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Bitcoin Cash: The Road to Mass Adoption

I am from Yola, Nigeria, and I’ll be sending Bitcoin Cash to a friend in Ghana just press on the send here, just input the dollar and you press continue, so this is the other slide to send wow as you can see I just received one dollar I think the Bitcoin Cash can overtake Ripple in the next year.

Bitcoin Cash is the one that has the biggest chance to be able to bring more economic freedom to every single human being on the entire planet. Bitcoin Cash is a worldwide network that anyone can use to send money anywhere in the world from  London to Cairo, from Lagos to Mumbai, from Berlin to Caracas, and everywhere in between.

Bitcoin Cash is decentralized, there is no central authority that demands you fill out forms or provide identification. Bitcoin Cash operates outside of the nation-State and outside of the corporate world.

Bitcoin Cash is internet money that millions of people have adopted and are building on. Bitcoin cash is permissionless you don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to buy hold send or receive. Bitcoin Cash no governments, corporations bureaucrats, nor warlords nor clerks.

Bitcoin Cash is free to use: no limits, no lines, just sound money for the world, so you can send remittances to spend across borders, build your business, and help build a world full of prosperity and opportunity.  Bitcoin Cash is for everyone everywhere and to prove it Bitcoin Cash charges almost nothing to send a transaction.

Receiving transactions is always completely free. Bitcoin Cash is a new form of money with a predictable emission schedule that is free from the manipulation and corruption of nation-States, banks, and other legacy middlemen.

 Bitcoin Cash is a digital ledger and programmable money. You can build apps on top of it that solve problems for people in the real world and earn yourself new income in the process. Bitcoin Cash is ready for new builders like you and there are many tools, events, guides, and mentors, ready to help you become a Bitcoin Cash builder  My name is Josh Green.

I am the lead programmer and primary contributor to Bitcoin Verde I bought my first bitcoin on Mount Gox, and I just, you know, fell in love and that’s when  I started Bitcoin Verde really help bolster the community itself so that we don’t have the same problems that happened with Bitcoin Core.

My name is Ja Jaa I am the organizer of Bangkok Bitcoin Cash meetup. I’m Dagurt software developer I’ve been working on Bitcoin and then Bitcoin Cash for many years now. I’ve worked on projects such as Bitcoin XT, Bitcoin Limited, ABC, Bitcoin Cash Note, Flip Starter My name is Jose Ignacio, Araujo García.

I´m 24 years old I´m from Caracas, Venezuela. Currently, I´m a member of the BitcoinCash.site team My name is Mike Komarinsky, I run Grapefruit Trading which is an OTC trading firm. We specialize in cryptocurrency. My favourite coin is Bitcoin Cash, so we trade lots of Bitcoin Cash. My name is Jonathan Toomim and I’ve been involved in Bitcoin since roughly like 2013.

I’ve been a miner for about six years now, industrial-scale miner, I also have been active in development since 2015.  I got started with Bitcoin XT and then co-founded the Bitcoin Classic project to double the block size limit. With Bitcoin cash, I’ve been active in dealing with scalability issues as well as the difficulty adjustment algorithms, so the difficulty adjustment algorithm that was deployed in November was in large part my creation.

Also Mark Lunderberg’s and a few other peoples. My name is Joemar Taganna I’m the CEO of Pataka, our primary product is a mobile wallet app that works in Android and IOS My name is Jonathan Silverblood.

I came to Bitcoin in 2013 at the earliest. After the Bitcoin Cash split in say, 2018 early 2018, I decided to jump in full time. Today I’m working at General Protocols as the lead developer and I’m building the Nhedge stability platform. This is Eric, from Delta State, Nigeria and I’m about to bring someone into Bitcoin Cash today.

My name is Akane Yokoo, I´m a co-founder of Satoshi’s Angels and an organizer of Tokyo Bitcoin Cash meetups. Hi, my name is Prince, I’m a Nigerian, and this is my Bitcoin Cash wallet. I’m George Donnelly and I’m building mass adoption for Bitcoin Cash in the developing world: Latin America, Africa and South Asia.

The developing world, of course, is the best place: the place where the cash use case is most likely to take hold first. I’m Roger Ver, I was the first person in the entire world to start investing in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

My name is Shomari Prince, I discovered Bitcoin while searching for an alternative to the ridiculous fiat currency My name is Corentin Mercier, I’m a software engineer working on Bitcoin Cash related projects I formerly worked at Bitmain, CoinSpice, Bitcoin, BCH I’m Tom Zander I’ve worked on Bitcoin XT with Mike Hearn, Bitcoin Classic with Gavin Andreessen, and after they successfully closed doors I founded Flowee.

I am Liberlander Yoshilivo, I stream daily on twitch.tv/hunkler/hangout My name is Eleonore Blanc. I’m the business developer and marketeer for Satoshi’s Angels and the founder of @cryptocanal My name is Fernando Peliccioni, I am from Argentina, I am a software developer I was involved in the Bitcoin world in 2016, and in Bitcoin Cash from the beginning. My name is I’m Zunnurayni Idris, I am from Yola, Nigeria, so I’m about to send Bitcoin Cash to a friend in Kenya.

Scalene serves to stress test large bitcoin cash blocks and starts with an initial default block size limit of 256 megabytes.  Scalene is a cooperative endeavour of multiple full node software projects, where different teams and developers may actually compete to create the best scaling solutions for Bitcoin Cash.

We can make full-size blocks consistently on Scalene. Axel made a chain or like a string of about 20 blocks that were all 255.9 megabytes in size the consensus limit on the block size for a Scalenet is currently 256 megabytes.

So basically he was able to make every single block be at the limit. A system that notifies merchants about the existence of a conflicting transaction, within several seconds, would eliminate that risk allowing them to react to the situation however they think is appropriate, for example by withholding the goods or alerting law enforcement. It cryptographically proves a double-spend has occurred. It notifies the wallets involved in a double-spend transaction.

So far Flowee The Hub and BU full nodes have already added my proposed implementation BTHD and BCHN planned to have it implemented by November. Lately, we’ve been contracted with Bitcoin Unlimited to write the first BCH specification, this is actually the second round of funding that we started in August, and it’s a descriptive specification not a prescriptive specification, so this is really just describing what the community, what the protocol is doing and so that other members of the community can choose to follow and also we are attempting to document what the differences are between different implementations and different parts of the protocol.

I would like to investigate tokens and smart contracts as a combination. Ethereum has shown that there’s a large market. The idea will be to create a distributed financial system with limited smart contract capabilities. In Ethereum the transaction can access any contract currently on the blockchain anywhere,  so it has these huge data requirements. The intention for something like Bitcoin Cash would be a much more limited scope and it’s effectively accessing the data that we already have to load up in order to validate the transaction and that would allow you to do a lot of things.

Ticket sellers, they really don’t like ticket scalpers, right? you know they don’t like people reselling their tickets, but what if they could write a smart contract that gave them 2% of every time the ticket was sold  That might change their opinion of resale of tickets significantly, right? So with tokens and smart contracts, you could write a system like that.

Now you’re suddenly offering a feature that doesn’t exist in standard ticket sales right? That might cut someone’s eye and that might be the sort of functionality that you could go off and really sell.

Part of what we’ve been implementing is Bitcoin Variant 2.0, this is going to be mining stability and the initial block download import improvements which reduce the resources required to run bitcoin Verde and makes it a more viable mining node implementation Knuth is a full node, a Bitcoin Cash full node and it is also a set of libraries, you can use the node as a library.

It has wallet functionality also, you can use it as replacement of bitcoin and we have the c++ API, or library, the c library, and right now this c-sharp library. In the next month, I will start working in this Javascript and Python library We’re also working on the block template validation server which helps mitigate losses, for any risks that may or may not actually exist from mining multiple implementations.

We really want to help node diversity not just in the network level but also at the mining level, and the block template validation service makes it so that there is very little risk for running multiple implementations from a  code, an accidental split perspective, but also from a profitability loss for miners.  

Causes. cash is a 100% open source, 100% non-custodial volunteer funding platform continuing on the great work started by the Flip Starter team. It works very much like Patreon and enabling projects and teams to offer monthly subscriptions to their supporters. 

Regardless of which option you choose; all or nothing, or recurring payments, the coin holder retains 100 control of their coins at all times I’m currently busy with the Flip Starter bitcoincashnode.org, the coin party hackathon website as well as maintaining the main python bitcoin cash library called Bitcash.

Our primary product is a mobile wallet app that works in android and IOS, it’s called Paytaka. People who are in physical proximity and are able to scan QR codes like, for example, when you are paying for goods in a grocery or shop, in those cases the app can actually transmit data, these are signed transactions from sender to receiver without an internet connection, this transaction is digitally signed, it can’t be faked and then this is settled later on when any of these parties connect to the internet I want to show off a project that I’m working on, that you have not heard of: we’re doing on-chain voting and elections, and we just launched the beta of our products.

We have an android app for casting votes for verifying other people’s votes and for tallying the whole election. We are using some cool tech, including Bitcoin Cash Smart Contracts for casting the votes and for securing them on the blockchain General Protocols is currently building DeFi for Bitcoin Cash. Basically, it’s kind of the first company to really attempt a kind of  DeFi platform for Bitcoin Cash.

We’re currently working on this platform called Anyhedge which basically allows two parties to enter into an agreement, where one side wants to keep their money stable in terms of us dollars or some other asset, and the other party wants to leverage their money so they want to get more of the volatility that Bitcoin Cash has. Melis is a software wallet for bitcoin cash.

Melis Team is working on adding new features on the wallet such as SLP tokens support, automatized legacy and in particular partnership with other companies in order to develop other products. I’m the lead developer of Spice token project. My team here developed Spice Token last year, and we’ve been building a lot of tools, a lot of features to the token, specifically the spice tipping bot and all the games that work with the spice tipping bot. Neato JS is a software development kit.

It was actually my first project when I joined the community you may have seen the release of Neato. Cash a privacy web wallet back in January and just a few months ago I released a web app that allows you to do cash shuffle from directly within a web browser I’m working to add to the Flowee lineup of applications a wallet, properly open source and with invitations to companies and services to work together to make one great product.

The wallet is built using the same tech that underpins the Bitcoin Cash full node but will have a front-end building QML, which is essentially Javascript and this makes it easy for front-end devs. Companies that want to start a product on Bitcoin Cash can create their own skinned version and ship it with their own UX and logo and so forth.

I’m out today with Sebastian, also of the BCH Latam team. We’re talking to merchants, planning our strategy. Medellin is coming out of the whole lockdown thing. Today I have incredible news about our uniforms that we’ll use to approach merchants that we are onboarding every day to Bitcoin Cash.

That´s why all of the shirts just arrived for all of those salespeople who will be signing up merchants all throughout the timeline of this incredible project. I’m mainly working on two things for BCH right now: one is providing more support for the meetups  I’m working with an amazing community manager who has been a dedicated supporter of BCH on this and we’re looking forward to working with individual meetups to see how we can grow better Today we are holding an orientation for new salespeople who will be joining us in 2021 in the BCH Latam organization.

And also making sure that the East and the West are connected, so making sure that our western community hears what we’re doing in the East and vice versa You will get all of the pertinent marketing material so every merchant can take note of his recovery phrase.

What is the recovery phrase for? If I lose my phone, change my phone, my phone got stolen, my computer burned out, I changed businesses and have a new computer, with this recovery phrase, I can re-download a wallet activate it with my recovery phrase and my funds remain exactly the same, just like in the original wallet.

This is my plan for the merchant adoption and meets up, so let me just show you.  For example, we’ll be focusing throughout this month, throughout the timeline of this merchant adoption, I’ll be focusing on restaurants here.

Right now we are making plans at Panmoni, Bitcoin Cash site BCHLatam, to launch a major project in the first few months of 2021 to set up five cities, three in Latin America, one in Africa, one in South Asia, where we will be holding about 17 events. We’ll be onboarding 100 merchants per city.

It´s very easy, and you guy should also open your local.bitcoin.com account because the merchants will ask you questions such as how do I send my money, how do I buy in the case that I receive Bitcoin Cash and I receive a big payment today because I made a big sale? Let´s hope that happens.

And I want to sell it. You can also sell peer to peer. But there are platforms like this one where you can sell the money and send it to your bank accounts both national and international. You can also do transactions from person to person It’s completely secure, as it says here, because it’s a private platform.

At the Liberland, we will sell an SLP token on top of Bitcoin Cash, and with the proceeds of a successful Flip Starter  I will invest it in the Hunkler Hangout stream, and on top of all of that I am also building the  Liberland opportunity zone and one day in the future, I hope to invite you here because what makes my stream unique is that I stream 20 miles out of Liberland. 

I left behind family and friends, a couple of years ago to build a new nation. You know that fiat currency, the one we have here in Venezuela, the dollar, the Bolívar completely depends upon the government, the state.

They control de transactions, the financial movements even when using bank accounts. That means we’re not so free at the moment of using our own money. Because when we put it in a bank or execute a transaction when you send it, it is recorded.

That permits the government to control it. And if the bank’s platform goes down, we can´t move our money. So, in that case, is our money actually ours? Bitcoin Cash is the one that has the best chance to be able to bring more economic freedom to every single human being on the entire planet: young, younger, old, rich or poor, black or white it’s accepted at more than a 100.000 websites around the world, it’s accepted just about everywhere and more physical locations than any other cryptocurrency, it can process more transactions than just about any other of the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

It’s really an amazing opportunity to bring more economic freedom to the entire world I’m a big fan of Bitcoin Cash. I’ve been in Bitcoin since 2010, I truly believe that Bitcoin Cash has the same characteristics of the Bitcoin that I got into back in the day. We need better marketing the main bottleneck right now in adoption is people using it and one thing that we can do to help with that is to address the fidelity problem. 

I think that there is still some extent to which large potential use cases haven’t been developed because those developers or those businesses haven’t seen in a convincing fashion that Bitcoin Cash can handle any transaction load they throw at us.

It is my belief that we should finally start getting serious about building not just a technically advanced system, but an actual product that actual people want to use,  there are a lot of little details that go into turning a vision into a product user experience is something that we can definitely improve on. In 2021, onboard 1 million new users with their Bitcoin Cash wallets using it normally.

Some people hear that and say, that´s really hard! We’re not only doing this in Latin America but also in South Asia and Africa For example, today., How many new wallets did we install? 5 With 5 here, 5 there, 10 over there, 20, 30, whatever, We expect by December 2021 to achieve the goal: 1 million using Bitcoin Cash At the development and engineering level we need to try and solve more problems, to give you guys the tools you need to have more people say “oh! I totally want to use this because it solves this specific problem” Bitcoin Cash is the closest to electronic peer-to-peer decentralized cash among the other major blockchains and it’s cheap to transfer, it’s fast.

I would say that it’s a matter of adoption and usability, and they go kind of hand in hand what services can you offer to an actual user that would be something that they use like day to day every day. 

We need to focus on adoption, it’s important that we onboard our friends, it’s important that we onboard people near to us, but we have to think about it systematically as well, we need to develop systems that can virally and sustainably, that can build momentum as they go that can onboard huge numbers of people, tens of millions, hundreds of millions, they can make it there in their interest to join us not just because of our nice principles not just because Bitcoin Cash has this or that, or is better than BTC in this way, but because it’s in the self-interest of every person that is joining.

Bitcoin Cash if you want to bring more economic stream to the world it doesn’t mean the other cryptocurrencies are bad at that it just means Bitcoin Cash has a fantastic chance at the doing that faster and sooner than any of the other ones out there and that’s why I’m building on top of Bitcoin Cash I’m gonna be realistic here and you know not to shoot for the moon, but I work in the markets, I look at the coin market cap every day, every minute, I know where most of the coins are in the top 20  what ranking they are, what they need to do to move up and down, I think the bitcoin cash can overtake  Ripple in the next year.

So let’s do that: start small, then we can worry about tether, then we can worry about eth, and then we can worry about bitcoin, but yeah I think Bitcoin Cash has everything it needs to go up, to go up past Ripple, and it looks really nice, right? One thing that we can do, is to make some large strides in increasing the capacity limits and enabling those things.

That’s not the only thing, it’s probably not going to be the most important thing, but it is one thing beyond that I think we just need to get more people to use it, we do need to make a more compelling use case, and make it so that not only is it a bit better than everything else, it’s so much better that it becomes an obvious choice.

We need to have some more semblance of governance to ensure that we don’t fall into the same situations that we’ve had in the past we need to make sure everybody has a voice. On the road to mass adoption, we have to think mostly about ways where we make it not just easy but exciting for people to use Bitcoin Cash.

In my experience, this means that we need to work on a  thousand and one little features and details that make things just work. Massive adoption implies we need to take satoshi’s idea and turn it into a product.

We have the technology to scale ready to go, we now need to focus on making it fun to use. We believe that Bitcoin Cash can help us in promoting borderless payments, we think that we can leverage on the low fees and the past transactions of Bitcoin Cash. 

What I want to focus on in Bitcoin Unlimited, to focus on, is technologies that might make your job easier and that would be to create additional outlets where people could say: “Oh! that’s something cool that I really want to do with my currency” whatever that idea happens to be so. From my perspective, that means broadening the base functionality of the cryptocurrency.

Without intermediaries is a peer to peer. That means I don´t need any public entity. I don´t need any bank, I don´t need any person who transacts for me in order to send money to Zulia. Zulia just sends me her address or I scan her code and all set.

I send her her money. and it was a transaction between her and me Without any problems or anyone saying: “You can only send her $100 because with the $100, I take a commission of $2 because I did you a favour”. Absolutely nothing.

For 2021 what Bitcoin Cash needs is entrepreneurs and people who develop businesses. We need people who build use cases and who drive demand for the currency. We’re here to build, we’re here to build Bitcoin Cash, we’re here to build financial inclusion, prosperity, liberty for the whole world.

Going forward my focus with Bitcoin Cash Node will be to onboard new developers, help them get their code merged into the project. We really want Bitcoin Verde to be more ubiquitous than it is today, and really help facilitate that adoption at node diversity and the redundancy for the stability of the network.

I’m really looking forward to collaborating with more of the Bitcoin  BCH community over the next few years and bringing this stream of peer-to-peer electronic cash to every man, woman, and child in the world Our goal for 2021 is to onboard 1.000.000 new users of Bitcoin Cash, now we don’t expect to do that all by ourselves, you know? We welcome other people to join the coalition, coalition for the adoption of Bitcoin Cash Having better or more accessible tools for developers to create applications around Bitcoin Cash, that will help so I think.  There’s this mainnet. Cash project that was funded with a Flip Starter earlier this year and they’re definitely doing a lot of good work into making that all more accessible towards developers.

The goal I want to accomplish this next year for Bitcoin Cash is bringing as many users as possible into the ecosystem, including developers, this is why I’m involved with Bitcoin Cash to make it as easy as possible for developers to join and start coding on Bitcoin Cash, but also individuals this is why I started the Bitcoin Cash meetup here in Bangkok. 

We’re looking for investors and JAM stack developers to join the team. The Panmoni team are veterans at marketing, local groundwork,  adoption. We need developers and investors so that we can create a viral app that will enable a boom in mass adoption across the developing world.  Today I’m most excited about working with the bitcoin.com wallet team on bringing cash fusion to mobile finally.

Roger’s been super encouraging with that idea and Corbin’s team has been extremely cooperative in sharing their ideas and experiences and providing feedback on my own ideas we’re also planning on releasing the block template validation service, we’re planning on having that done before may 2021, and also we’re trying to have the first bitcoin Verde block mined before may of 2021, we’re hoping that the validation service will lend us some security with that, and we’re really hoping again with the whole mining community to really start using more than one implementation, just so we can prevent the kind of problems that we’re seeing today from happening again in the future.   

So if you’ve got an Android device and want to try out, you want to help us test it out, you want to be part of our test group, go to Voltaire. Cash download our app join, our telegram if you’re a builder who wants to use some of our cool techs please join us.

We’d love to have you going forward, we will be researching more smart contracts to improve both on privacy and scalability of on-chain elections. If you’re a builder and want to start on bitcoin development, join our Slack, join our Telegram, or just submit your code to our git lab repo.

We’re happy to help you land your code in our codebase.  We should try to come to an agreement on a formalized name ticker and whatnot for the satoshis and the bits or cash or whatever you want to call the unit that is 100 satoshi.

If we do get it as a compatible unit code like much,  or something like that,t and we do get zero or no decimals, then suddenly we are actually compatible with sales and accounting. Believe it or not what we want and what we want to bring to our ecosystem is companies. We want to bring people with a profit motive who are able to build use cases.

Let’s try to make it so that it’s as easy as possible to to have a business in Bitcoin Cash. My 2021 goals as the BitcoinCash.site project manager are very clear It´s growth. Onboard 1 million Bitcoin Cash users. Everybody: investors, merchants, content creators, journalists and others. How are we going to do it? Through forums, live streams, meetups, events, marketing campaigns and more.

We’re working so that people keep onboarding to Bitcoin Cash. I intend to expand into a hub with a section for exchange, where I will make it easier for  Bitcoin users, Bitcoin Cash users, to exchange their bitcoin cash to fiat currencies. Over the next year I hope to expand Satoshi’s Angels team so that we can do more things for Bitcoin Cash  I like to keep my focus on merchant adoption and community growth and get more people in the community involved so that we can grow faster.

The second one I’m working on is expanding merchant adoption of Bitcoin Cash and some other coins in Japan, Thailand, Australia and hopefully some more countries. I look forward to continuing building on Bitcoin Cash bringing more people in educating people, and I look forward to bringing Satoshi’s Angels basically to a whole other level in 2021.

Feel free to join in on the discussion through twitch.tv/hunkler/hangout and hopefully I will see you there one day Definitely one of the things is these kinds of smart contracts, so if more people or if more projects spin-off that does this kind of DeFi that will definitely help because we’ve seen these kinds of projects already be pretty big on other chains like Ethereum. We’re gonna keep making progress and thanks for watching.

Bye-bye, keep ongoing Bitcoin Cash. So stay tuned because a lot of good news is coming to go out there and make cool things So, thanks for this moment of your attention, and see you in the next video and let’s keep building Bitcoin Cash is fast for remittances Please for starters, pay me with Bitcoin Cash. Everybody can use Bitcoin Cash everywhere unlike Bitcoin BTC  Please for starters, pay me with Bitcoin Cash as you can see right here. Bitcoin Cash is fast for remittances.

We’re very happy that today Olga is part of Go Producciones, wait, Go Producciones us part of BCH Latam and BitcoinCash.site as a new merchant and we’re going to do the payment now You participated in the event Click Receive Show me your wallet I’ll click send Bitcoin Cash Scan QR code I scan your wallet, and put the amount.

And, I send it, in real-time. And Olga has received her funds. Go back to the home screen. And your funds are completely ready. Thank you for everything, really for the support, a great initiative.

Thank you Olga, for being a part of it. Ok, lots more are coming soon. I choose Bitcoin Cash for a faster cross-border transaction Hello everyone, I’m Dennis I’m a citizen of Nigeria, I love Bitcoin Cash, and this is my Bitcoin Cash wallet. We are in Buenos Aires and we are going to do a demonstration with the Bitcoin.com wallet.

Bitcoin Cash is what Bitcoin was at the beginning an international currency no intermediaries, fast, and with low fees. Click receive and I´ll send you Bitcoin Cash. So you can see how fast it works.

Bitcoin Cash can I’ll send you five dollars. Swipe and it arrived! And there you have the five dollars. So, what do you think? It´s really fast and super easy! As you mentioned before I’ve heard a lot about Bitcoin Cash but I’ve never used it. I’d like to learn now.

I have a career as a model and this seems very useful to both receive and send payments. Also, you avoid the problem of having to search for cash bills which are quite hard these days. Completely agree. Hello everyone, my name is Efevera, I am in Nigeria and I love Bitcoin Cash and this is my Bitcoin Cash wallet.

Today we are holding a meetup in the Hotel Renaissance (Caracas, Venezuela) That´s right, we are there with the contestants of the beauty pageant Nuestra Belleza Venezuela who was learning a lot about BITCOIN CASH! 2021 is Bitcoin Cash’s year, let’s make it happen together.

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