverse, the better verse. If you will better verse that sounds like beta verse, that would get a lot of a lot of jokes um, which could be good. I i would say i go with sandbox all day, sandbox over man and now here’s another question along those similar lines. If you had a thousand dollars to invest today, would you go on wax nft gaming or mana decentraland metaverse?

I know i mean just from a pure investment standpoint, i’m one decentralian same yeah and for similar reasons to what you just said wax. You know great project. Good gaming project, not necessarily in the club, you know, for the big money players out there, decentralian uh man, uh, like you mentioned being backed by dcg, gives it good long-term staying power, and it’s just a household name in this space, like everybody, says, sandbox or mana, Wax kind of gets left out of that conversation. A lot not saying wax, isn’t a great blockchain for gaming and nfts, but from an investment standpoint the central land seems to perform better yeah. I think so.

Izzy boss wants to know if we’re going to do more content during the bear more content, potentially yeah, absolutely once we get it back yeah i could’ve been killed in that accident. It was a giant truck, but uh. Some people think it’s funny last question: what is the best way to get involved in crypto for the long haul, investing contributing legislation, regulation involvement? How question mark make a youtube channel yeah? It’S easy you’ll get to a million subscribers before you know it um.

I would say the best look. It depends on what you want to do. I mean it depends on what your skill set is, if you’re a graphic designer you probably don’t want to be a lobbyist. If you are have a political, uh science degree like you, probably don’t want to be a telegram admin, you know uh, it just really depends on what you want to do, what you want to be, but always look for a way to get involved. I love to use the example uh.

Yes, the accident wasn’t lame, but i got in two accidents in a row that were not my fault back-to-back days, one in the trx and the next day in the lambo. Both people hit me both times so crazy, but anyways uh. The point here is: is that um, you know when it comes to what was the question again, i lost my trans thought uh how to get involved or what right when it comes to what you want to get involved with. I always use the example of the guy, that’s the uh, i believe he’s still there. I don’t know why he wouldn’t be, but the uh, the ceo of metrics, you guys know what he started out as an admin in a telegram chat.

So i would say whatever projects you want to be involved in, try to go directly to their telegrams or discords. Make yourself known on their social media, make yourself indispensable and that’s the easy way to get involved and try to figure stuff out and it’s a process. So you may not end up with the same place, you’re jumping in at right, but you know you’ll, learn more about crypto and how to get involved. So but i mean you’re doing social media um, you know and and youtube is a is a good thing for the people that have that kind of talent. A lot of people tell you.

I had no talent in the beginning, but uh well, i think, like you said, just find the way you tj said it wasn’t interesting. I said when specifically regarding joe rogan was that conversation that was a year ago, yeah um? No, no now i can beat him in badminton. Well, we’ll see maybe uh he might be pretty good batman player for all. You know bad matin, bad man uh, but what i was going to say is yeah like find the way to get involved.

That fits your skill set and kind of like what you mentioned. You may not find it the first try, but if you keep at it, keep interacting with people in the space teams and just trying to help out as much as possible. There’S a lot of ways to get involved and start earning in crypto, and that’s when you really start building wealth for yourself, i would say, is when you learn to earn in crypto. So all right, let’s get into the charts. Let’S do it hold on as we’re doing this, let me check something out real quick.

Let’S see if there was anything um, you don’t know, one of the sec commissioners is leaving. If you know that commissioner roizman did you know uh roisman? No, i didn’t know him not a big political person, yeah. Okay, all right we’re just checking up on some chats there, all right, uh, let’s move into the charts – and you know something that i saw that i thought was really interesting is if you remember last week we we talked about how, with market cipher um, we talked About how these green dots work, i don’t know if you guys know these green dots. Have you guys heard of the green dots here?

I’Ve heard it’s a thing. Yeah i think you have. This is the coin based chart? Let me actually go to the private chart. Do they work?

Do they work? Do you want me to go over it, because i i can’t we need some green dot, merch yeah we talked about. I wanted to make a t-shirt with a big green dot on it. That just says you know go long or long me or something like that. Something like that.

But we’ve looked at out at over time how these things like almost always play out – and you know, like nine out of the last 11

Now, counting that last 11 would include what we’re seeing um right now. Uh would be these two right here down at the bottom that may or may not play out at this point, but i would like i would say that i believe that they are going to play out, but there is kind of an extended movement over here now. Something i saw this morning on the chart, which i do not see right now. I think it disappeared, which is really interesting, but this morning now you have to wait on the daily chart. Obviously, you have to see you have to let things confirm right, so you can have stuff that pops up that doesn’t confirm like these green dots.

It actually takes two days for them to confirm because they pop up on one day it has to close and then the next day when it starts when the next daily candle starts, you get the confirmation that it printed so there’s a difference between a print and A confirmation on any indicator, you get a symbol that prints on an indicator, but you got to wait until the next candle for it to be confirmed, because if it doesn’t it’ll go away this morning we had something really interesting happening when bitcoin was down below 46 000

When it was at like 45 000., which was right here, we had a yellow x pop up on the daily. This reminds me so much of what was going on the last time. We got the green dots where it looked like. They were not going to play out.

We had the yellow x well and when you get one that prints and disappears, that means it’s very close to happening. What are these yellow x’s on markets hyper? They generally mean market manipulation, that’s what they need. Okay now or that’s what they mean: you’re, usually only getting these near the bottom, because they’re trying to manipulate they’re trying to squeeze the last juice out of a dump. So the fact that this morning we had one of these pop up and disappear is very telling now, there’s also something else interesting going on with the daily chart here on market cyber.

If you look down here markets, i ever be look at this. For the first time since august, the beginning of august, we now have bitcoin on the rsi here showing over sold. Is that right? Did i get that right, oversold or the overbought, i always forget, which ones which uh yeah? It’S oversold at this point, meaning the the price should bounce back up.

So if we go back to where this started showing up over the summer, because this would be the only time all year, i’m pretty sure that we would have been in this territory. Let me go back and double check that uh yeah the going back to 2020 at the end of the year um in between the octo october and november. We did have a little bit where it was oversold and we know what that led to that led to this right here right, you come back to the the mini bear market and you see the entire time. It was oversold and you can see. The interesting thing is: is these yellow x’s were popping up during this time, meaning that really back here, you know it was pretty close to a bottom.

There’S manipulation moving to push the price down now. Are we starting to see? Are we going to see a prolonged period of the price being oversold, if that’s the case, that’s really not probably too bullish for the short term, but mega bush for the long term um, and i i think that’s definitely something to keep your eye on here. We’Re seeing some stuff in the chart we haven’t really seen before, and you know, in my opinion, 41 000 remains and we’ll talk about it today, with carl on the channel um on a video later on, which is the 41 000 level, is very strong and if It goes below 41 000. We should be concerned if it stays above it.

We should still be bullish and i still believe in a shorter term pump. Here i mean obviously it doesn’t look like tomorrow. The price is going to 100k or by christmas, or anything like that uh. We are now officially well by the end of this week, we’ll officially be into winter, which i certainly didn’t think that um you know we were going to be here at this point, but here we are and – and it is what it is and so now we Really got to start looking for, you know looking for opportunity. Where can we see some opportunity and it may get to where the opportunity is selling?

That could certainly be the point, but we do not believe that that is the point right now so um. Okay, all right, let’s uh, move on to uh. This is a uh, a mention of a project that we are invested in. We want to show you guys uh. This trailer here, which is never gon na get the audio doesn’t say, is are the headphones plugged in because that’s generally the issue audio output on that computer, because i should be able to pull your audio in.

What’S? Can you look at the audio output and see what it’s set to worst case? You could always just put the mic up to audio yeah. That’S what we usually end up doing so: output imac speakers. No, i want that aggregate device.

Yes, okay! Well, let’s the only thing is it’s on such a delay here that we never know for like 10 seconds or like no 30 seconds, it’s working all right here we go. Let’S see what we can do here, here’s the trailer yeah, it’s working, it’s working, so i can hear it [, Music, ]! Oh, i can do all this. I should be a robot that was pretty cool.

We could actually be getting set set up for the special guest – oh yeah, just scoot the monitor, [, Music ] and we’re back welcome to the show kyle. Thank you it’s great to be here so uh. This is uh. Kyle chase is how you say your last name: it’s spelled chase just so everybody knows two s’s with two s’s: it’s almost spelled chase, it’s. It’S spelled chasse.

Everyone knows that um he’s, not canadian. Anyone was wondering. I established that earlier today, uh kyle, how? How are you doing today, yeah man, i’m great uh, good, to be here in the in the middle of america yeah. That’S right, uh, an important question that everyone wants to know how tall are you, i’m i’m six, two, six, two or 189 centimeters for all the non-americans out there.

All these all these uh six, two and six three people trying to make me look like i’m five. Four kyle am, i short, i think, you’re as tall as me, yeah yeah, pretty much. Thank you. Uh he’s gon na he’s gon na he’s gon na make it around here. He’S gon na make it uh so uh.

Now we were just looking at a big uh. Big time game, the big, the big time game and the metaverse stuff, like that, what what are your thoughts on that one? I i i think it’s amazing, i mean you have basically the all-star team. You’Ve got uh ari from decentraland, um running the blockchain side of things and then a bunch of guys from like uh from fortnite and and a lot of other aaa games that are on the team. So it’s it’s!

It’S gon na do amazing. Yeah now uh. Can you talk a little bit about who you are and what you do? I guess. Let’S start there.

Yes, i’ve been in crypto since 2012 um and have been very, very actively involved. I started building the world’s first bitcoin lottery in 2013 and uh and have been full time in the space ever since then um, my parent company, i run is master ventures and uh our project is paid network as well. It’S a kind of our flagship project um, which has paid ignition the launch pad, and we also run like the largest incubator in asia and um do a lot of advising on projects. Uh yeah, that’s and then i have my own youtube channel and and things like that too, not nearly as big as yours, but um. It’S a lot of great content.

Yeah, and can you talk a little bit about how like in in a loose way, you’re involved in metaverse yeah? Definitely so i mean you know: we’ve been going uh like the first project i ever advised was ultra io and um. You know i was a gamer growing up, but uh actually kind of ten years had a gap from that when i started working a bunch and nicholas and david from ultra really kind of filled me back in on how far games have evolved. Nfts um and i’ve been kind of full on ever since then, so it’s a organic fit for me to be heavily involved in it now, and we have we own land and a bunch of different metaverse projects and games and um and yeah, and really excited about It yeah, i mean a lot of people, know we’ve been talking about for a while that we’re we’re really moving more towards uh metaverse wait. Am i over there more towards metaverse content?

I just kind of i just know where it is uh metaverse content here on the channel, especially you know if we do in fact go to a bear market which i believe that we will at some point in the relatively you know near future um. But i want to talk about the markets because you’ve been around since 2012, yep right you’ve been around for a while you’ve seen a lot of different um. You know things happen in crypto. What do you think about what we’re seeing in this market right now? So i think personally this my my own gut feeling i don’t really look at charts too much um, but i did see, like you know, from the 2016-17 bull run, we did see a lot of uh.

You know between 29 to 38 pullbacks, and so, like you said earlier, i think that 41 42 000 mark will probably be touched for a bit before we come back up. I i just think i pay a lot of attention to macro news and on my channel, that’s what it covers a lot of macro adoption and to me it seems like there’s just too much already like that to see another multi-year bear market there’s every single day. There’S massive news, like you know, back in the early days, i was excited if bitcoin was mentioned on a radio at all. Now it’s every single day countries, governments institutions – i mean even fidelity – put you know: fidelity the parent company. Fidelity is tiger um tiger management, which has trillions of dollars under management, it’s insane, and so, if a fidelity puts out a report saying that bitcoin will be 100 million dollars by 2035.

We have to head start heading that direction quite soon um, so i’m always kind of a permanent bull, but i’m also also overly optimistic at times yeah. Well, i can’t relate to that at all. I i have no idea what you mean there, i’m always doom and gloom on this channel uh. Now, if i remember correctly, we were on rand’s channel together on crypto banner, and you were saying that the same thing that you didn’t think that there would be a bear market and then literally the next week, bitcoin dropped 55 percent. I mean it was a flash crash yeah, it was a flight.

Well, it went down there and it did you know it did stay down pretty good. That was uh. May i mean i guess we were. That was like the very beginning of may. When we were on that channel together, i believe and um you know.

I said i still believe in a bear market and to this day i still believe in a bear market, and so you think, even despite the fact that there was a 55 percent crash, like you still like, because how much of a gap is there really? Between 55 and 85, i mean 30 percent, the exact number, but it seems like if we can have a 55 and move that quickly. Why could we not have a you know an 85 move over a two year period? I just think there’s too much buy pressure from like you know, michael sailor’s sitting there on the buy button, el salvador’s on the buy button, every other billionaire on the planet is on the buy button. I think there’s too much opportunity.

Opportunistic people that are looking for pullbacks like this and people are probably buying the dip right now um. I just think that, actually, i have a theory too, with the kind of opposite most people that we’re actually having shorter market cycles. So i think that we’re pretty clearly in a bear market right now um it might not be as loud. That’S a good point. Yeah it’s it’s!

That means i called the top guys right. I mean i caught. I called the top right. I said into september. It was like the first week of november, it was off, but i said the you know the market.

Would you know between october and november i thought we would have ordered october and thanksgiving though we’d have an altcoin season. I think maybe we had we’ve seen. We’Ve seen four cycles this year already, like we’ve, seen clearly uh a shortening cycles, theory yeah, and so that’s what i think we’re having. I think we’re in this w shortening cycle, but the zoom out we’re in the super cycle. Essentially, i think that’s where we’re headed.

Well, i think you could mike could even track that all the way back to um [ Music ], that summer pump of 2019

If you remember 2019, the price went up to um, you know 14 000 out of nowhere was like a mini bull market in the middle of the bear market. Maybe that is what we’re seeing it’s very interesting, but go ahead, it’s my theory. That’S my theory. I still feel like, though, that it’s still ultimately driven by the having events i mean, do you feel like the having events are going to remain a crucial part of bitcoin? I think it’s always psychologically a big part, but i think that the supply supply shock is already pretty inevitable.

We’Ve seen like the lowest amount of bitcoin ever on exchanges today um. I think that a lot of the big whales still have power to manipulate the market. I think that’s exactly what happens when when we see these big huge pullbacks, it’s all manipulation, giving our people opportunity to get back into the into the market, but um. No, i think that uh. I think that that is a very important psychological point, because it reminds people of the supply shock right now.

It doesn’t feel like there’s a supply shock, but there really is and uh and that’s gon na become every day every like when i talk to otc desks and things like that, they say that maybe five or ten percent of the otc deals are people that are Diamond hands that want to buy and hold forever so out of all that daily volume that happens off chain um, a bit of that is going into people who are going to be holding this and not selling, no matter what, and so eventually it’s going to get In the hands of strong hands diamond hands long enough to where that supply will just completely dry up at that point, we have nowhere else to go. Do you very very interested to get your take on this? Because you are, you know you deal with a lot of vcs and you know with master ventures you’re behind the scenes, a lot, how how much manipulation goes on in the world of crypto yeah? It’S it’s crazy. I don’t know if anyone uh, if anyone here watching this, if you guys haven’t seen it, go uh google um, like chinese uh, chinese, firm dumping, bitcoin or something like that, and you can see uh just as a firm.

That literally, is just dumping bitcoin, even going crazy and seeing this huge candles being printed, you know it’s it’s crazy, um and i think it’s it’s obvious and we still haven’t seen the major pushback from the the central banks, the the powers that be uh they’re, not Gon na be happy about bitcoin becoming a world reserve currency. It’S inevitable, in my opinion, it’ll happen, but we still haven’t seen that war happen and when that war happens, it’s gon na be pretty serious. I think uh. When is that work gon na happen. What’S the date, i don’t know, i have no idea.

No, i do have no idea, i don’t try to protect the markets yeah. I think i i think it’s it’s probably more, like 40 to 50 years down the road before we start there. I think we’re going to see us dollar move into the u.s digital dollar as a reserve currency and eventually that will run its course, and i think that’s probably one no 50 years, just a total guess, but i, i think, that’s kind of the process. What do you think about that?

Do you think we are going to see digital dollar come in 100? I mean, i also have this other theory, so i have a lot of theories. I like theories yeah, i like them. I i have a lot of them and people hate me for it down the road, yeah and they’re totally off these things. I come up with myself like um, so we everyone always says that this economy, that we have, the the the money printer go burr and all the stuff that uh that’s it’s not sustainable, and that eventually it’s got to give.

And i think that that the us government is just planning the central bank, digital dollar and waiting until it’s fully tested and ready to implement. And then what they’re going to do is let the markets crash collapse, total collapse and then they’re going to be like everyone’s going to be like devastated, but guys hold on. It’S all good. We have this central bank, digital dollar, it’s blockchain and it’s going to solve all our problems, but at the end of the day, it’s going to be the same. Monetary policy it’ll be infinite, supply and completely centralized, but it’ll be this kind of gimmick for them to roll it out and a perfect excuse to do it.

So this is my my theory. It’S inevitable that eventually, probably the markets have to collapse, but they’re going to prop it back up with the central bank, digital dollar. That’S kind of my conspiracy theory, weird because i think we say the same thing i’ll just say i like that pretty similar, you must have been watching the channel kyle. Actually um yeah, were you gon na say actually no, i haven’t been because that’s gon na be a big problem as well. If you say that i’m your biggest fan well, thank you so much every single day i watch your channel as well.

That’S how i knew how to pronounce your last name. It’S so awesome uh. But one thing i want to say before i leave. I’M really really one thing i’m very passionate about is um is going full-time crypto, i think, like everyone, i’ve ever met. Um is loves.

It i could never imagine going back to another career, and this is one of the things also talk about my channel too. Is i’ve actually made videos on anybody? That’S watching this, no matter what your passion is, what your skill set is, if you like to throw parties, just do crypto events go through after parties at crypto events, if you’re attorney, i think i got whatever reason: it’s not not the omicron guys we’re killing. People live on on air here um, but if you’re an attorney like don’t, go and be a be a bottom, you know intern just just go through your law school and then go to crypto conference until people are a crypto attorney, obviously no crypto law, but you Can jump through years of working your way up the ladder? If you just go straight into crypto photographer all these things apply.

So i think that it’s the best thing that people can do you’re gon na make more money. You’Re gon na be happier it’s a better audience better community yeah yeah. I think that’s all all really great stuff. Well kyle. Thank you so much for coming on the show today.

Uh, i think we’re gon na finish the show and then maybe we’ll have lunch afterwards and we’re gon na go, show them the new studio. So you guys check that out and uh if you could tj. If you could find his youtube channel and post a link in the chat, yes, i can absolutely do that. While you are rearranging up there, we’ll all watch you play with your computer, i used to work for a moving company, two s’s, that’s the first lie. I ever told on the channel.

I did not work in a moving company just wanted to show off my computer picking up skills now my way off here we go. Okay. Does the screen? Look good computer? Look good!

I mean uh, yes, good enough, okay, good enough! Okay, all right so uh, let’s see here, let’s move on here: bitcoin, ethereum, dip and bearish asia session. Excuse me is china rate cut, fails to inspire risk. Buying uh bitcoin has carved out most of its year-to-date gains against uh during the american hours. Uh bitcoin and ether were trading lower again in asian hours.

Now, if you guys didn’t know the asian hours um, i think they come to play in like kind of like eight o’clock at night somewhere around there, for if you live in the eastern united states somewhere, there abouts maybe a little bit later than that. But that really kind of sets the tone, for you know what will probably happen in the american markets uh at the opening, because that happens during the closed hours of the american markets press time, uh bitcoin was trading here. 46.6 data provided by options trader frederick collins shows that bitcoin and either consistently face selling pressure uh during the asian hours this year. Uh and kyle was just talking about the large uh chinese firm dumping bitcoin.

So i shouldn’t surprise: anybody uh, both cryptos, have taken hits in uh, big weeks or big hits in the last few weeks trend continued on monday, despite the pboc taking steps to cushion the economy by cutting rates. Uh chinese central bank announced a cut in its one-year loan prime rate, a de facto benchmark rate since 2019. Um, let’s see here this is from jim bianco. He says china’s the biggest country at the beginning of the supply chain. Now, i would wonder, maybe this people are saying v chain is crashing today.

Is that true, i don’t know a lot of people talking about vechain in the comments today. What is v chain doing right now down five percent down one percent for the weight, not too bad. That’S seven point: eight cents. I can’t believe it’s down that low. It’S so crazy, interesting theory from kyle talking about the uh talking about the possible uh shortening cycles, we’re seeing a lot more mini cycles within the larger cycles could be uh could be something true.

Traders delay hundred thousand dollar bitcoin prediction, but still expect a blow off top in 2022.

How many people we got watching by the way? That’S funny you asked, i was just pulling it out: okay, almost eleven thousand pretty good. Today, ten thousand eight hundred people, only three thousand one hundred likes, though i was told our numbers – would be fixed. That’S what i was told and then they seem to be back so now guys go and do us a favor smash a like, but how many likes was that 3200 31 3100 good dose of favor guys smash the like button.

If you’re watching on mobile x out hit the like button watch on smart tv bottom line screen three dots, more actions, more options react like this video. If you’re a hater, you can dislike it, but i’ll never see it. So thanks youtube! Thank you youtube. I i you know really enjoy because it’s funny like we probably we’ve had some coordinated stuff against us recently.

We probably would have some people disliking the video if they thought i’d, see it too bad folks and we got verified on twitter. What a great week! 100. 000 bitcoin is probably not happening, but analysts are hopeful that bitcoin can end the year above 50k kick off early 2022 with a new all-time high data from cointelli markets. Pro and trading view shows that the balance in price scene in bitcoin following remarks from federal reserve chair jerome powell, has pretty much evaporated over the past 48 hours.

I mean that certainly was uh seemed like it was the news event we were waiting for and it didn’t happen. Nothing really moved pseudonymous, twitter, analyst, rec capital compared the current price action, the consolidation in may through july – and, if i remember correctly, uh this red capital guy has been dead on on a lot more stuff than he’s been wrong about yeah. Like i remember we were, he was talking about xrp pumping for anybody else. I believe it’s the same. Guy may i might be wrong, but i think i made fun of him or maybe it was somebody else.

Maybe it was a different guy. I can’t remember or not, but i’m pretty sure, we’ve covered some different stories with this guy being pretty dead on with his ta, so pretty good stuff he’s that bitcoin is still consolidating inside these two key bull market emas just like in may 2021 uh, but the Only problem i would say here is that if, if we are consolidating here, it looks like we’ll have many more weeks of this, which i mean. What do you think do you think? Do you think the market can survive another three month, long period of consolidation? Right now that’s a tough question.

I think yes, and by that i mean the center like the sentiment, the sentiment has got it, that’s the trick with manipulating the market right, you have to push the price down, but keep the sentiment well enough. So the price moves back up, people will pile in and that’s the the game that the whales and the and the media play, and so i would answer that with yes and no because i think if you were to take the crypto market in a vacuum alone. Yes, there’s enough innovation excitement. You know people intrigued about learning more about crypto right now, but if you take the macro global economy as a whole, i don’t. I don’t think it has enough time to last three four five months without something major another major market coming under attack.

So yes from the crypto hype standpoint, but i think we’re running out of time when it comes to other markets breaking down sometime next year. Yeah uh here is a little bit. 44 000 could possibly be the bottom according to michael van de popp. Um. Here is a lot of people seem to be in that 39 to 45 range yeah.

Well i mean i, i don’t see anybody below 40. I haven’t seen it maybe you’ve seen people say 39. A lot of people say 40 to 41. If it goes below that we’re in trouble, well, that’s what i mean below below 40 people saying 39, whatever people talking about pulse chain in there what’s going on with pulse chain, is that thing launched? Yet i have no idea.

Oh no that’ll be um. Somebody said richard hart called it. No actually, if you remember correctly, richard hart said that uh, you know 64k was the top and then we were in a bear market, and then we went back up to 69 thousand dollars a few months later so, but he says he called it yeah. He says he called him and we look i like richard personally, i i i don’t have a lot of problems with him. I think he’s very, maybe too honest about stuff.

Sometimes i know tj and i disagree on that, but um i’m very. We have some pulse chain, i’m not promoting it. I won’t promote it. I’M not gon na do a video on it, but definitely i’m watching it. Just like look.

Hex was very interesting watching the price of that thing. That was crazy, but um anyways uh. What i want to say here, uh, lastly, to wrap up this uh segment was, i can’t remember, i can’t remember i had something to say about this. Do you remember what it was without me telling you click here, forty four thousand, looking at the prize can you drive another has something to do with time, with three or four months being taken out and still rallying after that yeah. Maybe maybe we’ll see the xrp case and soon i think it was oh.

I saw i remember what it was. I don’t know what it was. Our favorite uh named commenter, there pun any vamper uh. He said. Isn’T it weird that i finally get verified when jack dorsey steps down just saying you make fun of a man’s nose ring for four years?

You know he might hold that against you so, but he can’t hold you too too hard or too strong, because he has no string so uh fidelity, timmer, fidelity, timmer, says ether is undervalued. Here is why and a lot of people are saying that ethereum is dead. I mean a lot of people are saying you know. Yes, it’s making progress against bitcoin, but it didn’t make nearly the kind of high we were expecting it to, and a lot of people were saying that ethereum is dead. A lot of people are putting too much focus on these other projects like avalanche and solana, and we haven’t seen the movement from this that we thought that we were going to see.

But could it be that actually ethereum is undervalued? Maybe it’s not dead and if you look, you know, especially if you you know, compare the fear and green index, it’s like when you look at the times when people are the most scared, that’s really when the projects were the most under valued, so uh jurian tremor Um uh, jury and tremor just keep it up director of global macro at mutual behemoth. Mutual fund behemoth. Fidelity investments argues that ether, the second largest crypto in, is undervalued. That’S a typo compared to bitcoin in a recent uh twitter thread so well.

How would we do that tj if you come up with a way to do it then certainly yeah? That’S that’s what i figured, but we can do it around the blockchain yeah there you go around that perfect. Let’S do that announce. It tell people to come back and watch uh, we’ll talk about it at the end, perfect yeah bring them up and do it sure, perfect, uh, well, bitcoins network we’re gon na do a big giveaway later, but we’ll talk about what it is. That’S a little teaser for you, guys, uh, well, bitcoin’s network is growing steadily.

Ethereum’S network is growing rapidly scale versus scarcity, comparing btc’s valuation to eth. We see a big discount for eth, presumably because investors reward btc for its superior scarcity, dynamic dynamics. Whether east will continue to catch up to btc will be an interesting thing to watch in 2022.

His analysis is based on the rapid growth experience by the ethereum network. He knows, bitcoin has been significantly outpaced by its competitor, which ethereum and bitcoin are not competitors.

I don’t know why this narrative exists it it’s kind of like, i guess, comparing tom brady to michael jordan, like that’s, really what it’s like they’re, not actually competitors they’re, both great at what they do, and people would probably like to have the argument of like who’s. Greater their sport was it michael jordan, or was it tom brady or is it tom brady? He did get shut out for the first time in 15 years last night, but it was against the saints i hate them too. My son asked who we cheer, for. I said that they both lose right, but the the fact is is that they’re, not competitors, but ethereum still has been outpacing uh bitcoin uh.

It’S vastly outperforming getting a whopping 260 percent against the crypto kings or the crypto king talking about bitcoin timber believes that bitcoin’s price appreciation is not solely attributed to the stock to flow model. I i don’t believe in the stock and flow model, anymore um, which is very painful for me to say, because i put so much stock and credence into it um is it timber, not trimmer, i’m saying trimmer. I guess i could be a little trimmer, possibly especially with the holiday weight i’ve packed on a little bit of hollow holiday weight people that are uh making comments, they’re right, um, okay, they said i could be santa for christmas. Either call demand signals, anticipation of end-of-year rally, and i would say, be careful with this, because we certainly did think we were going to see a bitcoin end of year rally and we still may, but, as you saw, a lot of people are pushing the 100k call Into future months we talked about in the beginning, notably bullish floats hit ether’s options, market uh early monday, indicating budding hope for a recovery rally ahead of the year institution focused over the counter desk paradigm saw 18 500 contracts of the 4 400 call option. 14 000 contracts on the 4200 call option change hands during the asian hours um.

So we don’t need to explain what those are you either know or you don’t know at this point um. Theoretically, the 4 400 call represents a bet that ether would settle above that level on december 31st um. So you guys can look here. This is a uh. These are the different levels of the contracts um either we are in.

We have broken down below the trend line and look. We broke it down below the trend line on bitcoin and ethereum and – and i do believe that that is probably why we need some kind of news event to uh to push it up. So i mean i, i don’t know what what do you think tj, you think ethereum is gon na gon na have an end of the year rally end of year. I mean what that’s next week, basically yeah, two weeks hard to say at this point um. I think we will see another rally for ethereum soon, i’m not sure if it’ll be end of year or not, it is really hard to say because it feels like a lot like right now.

You know everything’s trading sideways right about the time it lulls everybody to sleep, something you know you usually get a big pop, but it could either be this week next week or it could be four or five weeks from now, but i think we get one bef. You know between now and sometime in january, we’ll get a move. We definitely got one last year and it was not. You know we had a really big pullback right before christmas. You know like on the 22nd or 23rd we talked about before so we’ll see what happens um.

I think ben try vegan! No thank you. I can promise you. I think there is like a requirement when you’re vegan to eat vegetables, and the answer to that is no, so i’ll take some vitamins. Instead, he doesn’t do well with vegetables.

I do not do well with vegetables uh we’re gon na go to a mexican restaurant for lunch, specifically because it’s the only one that i know that does not put onions in the ground beef. So i know i still eat, like i’m eight years old, three reasons. Why solana could see additional upside in 2022 uh steady ecosystem growth, institutional investment in a healthy derivatives market are strong signals that solano will continue to be a top contender in 2022.

I i think solana has firmly established itself in the conversation we see this a lot with projects that go up, and so i said, vegans are delicious, i’d rather be a fruitarian. The fact is is that you know salon has now established itself in the conversation for top smart contract platform.

Now, do i think it’ll be ethereum? No, do i think uh, you know it will be cardano. No, i actually don’t, but is that a question now? Is that questionable? Absolutely i mean solana has put itself in that conversation, but has solana really been stress tested?

We talked about this, a lot which is when you look at ethereum as a catch-22. It’S it’s a it’s a rich man’s problem. You know it’s! It’S uh! Something where, because it’s a good problem to have the the fees are so high and it’s not scalable, because they have so many transactions.

Solani can’t touch it in transactions right now, when all the major nft projects are on solana or there’s a lot more of them out there, then we can kind of see what’s going on with solana, it’s already had to be shut down once it got shut. It uh had a problem last week as well. It’S had multiple problems, so i think salon is in the conversation, but just like with you know, arguing sometimes i feel so much like we’re arguing about crypto projects and what’s good and what’s not like we’re just talking about sports, it feels so similar to sports, because If you were to go talk about yesterday, what happened in the nfl? You know every single person who was picking these games would have picked the arizona cardinals to beat the detroit lions. Do you know what happened detroit lions went out and they beat the cardinals and all the people that were saying?

Oh they, you know they would definitely win the game. You know they look really dumb, because things fluctuate in sports from day to day and crypto is just like that things fluctuate one day. You say man, this project, it looks really great, but none of just like an nfl team. None of these crypto projects are perfect. None of these projects have all pros and no cons, and the con with solana is every time it’s been pushed.

It seems to have had an issue. Ethereum has been pushed and pushed and pushed, and we see it has had issues with high gas fees and scalability, but it hasn’t shut down. Ethereum is not shut down um. You know you go on early on in ethereum and certainly had a lot of problems with the dow and the hack and that’s how ethereum classic came to be and well how ethereum became the current ethereum chain, the original ethereum chain, freezer newer crypto is ethereum classic. It’S called ethereum classic um, but that’s a whole other story for a whole different day.

But the point is it’s a competitor and it’s good, but will it outlast ethereum? That is certainly yet to be seen. Um salon has become a top contender in the smart contract industry. Network’S tvl has grown to 660 million dollars, stretches across more than 40 daps to hit an all-time high above 11 uh billion dollars uh. When you look here um, this is avalanche of binance coin.

Polygon priced in usd you see, solana has pumped you see, avax is pumped, you see, luna has pumped against bitcoin um or no i’m sorry, it’s not in bitcoin in u.s dollar wise, and you can look here and see that you know. Binance coin has not moved it looks like matic has not really moved that much um. You know this year, but it just it finally started to move here. Didn’T it set a new all-time high, didn’t matter just set a new all-time high last week, um, i’m not sure, i’m pretty sure that it did it’s close to it, but i don’t, i know it peaked.

Maybe it didn’t a while back too yeah. It’S close. No. I think it passed it that is 243 248. It did just set a new all-time high.

So maybe this chart is a couple days old or a couple, a week old or something uh by analyzing the past six months. There’S a parent decoupling from terrorists on an avalanche when compared to the other smart contract platform competitors salon is market. Cap is more than doubled, out of avalanche and terra solid evidence of a growing ecosystem. Judging by investor appetite, and did you hear, did they announce the metamask token over the weekend too? I’M not sure.

Did you hear about that? A metamask token yeah yeah, just rumors. Still i thought i saw somebody said it was confirmed. Maybe it’s just still a rumor at this point um. Let me look that up real quick now, i’m sitting here, thinking about it, uh yeah, i know, but they say you know they say it’s probably the um uh using the internal exchanger, which is what’s going to be it.

No, it doesn’t look like it’s on here, confirmed anywhere. I i saw. I saw a graphic on instagram that showed it was confirmed. So maybe that’s not correct uh, but anyways ethereum’s, leading dap uh is unit swap radium is about. Half of that it looks like avalanche.

Is highly concentrated or highly concentrated on the trader joe divi app, so solana leads in tvl users and derivatives over those other ones. So we’ll continue to watch, i mean salon is definitely a major competitor. So all right, uh, polka dot pair chains go live capping years. Long tech build for ambi, ambitious crypto projects, the first five pair change, which we’ve talked about. I know the first two uh a column, moon, beam, parallel finance, astar and clover, so that’s kind of a cool thing um and we still need to get a new polka dot.

Pillow. Does somebody want to make pillows for us? That’S the question called jasmine polkadot, an underlying framework for connecting various blockchains launches. First set a pair of chains um some five years in development. The milestone follows the completion of the first five pair chain auctions.

Uh. Let’S see we talked about what they are: they’re focused on d5 no single block chain design works optimally for every use case. Each chain comes with trade-offs, making it good for some applications and not others. Pair chains are able to lease a slot on polka dots relay chain up to 96 weeks at a time, and ultimately, it will offer a hundred pair chain slots and that’s the new pair, the new polka dot logo. If you missed it um.

It reminds me of one of those suction cup balls. You don’t talk about dj, yeah, suction cup bones, that’s funny! Yeah! It’S just missing some in the middle uh. Here, here’s what i’ll say about pogo!

It’S very interesting that the the leading pair chain options have gone to the the victories have gone to devi related projects, as it was talking about here. Now there is a narrative that defy is dead. You know that devi is dying. It is firmly out of out of popularity and that people are looking at nfts and metaverse and divides getting left behind, and you know when it comes who said bing bong uh. They were saying, i said it, they were saying it in the chat made me say it.

No, i missed it. I didn’t say it: they love it. Bing, bong, yeah! You see these dogs in the yard. You know i’m upstairs going hard, byron.

Okay. I know that trend i’m on the ticker top okay, thanks tick, tock, i’m on the ticker talkie for sure um. So here’s the thing d vi related we’re told device is kind of dead. Are we going to see a renaissance in d5 on these other platforms on polka dot, we’re seeing with avalanche right now we’re seeing with tara luna right now saying with solana right now, will this once again take hold to where we see a multi-chain d by summer? Again something like that because ethereum was pretty much in binance smart chain were the only two that were really established during that time.

Um, and so i don’t know, i don’t know we’ll see with uh. You know with that in the future, but it is very interesting. So um polkadot definitely a project to watch. So let’s move on uh here, let’s go ahead and wrap this up here in the next five minutes: um xrp ripples, craig dewitt, becomes vice chair of u.s, faster payments.

Council did you know this exists. The u.s faster payments council yeah never heard of it never heard of it. Um ripple director will coordinate cbdc research in an influential fintech organization. Now he’s staying with them, though i mean, can y’all not see what’s happening with this case i mean, can you all not see where this is going?

We have all kinds of ripple people moving in different places, uh of prominence we have ripple moving forward with. So many different projects with their odl, more banks, accepting it i mean you know brad garlinghouse, putting out their. You know, suggestions for regulation, so i tell you what it would have been so interesting. Brad garlinghouse should have been at the um that hearing that same thing when freed was at yeah yeah. He does well at those type of settings yeah because he can he can he’s in the middle.

He can speak to both sides pretty well. He has a decent understanding of the regulation side and obviously the cryptos, when is when is brad garland house going to come on my channel? Probably after you ask him, i’ve never asked brad come on my channel love to talk to you uh. Mr dewitt has taken to twitter to share the details of his new appointment in the fintech segment um. He will coordinate the council’s activity in the field of cross-border payments.

They got a mole in there folks they got a mole so um and we got this xrp and luna are outperforming the top 20 at press time um. So it ripple was up at the time of this article which would have been today. I don’t know what 1358 is i mean i do know, but that doesn’t make sense, because it’s not even that time here, maybe that’s utc time, which would have been a few hours ago. Let’S see if this is still relevant because i didn’t think it was at 84 cents, yeah, almost 85 cents, if you round up xrp um up two percent, so it is out getting the rest of the market and tara luna out gaining the rest of the market. So we didn’t look at the biggest winners of the day.

Uh xrp coming in it, looks like a number seven there: tara luna at six uh leo exchange token of bitfinex up harmony having a good day a good week, urine finance continuing to move forward, and that could be an indication of more diva popularity is wi-fi. Moving was really one of the things that you know really propelled the mark the market forward. During the d5 summer it was like the first bitcoin people well compound was probably first y of. I was probably second as we moved in into that world. So and then we also go ahead.

No, that was one thing i like to look at too, is when, when things are trading sideways or even trending, down a little bit looking for projects that are performing counter to the market, like we usually reference, typically like throughout the bear market b and b and Chain link were two that seem to perform counter to the market. So, looking at stuff like this, when you see tara, luna xrp, i think maybe even link was mentioned in this one again that are doing things differently than trending together. It’S just always interesting to watch those projects, yeah love that and uh guys, if you’re in the xrp army and you love, when we do xrp content every day, make sure you smash the like button for us uh. We know the xrp army loves us and we love them as well, so uh it went up tonight, two cents in back. I saw your chat.

How about that uh? I think you tried cleveland for the 999 super chat. Uh guys. Are you going to move on to the last topic as as we talk about this here as easy commissioner? Elad royzman will lead by end of january.

He was sworn in in 2018, served as acting chair until 2021 uh, he resigned. So he put in a letter to resign so very interesting um, i think was he the other one along with hester pierce that was decently bullish? I’M not sure he was considered by many to be an ally of the crypto industry. I believe so for seeming seemingly favorable positions in regulating digital assets. So will this be dangerous?

Will this be bad? That he’s moving out? Who will they move in next is a good question. Um some of these commissioners tend to be okay. Some of them are dirty as the day is long all right, so uh last story of the day.

Battle of banks versus devi is a win for individual crypto investors and i think so because when we look at when they’re going to come after stablecoin staking for sure that’s going to hurt people seemingly. But i think this is going to push banks to have to offer bigger returns too. I mean i was talking about that with someone at a family christmas party. Yesterday i mean you make a thousand dollars on a lot of money over a period of you know. 15 years, that’s not going to cut it!

01 interest just isn’t going to cut it anymore and that’s where the consumer wins is when the crypto regulation and the bank regulation and – and you know, decisions on staking and interest and things like that, it pushes people. You know further to the center of being able to make money either way, so in the wake of the global financial crisis and devastating bank runs around the world, including turkey. Today, where the lira is crashing um, individuals and small business owners who simply want to keep the wealth they are earning, uh are increasingly asking. Is my bank working for me?

People are waking up to this today with crypto and divi platforms on the scene as digital mags are no longer the only player in the game in traditional banking and finance. The individual takes on the risk of lending their savings to the banks. Most banks use fractional reserve banking, but of course they don’t have to anymore, which is where, if someone deposits 100, the bank can lend out 90 and only has 10 dollars to keep in hand. But we know in the united states that they no longer have to do that. Fractional reserve banking is over correct yeah.

They have zero percent directional yeah. That’S why it’s really tough for us to go if we have to withdraw cash like if i want to go gambling or you know, go go play poker or something i’ll go, take out, twenty thousand dollars from the bank or something like that. It’S really hard to do. They have to it, takes them a week to get that much money, because banks have no money. Keep that in mind in the future.

Exactly so. Here’S the dollar index versus bitcoin over the last um nine months, wow dollar index. It was rising back there for a while. I have to look see if that’s a hundred percent. That’S again, no, no!

It’S not against bitcoin! That’S just the dollar index the xy uh bitcoin, obviously going up standard interest rates uh for banks or point zero. Three to point: zero: nine percent uh, but if currency debasement is 10, for instance, then you’re still down almost 10 percent. Look at that our least favorite bank bb t man. I hate those people which, by the way, can i throw somebody under the bus, real quick sure i i want to throw vivid seats under the bus.

I used to sell tickets and vivid seats is a place where you can buy resale tickets, listen to what they did. So we bought tickets for the orange bowl. We were on the first uh, i’m going down to the orange bowl in my family for the georgia, michigan game, uh new year’s and we bought tickets on the first row. They’Re, like 900 bucks, a piece, the first row in the end zone and they just canceled our order out of nowhere uh. My assistant allison had sent him all this stuff or verification and all of a sudden they canceled it and we called him and they we said what happened.

They said well, the event was postponed. Well, we looked it up. The event was not postponed. We could still buy tickets and they said oh well. We actually already did the refund, so we can resell you the same tickets.

Back, i said: okay, fine, the only thing is, it was gon na be three thousand dollars higher scam. We literally were scammed by vivid seats, so if you’re ever going to buy tickets – and i come from a background of selling tickets, i had a ticket business for a long time. Do not use vivid seats, they’re a horrible company. The customer service is on the other side of the world. They have no idea what’s going on with their customers, they don’t care um, it’s definitely uh.

Absolutely horrible. Do not ever use vivid seats. We went with stubhubs or stubhub, have no problem with stubhub check them out, definitely use them over vivid seats. If you use vivid seats uh, you are giving away free money because they’re gon na steal from you they’re a scammy company, and i hate them. Uh also guys we’re gon na do a surprise.

Big giveaway huge giveaway on around the blockchain tonight so make sure that you come back to the show uh this afternoon at five o’clock eastern standard time, where we will uh do that show and do that giveaways can be real, exciting make sure you come back. You’Re gon na want to win trust me on that all right, that’s all i got be blessed thanks for kyle for coming on today. Chasse, that’s his last name, good boy,

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