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Last time, bitcoin did this: it shot up 135. Is that about to happen again, all of that and more in today’s video? It’S time for you to buckle up if you’re new here my name is steve. I’M going to help you get one step closer to your financial freedom. Hit that subscribe button right now, 2022 is about to start.

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om. The link is right here to sign up. I look forward to seeing you on the inside now to our chart. Last time we did this bitcoin shot up 135. Take a look at what we’re seeing here.

Let’S start with price action, price action we’re holding our 50 week right, we breached our 50 week. We didn’t close below it as resistance. We just breached the body here, but what’s more important, what we always talk about on this channel and again, we’ve been making videos on bitcoin since 2017. One of our favorite things to talk about is a stochastic rsi. It’S a momentum and what you see right here is a cross.

What we talked about last week is watch for a cross. Well, we just officially got that cross. What does that mean? That means our momentum is heading up now. What you want to see is it confirming above the 20.

ut before we get there? Let’S just talk about the last time that we were right on the 50 week and we just had to cross up well. If you look backwards, it happened right here. It happened right around july. Look, we had a cross and hey by the way we were right holding on that 50 week.

Yes, we had a body breach below, but it wasn’t holding as resistance. It’S the exact same scenario we’re in now we’re on the 50 week. We have a cross so last time we went up 135. How about this time? Let’S come back to this in a moment, one of the things that everybody is looking at is uh.

Not everybody our channel is looking at. Is the nvt hv? Okay, what we see here is we’re still red and simply put when we’re red we’re bullish when we’re white we’re bearish it’s as simple as that and again, i’m just reading the facts in the charts right now. No emotion, no drama, no news, just the facts, i’m not telling you what i hope to happen or what might happen. I’M just reading the facts and the facts are when this is red.

It’S bullish when it’s white, it’s bearish, it’s very simple and the biggest move of the year happens when we go below this 40 level. Okay, this means that our volatility has been falling. It’S been falling. Our volatility has, since this peak in april. What you want to see is us, go below this 40 level and come out in red, and that means the very very large move is upon us, we’re not there.

Quite yet what you see in the rsi on the weekly chart is the rsi is still bearish again. This is not my opinion and you may say there may be somebody in the herd right now. That’S like oh steve, keeps changing his opinion with between bull and bear. That means you’ve completely missed the point of our videos. It’S gone completely over your head.

What we’re doing is we’re reading the charts. It’S like somebody reading a book to you. You can say, oh, why do they keep changing between fiction and non-fiction they’re reading a book? If you show them the book, they will read it to you. So i’m reading you this book.

This is the rsi on the weekly. If you look at the 10-year history of bitcoin, this is a pretty critical level and right now we’re below it. That’S just a fact: you can see we’re below it here. You can also see that we took out our pivot low here of september, not really good, but what you want to see is the bigger picture. Here we created our low a high, a higher low, a higher high.

What you want to see bitcoin do is take out this high here and get higher than 69 and continue this big picture uptrend that we’ve been in for a few years. It’S not good that we took out this pivot low, but it’s good news that we didn’t take out this pivot low if we took out this pivot low. This whole process of this momentum that we’ve been in for a few years would be in question. We did not take out this pivot low, so we’re still okay, but we want to take out this pivot high of 69

Now, back to the picture of last time, this happened and you can see it clearly. Here we were on the 50 week we had a stochastic rsi cross and by the way we were still bearish with the rsi.

All of those things are true. Today, we’re still bearish with the rsi, we just had a stochastic cross and we’re right on the 50 week. These are all great great things. What we want to see here is a bounce off of this. We want to see a confirmation of our stochastic rsi.

We want to see these lines get above this 20 level and we want to see our dominoes continue to fall in yesterday’s video. When we talked about what’s happening on the daily chart, we talked about those small dominoes starting to fall. We broke this resistance level with our trend in the rsi we’re back above the 200 day. We have a macd cross. These are all these dominoes on the daily chart, these small dominoes that are starting to collect and fall into each other, and we want it to turn into bigger dominoes and the bigger dominoes are on the weekly chart and that’s what we’re starting to see with this Stochastic rsi cross and holding this 50 week.

This is what we want to see, and i wanted to share this with you, because we’re getting close to starting to see those bigger dominoes fall, and it’s very fascinating to see that we’re in the exact situation, as we were with these candles back here in july Of this year, so pay close attention to this chart as we continue and we’re going to have another video tomorrow explaining some further details about these dominoes and what you should expect heading into the year of 2022 with bitcoin. But the big picture is try to remain level-headed, don’t get emotionally attached to the day-to-day price actions because they are meaningless. Try to look for these larger moves that take place because they don’t happen often, but if you get caught up in the day-to-day you’re going to lose sight of the bigger play and also just keep your eye on the big picture for bitcoin every year, it gains On average about 173, so if you just bought bitcoin a few years ago and you’re still holding you’re fine, you don’t need to trade in and out of things and if you’re looking to make you know just one or two or three big buys of bitcoin per Year, my courses will help you dramatically, even if you want to day trade bitcoin, which i don’t recommend, my courses will help you, but for those people that just want to buy once or twice or three times per year, my courses will be a game changer. If you want to be a swing trader, you want to get in and out of trades. You know once a week once a month, my courses will be a game.

Changer time is running out on this holiday blowout sale. This is your last chance. You’Ve got to wake up. This is your last chance. You’Ve been wanting these courses for a long time.

75 off. This is the largest sale we’ve ever had, and it’s about to go away and you’re about to miss out so go to crypto crew university.com sign up right now, if you’re somebody in need – and these are a little bit out of your price range – send me an Email right now, because i’m going to help you put in the subject, please help my email is info. Cryptocruniversity.Com, i’m talking to you if you’re, a single mom single dad, a veteran somebody that was drastically affected by covid or you’re from a less fortunate country.

Send me an email if you want to sign up and it’s a little bit out of your price range, all right. So i’ll see you right back here in tomorrow’s video peace and love to the fellow underdogs

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