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Bitcoin Cash Messenger Wallet

Hi, I made a demo to show some interesting things about Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Cash smart contracts First let me log in to my account My password is “I have a very long password” This is the first time I have logged into my mobile app. I set it to night mode to make it easier to see the interface.

The phone contacts were not displayed when I first entered, but I can simply import my contacts with just one click. It is very important to make this kind of thing particularly simple. Now you can see my contacts But I don’t know who of them has a Bitcoin wallet, However, I don’t need to ask who has a Bitcoin Cash wallet one by one, but can find them with this one-click function.

I can also bring all my contacts to Bitcoin Cash with one click. This wallet allows the user to change the amount sent, it does not have to be 1 USD. This is just a demonstration, so what I did is very simple.

Now I send Bitcoin Cash to this QR code. Delivery was successful! You can see it on the block explorer Because I have six different contacts, there will be six different outputs.

When others receive Bitcoin Cash, the Bitcoin Cash wallet can know who claimed it There will be a message to notify my contact to pick up Bitcoin Cash via WhatsApp/Telegram/WeChat API or SMS Someone picked up Bitcoin Cash! He is Run the Number Man! When someone receives your tip, he will become a certified contact.

Next time, I can send Bitcoin Cash directly to their verified wallet address. In order to minimize the presentation time, I pre-loaded the dialogue. Quickly calculate! What happens if you want to bring 100 friends into Bitcoin Cash, but only two people to receive your tip? I’m not smart, so I never counted.

What do you say will happen? “In this industry, no one has ever calculated this number. It’s too ridiculous. Even if you start with just one person, 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 4, and so on. There are 8 billion users in about 80 days.

.This is the reason why WhatsApp has developed rapidly because its new user to increase method is too simple Utilizing the existing network of contacts is a genius for WhatsApp’s success. This allows the network’s impact on Bitcoin Cash to reach 1,000 times the original in a short period of time.

In addition, once the contact is verified, it becomes like Venmo/CashApp, except that Bitcoin Cash is used. This is only feasible when transaction costs are low. This means that this is valid for Bitcoin Cash, but not for Bitcoin or Ethereum. Once you have some authenticated contacts, it’s easy to use AnyHedge.

You can also see that 3 new buttons have appeared. You can hedge or make long Bitcoin Cash through your certified contacts. Everyone is now an exchange. And your contact can even be a bitcoin cash middleman I am a businessman, so I use hedging to avoid losses during fluctuations. This bid will be sent to all my contacts.

Each of them can accept it. If Bitcoin Cash rises, they will make a profit Now let us wait for someone who accepts our offer. Thanks to Run the Number Man! Is our only certified contact, so let us wait for him to accept our offer You can see that he has accepted my offer.

You can see this usage transaction on the block explorer, which is a decentralized financial smart contract for Bitcoin Cash using AnyHedge. Long BCH works the same way unless I think the price of Bitcoin Cash will rise.

It is also a decentralized financial smart contract for Bitcoin Cash. Let’s see what else AnyHedge can do. For example, it allows people to lock up their Bitcoin Cash to earn interest.

Developers can use AnyHedge to build features, such as allowing people to use their Bitcoin Cash to bet or vote, or just reduce the supply of Bitcoin to push up the price of Bitcoin The advantage of Bitcoin Cash smart contracts is that they are more secure because every contract looks like a normal transaction.

Even if a hacker breaks into the contract, he cannot steal the funds. He can only unlock the funds to be sent back to you because the input/output wallet address is yours. The UTXO model of Bitcoin Cash also means that it is beneficial to supervision because it can perform “anti-money laundering/KYC” operations. I think the government should adopt Bitcoin Cash.

I only touched the surface layer of the AnyHedge smart contract, you can use your imagination and creativity to build more new and interesting functions through AnyHedge If you want to ask some technical questions, you can consult me.

I am on Reddit. com/u/MobTwo I want to thank John Nieri because he launched AnyHedge I want to thank Marc De Mesel for the $10,000 tip on https://read.cash/@MobTwo/bitcoin-cash-simple-fundamentals-c15494c3.

I want to thank Jake, he helped me a lot I want to thank Roger for spreading Bitcoin Cash all over the world I want to thank the Bitcoin Cash community, thank them for spreading Bitcoin Cash, thank them for being so great.

Thank you for making the world a better place! ARGH!!! If you are a developer and want to know how this code is done, please feel free to contact me. Again, please use these ideas in your application. Let’s grow our Bitcoin Cash together!.

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