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Welcome back to crypto zaraz, i’m george, we’re all george, so i got some important things to share with you guys, including a bitcoin, buy signal well at least according to plan b. But in addition, there’s other interesting metrics. I want to show you guys that indicate that bitcoin definitely did not form a top and we’ll continue further. So let’s get started as always smash the like subscribe to the channel two streams almost every day, 11 30 and 8 30 p.m.

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Hopefully you guys are doing splendid today. I can’t help but laugh when i read the comments. Uh, it’s just really really hilarious, anyways, okay, let’s get started uh, so you can see. Bitcoin is still stuck around 47 000, and there are some people that are acting like bitcoin has never been here and how it’s so low and it formed a new low and it can’t possibly go anywhere and this and that and blah blah blah. And when you zoom out, you realize well, it’s been here since the early december.

Okay, it didn’t go any lower, it didn’t form any new lows. It is still consolidating in this period – and recently i’ve been talking about why uh, including tax loss, harvesting, which i believe is going on, but rubble paul does have another theory that makes a lot of sense regardless uh. Let’S take a look at some of the things that going on well with this recent uh dip from 52 000 down to 47 000. Again, you had a whole bunch of greedy long leverage, uh traders that got wrecked wrecked, absolutely wrecked within the last day or so that day or two about 500 million dollars worth of leveraged loans, again liquidated they’re. Just you know, this is what i say about you know: people who play leverage, they can’t help themselves, they get addicted and when they get wrecked, what is the number one thing that they do?

Well, they try to make it back by putting another leverage play right. That is what happens. That’S why there’s so much liquidations going on otherwise uh there wouldn’t be right. So this continues, and not only is this hurting people that are getting wrecked, but it’s hurting the entire market too. So this is why i stress time and time again, leverage is not worth it buying and holding good.

All coins is definitely much better idea more profitable, because those that have the most patience, those that held the longest, have made the most in the space right. So there you go number one. I want to lead off with that, but let’s get to plan b plan b, here’s his updated thoughts on what’s going on with bitcoin and his thought to flow models. According to him, he uses his models to protect himself from emotion. Okay, so right now uh, it is at the low end of this 50 to 200 000 kind of range that’s banned, and it feels like that.

Bitcoin is undervalued and according to him, that it is a buy signal like on the opposite side um. If bitcoin hits 200 000, then he will feel like that is a sell signal, but he’s using this to remove emotions away. Okay, so i do agree with that and one of his followers updated it and said: okay, why don’t you do this? Instead, this is easier to understand, so take a look at where we are right now right, we’re below that 50. 000.

And this range this box is between 50 to 200 000, and if you look at previous boxes or previous ranges like when bitcoin was below 250 dollars right, that was a pretty good bottom indicator. A buy signal just like last time when bitcoin was below 4 000 and it hit below 4 000 a couple times. That was a tremendous buy signal and this time around two under fifty thousand dollar is a buy signal. So this is according to plan b and according plan b. Stock to flow is not invalidated, yet it’s still on track, but things have just lengthened out a little bit, but according to him, it’s a buy signal right now.

Now, it’s not just this: it’s not just stock to flow! That’S indicating that that’s a good buy right now, there’s many many many other things. There’S many other metrics. Here’S one pll, multiple! This measures, this measures, how rich the miners are and whether or not they’re going to dump so this measures.

If the miners have just made so much money that they need to just sell off some of it to make sure that they’re, you know they lock in their profits, they’re not going to go through any catastrophic event if bitcoin dips and you could see how in 2013, it shot up that red zone is usually when they’re too rich or when they’re about to to sell off, and you could see in the red zone in 2013 uh. That’S when bitcoin actually started coming down and you could see in 2017 also when bitcoin hit that level or i’m sorry, this pull uh multiple hit that level again. That’S when bitcoin found a peak and came down and you could see we have not come anywhere close to that – not one bitcoin. First one is 64 000 and especially not right now, but it’s also not in the green level, because the green levels indicating a bottom like uh like a after a black swan event, kind of kind of one of those situations and we’re not there either. So we’re kind of roughly right in the middle, and, if you think about that, that’s fantastic, that’s fantastic!

That means we still have a lot of room to grow, a lot of room to grow and we’re still hovering around forty seven. Forty eight thousand dollars so think about that. So this is another indicator that shows that bitcoin is not at top and it’s a good buying opportunity and here’s another one is the hotel ratio, this measures, new coins versus old coins and there’s a very complex algorithm. That is being used and again, if you look at it, it’s pretty darn accurate. In 2013, you notice that it shot up to this red zone and that’s when that’s when retail money, the new coins is outstripping the old coins, meaning that too many retail investors have formaled in and usually when that happens.

Well, that’s usually a top indicator and it happened again in 2017 right it happened again: um yeah, that’s 2017.

And since then right, you could see that we’re nowhere, close we’re somewhere in the middle again. Another indicator that shows that the market is is not over full mode. I guess right now not over hyped, it’s right in the middle, and that is why the run will continue right. So these are all indications that bitcoin has not formed the top here’s another one.

I’Ve never heard this one investor cap, multiple, which subtracts thermal cap from overall bitcoin cost basis to assess fair value of bitcoin and again using this model you can see when bitcoin is overbought or when it’s oversold and right now, it’s kind of in the middle. But more towards the oversold side, and if you look at the purple lines, that’s indication of when bitcoin actually started really rallying back in 2013 and 2017 and we are at that same point. So another buy signal right. So there’s just a lot of buy signals going on right now. So again i i i know you know some some people, i’m reading chats and comments.

There’S some people, that’s just so negative about. What’S going on right now, when, when you think about it, bitcoin has gone up about 70 percent year to date, it’s going the right direction. The fundamentals and adoption couldn’t be better at this point, yet people are still fearful about bitcoin’s future. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense now. Here’S something that is also very positive.

Projecting out this new lengthening cycle, you could see that bitcoin after first having event right took about a year to reach its top. The second having event which is back in 2017, took about a year and a half. So this time around, it could be two years and you can see that if it does it’s still heading to somewhere between 200 and 300 000 and that could be coming in mid of 2022

So there you go there, you go and what else is there well shorter term? Tech dev is looking at what happened in 2020, specifically uh well, of course, with bitcoin, but in 2021 too. These two patterns are very very similar, although they’re different time frames and different months.

But the pattern is very similar and he’s looking at whether or not we’re gon na see that same kind of breakout that we had in 2020 with bitcoin, and it makes sense with everything else that i just showed you guys the buy signals and all the metrics That show that bitcoin is nowhere near the top, so this definitely could be coming right. So this is why i remain bullish because of everything that i’m seeing and everything i’m showing you guys and i will remain bullish pretty much forever unless there is some thing that tells me otherwise, but right now the metrics are all indicating. We did not form a top at 69, 000 and of course, i talked about adoption, awareness and everything else going on. I mean it’s just fantastic: it’s fantastic to be in crypto, fantastic to be a holder, but it’s more fantastic when you can buy things at a discount like right now with bitcoin and right now, with all coins right all right now, where else uh just a couple. Other things uh: i want to share this this friday.

There is a enormous 6 billion options expiration right, so this could be a turning point. This is the last one of this year and it happens to be on the last day of this year, friday, the 31st. So this could be huge right and the max payne price is at 48 000 – and i mentioned this yesterday, so that’s kind of where we are now right. So this could be a reason why bitcoin is not recovering, and afterwards we could see a huge rally. This coming weekend, we have seen this many many times where after expirations bitcoin seems to have a ceiling lifted, and it just starts pumping up again, so this could be right around the corner in uh in uh coming this weekend and also.

Lastly, i want to share this because raul paul was asked about why he thinks that we didn’t have a tremendous run uh for bitcoin this last week, and i’ve talked about tax loss, harvesting and he’s kind of saying the same thing except he’s like well. A lot of institutions that are trying to make their books look good right kind of like with tax loss, harvesting and, and they also want to lock in their gains for this year right. They probably were selling also, but here’s the good news according to them or according to him, to quote it looks like they’re done, because the market has been chopping around for past week, which was the traditional last week of everyone squaring their books. So, according to ron paul, he does believe that maybe the institutions had something to do with it right, but now they’re done so. This is also positive because, if they did sell off to us in the capital gains or to lock in their gains for the books, guess what they’re gon na do next in january, they’re gon na buy back in right.

This is why january and 2022 could be even more tremendous than 2021

This is also coming right, so a lot of good stuff guys a lot a lot of good stuff to look forward to so this is why i tell you guys to stay in the game. You definitely want to stay in the game. You definitely want to take advantage um because it’s still so early right. All right, that’s it! That’S all!

That’S all! I have to say um besides that if you look at cmc today, it’s good, it’s a it’s kind of mixed kind of mixed, so you have like polygon, which i talked about right. It’S coming up, four percent, that’s pretty good big stuff! Going on with polygon tear us into green barely, but a lot of these others are down one two, three percent, so it’s kind of like an even date, but you do have some good movers and you go down. The list near protocol is doing pretty good around six percent.

Today, phantom is up to up about a percent. Theta is up three percent right, so some of the ones that are oversold recently it’s starting to come back up a little bit. So that’s always positive, but obviously there’s still a lot of discounts to be had. So if you can take advantage alright guys now, let’s do some q. A tai soo says is that from jordan’s meme strap on we’re going to the moon.

I think he got that from me. I’M the only one that says strap on um but yeah all right scrolling up. Let’S see if i missed anything uh all right. I love plan b man there’s a lot of a lot of a lot of weak hands in this chat. Again, that’s why i started a show, i’m like how could people be this this negative this week uh?

How could there be so many paper hands when bitcoin has done so well this year? Uh crypto has done so well this year. Right and it’s not like bitcoin is black down to like 30, 000 or 20 000. That would be a different story still holding very well it’s still holding above the recent low of 40, 000 and, of course, above the low before that 28 000

So uh, but i get it. I addressed this one time right.

I did a video someone says. Well, you know you talk about people that made a lot of money. What about people that bought a top right if you did buy a top? It’S the same thing. The strategy is the same: if you can take advantage of the dip, you buy the dip and you cost average down right.

So if you buy something, if you let’s say you bought bitcoin at 69 000, now you buy a little bit at 47 000.. Well, your cost average. Is you know somewhere in the 50s right, so you don’t even have to wait for bitcoin to go back to 69 000 to be in the green. That’S the beauty of buying the dip.

Now, if you’re a dollar cost average based on a schedule, then you don’t have to worry about up or down, and i’ve shown you guys how powerful dca is on a schedule over long periods of time like over a year two years, five years, man, the the Gains is insane right, all right, uh, let’s see uh. Where do you think cardano’s headed against eve and his future? Do you think it could hit its all-time high? Yes, yes, it’s about halfway to its all-time high, but i continue to stand by carnano because i made this mistake before you don’t want to sleep on cardano. Sometimes it just it doesn’t move and you just want to give up on it, but ask any cardano.

Uh long-term holder and they’ll tell you the same thing. It was tough until it wasn’t and once it broke above 10 cents and never looked back and they’re all multi-millionaires. Today, all right, let’s see manny appreciate it plan s plan, f, um. I wonder why. I wonder why he called himself plan b.

Why not plan a um all right? What else is there thanks for a tip on coin tracking yeah? They are a partner, but you know what coin tracking available in 100 plus countries. If you are going to do your taxes, man, you need a software. Like coin tracking uh, where it just uses apis, read apis or imports, and it connects to all your wallets and everything.

It’S really really really useful for those of you guys that are doing your taxes and also you can take advantage of tax loss, harvesting, um, and you need a software like that to help you with that, but um and their urls in the description all right. Let’S see what else is there zach kadena is the truth. I have big hopes for kadena. You guys know that i think cad axes go really really change the game for them and really start a lot of. I guess start up the ecosystem right.

So i’m looking forward to that uh tried what tried watch selling roon on crypt.com couldn’t because of low liquidity. Should i be concerned when i want to take profits? I don’t i don’t get that you’re saying that you can’t sell roon on crypto
Com uh that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. So you know, watch trading or watch selling is basically you sell it and buy it back right.

Unless crypto.com has such low liquidity, you couldn’t sell that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. So crypto cocktail. I think you need to do a little more research uh. What do you think about elrond as long as they keep building their ecosystem?

They’Re? Fine, their new decks is out, their launch pad is out right and they just have to keep building upon that. It’S still early for them. They have a lot of bridges out there. I know they have nft marketplaces, but in terms of d5 is still very early.

So and that’s that’s a good thing kind of like a data um ufo gaming, i looked into them uh. You know still work in progress. Basically, we have to see how good it is once it’s out, uh um. I think amp will get better as retail gets stronger, but you know right now: retails they’re still kind of weak. So will you read the reaper white paper?

Maybe some point: i have no idea what project that is january, 1st, being a new fiscal year. Institutions, whales and retail should start buying crazy again now it’s time to fill it back. I i kind of agree with that and that’s what rival paul just said. He believes that a lot of companies institutions have bought. They want to lock in the games to make their books look good, so they could say hey in 2021, we made a hundred percent, you know, or a thousand percent or whatever and uh they’re selling off uh to lock in um those gains.

And then you know what in 2021 as soon as january first comes, they will buy right back the same thing with people that are trying to do tax loss, harvesting, right selling off to offset the capital gains, and then they buy back right. So yeah. I think it’s very possible very possible opinions on vbs working critical.com, it’s just their very first decks on their new chronos chain. I looked into it, nothing really outstanding or crazy about it, but it will help kronos.

So it is the start of it. I don’t hear a lot about chronos, though i mean it’s it’s their new chain, but i don’t hear a lot about it. It’S still early, but i like crypto.com regardless if that chain blows up, it’s going to help them tremendously, but right now i mean just crypto.com.

Just the name recognition alone, uh makes them a a really really really good buy all right. Let’S see what i’ve masked here, i think. That’S it. How detrimental is seoul being very centralized is growth his ecosystem. Ah, it’s not going to be detrimental to his ecosystem, but the you know the centralized part will turn off some people um.

But you know having such a large amount of tokens locked up with a team is actually it could be a good thing, because that means that they’re not selling, and that is why it uh it’s going up right, um same thing with near protocol recently, nir has Been doing a lot of gains too, and i started paying more attention to them. They also have the same thing: they’re kind of like a vc play very well-backed, but a large portion of near is locked in with early investors and with the team right. So in some ways it does help because it makes it so that there’s not a whole lot of floating coins out there um. But then again you know: when are the investors, the vcs i’m going to be taking profits right? And you just don’t know so it’s good and it’s bad, but as for the growth of the ecosystem, i don’t think that has anything to do with it.

It just depends on how how well marketed they are. You know the funds they have to attract them. You know and and of course, the technology uh cya coin – i’m just neutral on them. I don’t i like our weave much better than cya coin uh noah. I bought 6k worth the bdc matic helium gala this morning.

How do you feel about that group um? I like it, i like it. I, like that’s a good group. That’S a good group right there, retail looking to get rich, don’t care about centralization in the short term. Yes, that’s true!

That’S that’s! Actually true i mean most retail players, they could care less. I i would argue 99 of retail, could care less if something is centralized or not right um, but there is always going to be a group that cares right and if, if we truly truly want decentralization um, you know we have to support the projects that are More decentralized, but in the short term you know people just care about making money. So that’s exactly true gm test loss harvey video was very helpful. Thank you, um.

You know again, i’m not a tax advisor. I’M not i’m not a cpa, so you got to do your own research, contact coin, tracking or contact your local cpa. Different jurisdictions. Different countries have different tax rules, but i know in the us that is definitely something that’s going on right now, so um and yesterday i was just on tick tock, i’m on tick-tock a lot when i get bored and i saw a girl that is posting crypto Videos and she reposted that video and uh – that was a surprise, so best sources to get crypto news. Well, that’s easy!

Just go head on over to crypto trust!
Com, the best site for news and hey so people ask me about phantom well right here: phantom tvl balloons right. I got a whole team here, a large team that does nothing but scour twitter and other publications and google, and basically all the latest news and guides and articles right so got a mining guide. You got nfts right here. You got how to use exchanges, how to use quick swap how to use coinbase, how to use phantom wallet right and all coins got many.

What is gala, do you know about gala? Do you know about quant nervos? What about some newer ones, cyto or zcash or d5 kingdoms? I mean literally everything is on here. So all of you guys need to get on here every single day and check it out, because that’s how you go educate yourself beyond just watching me, you should do both watch me and go to the site.

Uh reaper financial, our white papers to paper we’re very differentiated from everything else in the market. We’D love to see a live reaction to the concept found on the reaper dot. Io. I’M sorry, i’m not going to do that, but i appreciate it and anyone else. That’S interested go check it out, but i’m not going to check it out live right now, um dj says it’s a brilliant site.

I appreciate it and i’m still growing the team. You guys know i had a video recently adding more people to the team. All the time to grow the site to help me grow the channel grow. My patreon grow. My newsletters grow my teachable courses, i mean i’m adding left and right here.

Uh, let’s see until the lakers have a winning season, crypto.com will dump. Well, i don’t think. That’S true, but it it wouldn’t hurt. If the lakers is having a better season, it would definitely help them.

But right now the lakers are playing like i don’t know, they’re just playing really really bad and russell uh westbrook. I don’t know, what’s going on with him. Uh there was actually a university that asked me if i wanted to teach a course and i’m like uh, it’s not for me not for me all right, guys i’ll. Let you guys go overall. Stay strong, stay positive, my friends right now we’re in this channel.

Yes, i will say we’re in islam, but we’re we’re in the same channel. We haven’t formed any lower lows. We haven’t done anything that we haven’t seen before right. So don’t let the flutters and naysayers, the ones are just feeling miserable right affect you, because you are on the right track. You are on track to attain financial freedom or life-changing wealth.

So you don’t want to let anyone else deviate you from that path, and i’ve shown you guys so many things about fundamentals, about chain metrics, about ta and about global adoption and they’re, all getting better. So 2022 is shaping up to be a fantastic fantastic year for crypto all right smash the like subscribe to, channel and i’ll see you guys tonight. 8 30 p.m. Central standard time all right take care guys, bye,

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