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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Bitcoin CRASH (Top 3 Ways To Survive Crypto BEAR Market in 2022)

Welcome to bit boy crypto, my name is ben. My mission is to empower you to find financial freedom through crypto assets. If that sounds good hit that subscribe button guys, it is rough out there first uh one of these videos i made here in a few days and the market is rough. There’s really no, if ands or buts, about that at this point, it’s time to have some realistic, honest conversations about where we are. You know it was very interesting.

I was uh watching a or I was checking out twitter the other day, and i i saw where uh lark, davis, krypto lark, as we all know him. From a long time ago, uh made a tweet about bitcoin going to 100 000 in 2022, and you would have thought that he said everyone’s mother is going to hell. Like the comments on that, tweet were insane everybody saying that you know he was basically an idiot and how dumb that is guys. It’S definitely possible, but it’s very improbable. I think that’s where we have to understand where we’re at right now.


It is still possible that we are not going to go through a multi-year bear market. It is still possible that uh we will get a rebound at some point and head back in the in the direction that we want to go by the end of this year. But i i have to be honest with you at this point i would say all that is highly improbable, that didn’t really do a lot to fix that glare. Did it uh it’s highly improbable at this point, guys um, look. We told people for years and years and years that we were going to see the top of the market at the end of September last year in 2021 i said bitcoin would top out sometime at the end of September, beginning of October and then the alt coins.

You know would basically top out the bull run will be over sometime between Halloween and uh thanksgiving. We got sidetracked looking for specific numbers waiting for a hundred thousand dollars a lot of influence on. You know what we thought was gonna happen in the market, but in reality we just would have stuck to our gut and what we said over a long period of time. We we might have nailed it. You know that, that’s the honest truth, we we might have nailed the timing for when crypto topped out – and i think a lot of us just were very surprised that when we finally got that momentum back that it didn’t, you know we didn’t have that momentum enough To carry us at least up to you, know, 80 to 100 000.

It was surprising, but that’s the thing about this market. It surprises you when everybody thinks it’s going one way it goes the other way, and you know if you’re looking for some hopium that maybe we’re going to get another rally by the end of this year and we’re not heading into the multi-year bear market. I mean, I think that is that that’s your go-to here, because everyone now believes that we’re not getting to a hundred thousand. Everyone believes that we are headed to a long bear market and that we saw the top. So you know, maybe we won’t see that, but let’s be realistic about where we’re at guys, where we’re at right now is once we go down to 29 000, if we go below 29 000, we are now in a long-term downtrend.

Is at this point on the weekly we are still technically on an uptrend for the last several years, the same thing on the monthly still on an uptrend right now it doesn’t look good, but until we make new lows you know you can’t really say that we’re On a downtrend, so that’s really. The key number to watch is 29 000, and i think that you know, like i said before, we just have to be realistic. If you’re asking me what my opinion is right now on what i believe is going to occur most likely, i think we are going to go into a multi-year bear market. I mean, i think, that’s where we’re at right now. I think we topped out.

We didn’t get to the numbers, we all believed we would get to, but remember this 70 of people, 70 of people who are in crypto, came in the year 2021.

If you came in during the year of 2021, if you did not take profits along the way you are back to even or you are actually in fact down at this point, i’m sure a lot of people can relate to that. That’S why you’re going to see a lot of anger and that’s what you see in bear markets. You see anger, you see hatred you see jealousy, you see, regret you. You see a lot of those things um.

You know that you know really define the bear market and the psychology that is technical analysis, and it is you know, a market in general and we’re going to continue to see that. So you know there are three ways that you can still crush it in a bear market. There are three ways that you can survive. I guess survives a better word, you’re, probably not going to crush it. People don’t really become millionaires during the bear market.

They make. The moves that eventually propel them to being millionaires in a bear market, but for all those people that came in during that time and now you’re back to even or whatever it’s okay like this is we were all there. I i was there actually twice right, but now because i was patient, that’s the first thing you have to do to survive a bear market. You have to be patient. You have to understand that this is not a quick process.

I say it all the time. It’S very easy to make money in crypto. It is very hard to make money in crypto day to day, because this is a long game and the excitement and the thrill of the price is going up when people come into the market. They’Re super excited and then when the prices are going down, they can’t really handle it because they were really prepared, even though we said it, you got to be here for four years. We said it over and over and over again they still wanted the quick hit in the bear market.

Your chances for the quick hit are virtually gone and it is time for you to be patient, buckle in and get ready, because this is a long game. Now. It’S still a much less long game than you know becoming rich through other types of investments or other markets, but it is still a long game. You have to be patient number two. You have to be realistic.

I i think that is something that people really struggle with in a bear market. Is you will constantly hear stories of bitcoin going to 100 000 bitcoin going to 200 000 bitcoin, you know or ethereum is, is gon na have a massive comeback and it’s gon na have a massive rally. You’Re gon na hear this stuff over and over and over again, because you know people want you to still pay attention and to keep up with crypto uh. We saw it all. Through 2018 people were talking about a 200 300 000 bitcoin.

All the way until bitcoin was at three thousand dollars there were people telling you. The bitcoin was going down three thousand dollars and you wouldn’t listen whatever the lowest price point you hear people talking about uh for bitcoin be realistic, there’s a chance. It can go down there, there’s a chance. Bitcoin can go to nine thousand dollars. There’S a chance.

The bitcoin can go down to fifteen thousand dollars. I i don’t i personally my number i i would say probably seventeen to twenty thousand dollars is where i would guess we would probably bottom out at. I just think, there’s too much buying pressure for it to go lower than that um. So i would be looking for 17 to 20, which would be like a 70 down draw from the top, i believe, 70 to 80 percent, that that seems to line up with with history compared to um. You know the diminished return that we got during this bull market and things like that.

So i think you have to be realistic wherever you think crypto can go, uh think lower. It can probably go lower than that. So you have to take an honest account of where we’re at in the market at all times and understand that it could go lower every time, bitcoin pumps that doesn’t mean the market’s about to turn around you have to keep that in mind. Is it possible? Yes, is it likely?

No at this point, the answer is no uh. The third thing that you can do to survive a bear market and the number one thing that is going to set you apart is pay attention and accumulate, pay attention and accumulate. That doesn’t mean that right now is the best price point to start buying in at. If you want a dollar cost average into different things, like certainly dollar cost average. From this point uh you know because there is a chance – maybe you know maybe, as long as we don’t go below 29k, we can see a revival of the bitcoin price.

You know maybe right now: dollar cost averaging makes sense, but you’re going to see stuff in much better buys. When you see the price of certain all coins down 70 man. It certainly is a tasty opportunity, but remember most coins in 2018 went down 97 97. So when you look at 70 versus 97 percent, suddenly that 70 percent doesn’t look is good. You have to pay attention.

You have to know when you know things bottom out and you have to keep watching crypto videos. I mean this is something that separated people that made it and that stayed in the space from people that did not is people that left they stopped paying attention they stopped accumulating. We told people to accumulate cardano at five cents forever. We told people to accumulate uh aetherium at a hundred two hundred dollars forever, and some people listen and those people are are well off. The people who are not angry today are the people that were buying in since 2020 and before because it doesn’t matter where bitcoin goes you’re still massively in profit, um still massively in profit.

If you bought bitcoin uh during 2020,

And if you bought cardano in 2019, you could care less. If it goes back under a dollar means nothing to you. You’Ve made so much money, it’s insane, so you have to pay attention. You have to pick those coins. Do you think you’re winners, though projects like sandbox crypto.

om, um projects that were really moving towards the end of this market that you missed out on? You now have an opportunity to go back in and accumulate these at really low prices. What are good price points for these to start accumulating out in a bear market that that’s anybody’s guess it once again is dependent on where bitcoin goes, but guys we’re gon na have a lot of these talks. You know over the next few weeks, uh about you really need to make a decision like you need to make a decision. Are you in this or the quick hit, because if so you’re going to lose, you might as well go now don’t waste your time anymore, or are you willing to do whatever it takes to change your life, whatever it takes to find financial freedom?

Because let me tell you, i went through years of pain building this channel with no one watching knowing caring about crypto everyone telling me. I was crazy. Everyone telling me, i missed it. Everyone telling me! I was wrong years of that and i can tell you they were all worth it, but in the moment it does not feel good.

All right guys. That is all i got for today, be blessed, be boy out.

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