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Friday, September 30, 2022

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, Martial Arts and CES!

Hey guys, it’s Justine. – And I’m Jenna. – Welcome to episode 25 of the Same Brain podcast it’s 2021 everybody. (upbeat music) Did you have a nice new year Jenna? – I went to bed very early. You came over and I go, you have to leave I need to go to sleep. – She kicked me out at like 9:30 and she was falling asleep, which is totally fine. I came home, got in bed and just looked at my Nintendo Switch until it hit midnight, and as soon as that happened, I celebrated with my animal crossing villagers and went to bed.

– I had a very bad stomach ache because we ordered and I got the eggplant parm and I forgot that eggplant parm gives me a stomach ache. So I was like, this is a great and very appropriate way to end 2020. – Well, it’s over now which is good. So I thought maybe we could set our intentions for the new year, Jenna. (upbeat music) No. (audience laughs) No. (silly trumpet) No. Okay, where’s that freaking? There it is. Set our intentions for the new year Jenna. – Is that something we should do? – Probably not. – Okay well my intentions of the new year, I would like to get in shape. I would like to, well, you know, for my intentions for 2020 were to travel more. – Honestly, the first thing that Jenna said like last year, she’s like, “I’m going to focus on travel content. I’m so excited and then we didn’t.” – It didn’t happen. I mean, I would like to do some travelling, like safe travel whatever that would mean.

Maybe we get a sprinter van, maybe we do some van life for a little bit who really knows? I don’t want to have any high expectations. – That’s how I live my life, Jen – Me too, low expectations that you can’t be let down, and if anything good happens you’re like this is incredible. – It’s great. – So low expectations. – Low expectations and then… – High reward. – High rewards great but yeah well depending upon. – Depends. What are your intentions? – I definitely want to try to get back in shape but I keep hurting myself. Like now, I hurt my foot again so I can’t run, which is upsetting ’cause I’ve enjoyed running but I did also get some jujitsu mats for my garage. – Yes, I heard. – So I’m very excited, but I don’t have anyone to train with. So that’s a problem. – That is a problem. – Because of COVID, but I’m hoping like with the vaccine and then maybe some way to do an easier way… – Testing. – To get to test that I can be able to train again safely ’cause I definitely really looking forward to that.

So, but I’ve been taking up some other martial arts, so I’m excited about that. – I mean, I’m down to like a fight you. – Please, can you come over? I’ll start teaching you everything I know. – Hi-yah. – Okay well we don’t hi-yah in jujitsu. – I want to hi-yah, why can’t we do other things? – We can do other things. – I want to do boxing. Okay, wait, wait, Fight Cam. – Fight Cam. – We need to talk about Fight Cam. – Fight Camp is so cool. – Well we don’t know we’ve never used it. – Well okay. – But I’m being targeted heavily for FightCamp, and it’s pretty neat.

– I have been targeted by them a lot. So it’s actually like this a free-standing, like upright boxing thing, but it has sensors. It’s a personal punching bag with boxing sensors. – That’s cool. It comes in a couple of different colours or comes in a few different colours. So there’s white, is there black and red? – Is there? – I think that’s the white one. – That is white, was there other colors? – I saw red and then I thought I saw black. – I’m trying to see but my microphone is in the way. – Man, that’s, I like the white one but I feel like it’d probably get dirty. – No, I like the white it’ll match my new dojo. – It’s pretty cool. – Garage door. – So yeah FightCamp. I mean, here’s the problem, I don’t have a space for it, but you have a garage and that’s what we like. – Speaking of the garage that Jen and I have cleaned out for the fourth time over the course of the last three months.

Actually, Tyler was a part of one of the clean-outs. – [Tyler] Oh yeah. – We cleaned it out and then like the next day I was like, I’m going to do it again. So then I re-cleaned, got rid of more stuff, and then the other day we did a massive. – It was so cold and you have like the door open and I was like shivering, gosh I hit the microphone.

I was so cold and you held me, hostage, in the garage. – And then after we got done I was like, you know what? I should have probably measured to see if these mats that are arriving tomorrow are going to fit, they fit. – Are you sure? – Well I don’t know they’re in a box right now, but I think that they’re going to fit. – That’s, I mean, this is exciting. Where are you going to put your car? Just get rid of it, we don’t really drive.

– Doesn’t matter. – Just get rid of it. – We now have a fight club, FightCamp. Well, actually so yeah check this out. So okay, if it’s any two by two spaces which is not a lot of space that you need. Look at this, this girl is kicking, she’s fighting. It’s got the sensors, it connects to an app. – Well, I mean, you definitely are going to need space around that though because you can’t fight in a two by two spaces. So you’re going to need obviously space around, you can’t just stick it like right here. – You’re right. – But I like that. I like that it’s compact. Look at that it’s in her living room. – I know. – That’s a nice chair too, that’s the chair you wanted huh? – I thought, yeah it is.

It’s okay, it’s fine. – Wow goals. Well, we don’t have the FightCamp. – We don’t we’re looking into it. – We’re being targeted. We’re looking into it and – I’m clicking shop now. – See, look, Oh, there’s red. – No those are these gloves. So you can have red, I could have black or I can have black you can have red. And like here’s the app. – I actually bought boxing gloves at the beginning of this year.

– Me too and I have the hip pads as well so. – Me too why haven’t we been punching each other? – It’s a really good question. I am now getting into lightsaber training, which I said we went home for the holidays and I brought to light sabres with me in my suitcase. And I trained in the garage a little bit.

– A little bit, I mean, I didn’t leave the couch just stayed on the couch. Didn’t see anyone, just ate cookies and watched a lot of tvs. – You watched a lot of shows. – So many shows. – This whole pandemic. Thankfully, very grateful that I’ve been very busy and anytime I did have free time, I would not be I would be playing video games. – Take a nap. – Not watching shows. I watched so much content. – Me too. – Absurd amounts. – Should we talk about it? – Sure. – Okay, what did you watch first? – I think the first I don’t remember what I watched first. You know I watched a flight attendant in one sitting. – It was so good.

So the flight attendant was on. I watched it on HBO max and it was a real, actually think we talked about it the last time podcast. I said that I was starting at which we missed a couple of weeks. Sorry about that guys. Flight attendant very, very good. It was very good. And Kaylee did a really great job, like her character… – She was perfect – Like the casting it was perfect. She did such a great job. ‘Cause she was, she did a really good job of like the serious acting but then also kind of making it relatable and funny. So she did a really good job.

– I was a big fan, big fan of that exciting. I hope there’s a season two. I would assume they kind of made it seem like there would be. – I mean, I watched that before I went to bed I was like, “I’m just going to watch two episodes and then 5:00 AM rolled around.” I was like, “I gotta go to bed.” – I was waking up and I still hear you. I’m like she watching, did she fall asleep with like something on like what? There’s no way that you would stay awake until four or 5:00 AM. – Who is she? – I watched I then ignoring it because every time I watched the preview I was like, “this looks really, really cheesy. It was outer banks.” And I was like, “we used to go to the outer banks all the time when we’re a little with like our family and I’m like, you know what? I’ve got, I literally have nothing to do.

I had stuff to do. But I was like, “I don’t really have much to do. I’ll give it a try.” I finished it in a day. It was kind of cheesy, but it got good at the end. – Did you watch Soul? The Pixar movie? No, it was really sweet. It was, it was good. I really actually really liked it. I think you should check it out. – Okay, I have something about movies where I’m just like, I don’t want to watch movies. – This is good though. But what I like about a movie there’s like an hour and a half to like a two and a half-hour commitment and I know that I’m not going to be sucked into watching 15, three seasons of Cobra Kai in two days.

– It is weird – Like I did. – It’s weird because my thought process is,” oh movies are too long,” but then I spent eight hours watching a series. – Cobra Kai, we’ll talk about that next. So, I mean I had watched karate kid once. I mean, I was young. I don’t really remember it. So I haven’t watched that show as that movie, the movies as an adult. So, kind of watching like I need to go back and watch them but these three seasons and I watched them back to back. – Well they do a good job too, of the kind of doing the flashbacks. So you don’t really like if you’ve never seen it you kind of get the gist of it. But yeah, it’s really good. – It was so good. And now it needs the cheesy show but the way that they do it, it’s sort of endearing and the fact that they were able to get all of these original cast members it was really, really well done. I mean, it’s incredibly far fetched that you’re going to have an entire high school with only two teachers that you’ve seen.

The one was like, “Hey, you guys should stop that.” And then the other guy’s like,” I’m on here and then,” – I mean, would you want to get in the middle of that? – We shouldn’t give any spoilers away, but I mean yeah. – No spoilers but… – Either way. – I just think that they just go around asking for trouble. – Mind your business. – Going to fight someone just because you’ve gotten to disagree. That’s my only thing I’m like you guys are literally fighting at any chance that you’re getting just to like punching someone in the face.

– And then we don’t want to say who was doing what but it’s like this one character, I mean basically was trying to kill the other one. You guys are in high school. – I was like, this is assault. If somebody did this like you would go to them to jail. – And the number one thing that they teach you in martial arts, which is one of the things that I liked about the Miyagi dough, it was like their sort of training is more of like a mindset. Like obviously Cobra Kai is crazy wild insanity and very aggressive. But like, that’s like the opposite of what martial arts should be. Do you know? You should be trying to figure out how to get out of a fight, not instigating. – It was more like how to defend yourself and then like Cobra Kaiser, like, let’s go kill them. I’m like, this is assault you would be in jail. – But it’s a really good show.

I just love sort of like the character development and just watching kind of that character arc of each character kind of developing throughout the series. You did a really good job with it. I really liked it. – I also watched in the wilds on Amazon prime video. – Janice switching up the platform. – Well, yes when you watch everything on Netflix to branch out it was really good at first I was like what is this going to be about? ‘Cause, it’s kind of like this, like I won’t give away too much, but there’s like a plane crash and like these girls have to like survive and yeah, it’s interesting. ‘Cause if I go too far are into it it would give too much away. But I wasn’t expecting what I watched, but it was good. – I watched a Wonder Woman, 84, which so on Twitter they basically had destroyed this movie. Like absolutely just, it was so bad that was like I have to watch it. Like if you guys hated it this much like I need to watch it.

And because my expectations were so low I actually really enjoyed it. Like it was silly. It was funny. And I think they really got me with like the nostalgia factor because I love like the eighties, nineties. – Did you not like the original, the last wonder woman? – Which is strange to me. – And I liked it. – I don’t know why. I think when I was watching that movie I was not in a good one mindset. So I feel like I do need to go back and re-watch it because… – It’s as fun. But once again, I went into it like low expectations like whatever, just watching this enjoy it. I’m not like a hardcore fan. Like I just want to watch it and enjoy it so. – I do want to go back and re-watch the previous one and mostly I watched it because I wanted to see some of the stunts and like the choreography. Can we speak? No, we can’t. But yeah, I wanted to see all like the different stunts and that turns out there’s really actually not that much.

There wasn’t this Dunstan 84 there weren’t very many. But then I watched Witcher, which was, I mean, this has been on Netflix for a while. It’s been a while. – It’s very popular. I didn’t watch it. – No, and I was like, well I’m just going down my list of Netflix things. But I definitely got my fix of stunt work in this one. Like it was really, really, really, really well done. – Queens Gambit? – Also watched Queens Gambit. – I ignored it for a long time because everyone was like, “I try it and I fell asleep.” I was like, okay. But then once I was awake watching it, it was so good. – And most people that I’ve told to watch it they’re like,” well, do you like chess? Like, is that why you like it?” I was like, no.

I mean, I played chess when I was in high school. Like I was super into it like playing on my little computer, trying to learn. But like, I mean, yeah, chess is cool, but this movie, God it was beautifully shot. – It was really nice. – The story, again with like the character development of each character like they were very just, they did a really good job. – It was very, very good. I enjoyed it. The thing that did make me a little uncomfortable is I wasn’t even sure how old she was. And then there was like a bunch of like older guys and I was like, – I was like, I’m not sure if that’s legal. Is this maybe in the sixties? I’m not sure of the law. – Did you watch Queens Gambit Tyler? – [Tyler] Oh yeah.

– Did you enjoy it? – [Tyler] I really liked it a lot. – It was great. – [Tyler] I thought the cinematography was incredible. Really cool. I won’t say anything about the show but I really liked it. – I like the outfits and I just feel like the makeup and everything was really… – Her makeup, oh my God. She makes me want to just have a cat eyeliner now. – I know like would roll out of bed and I’m like why didn’t you look nice.

Obviously, she wasn’t really going to bed and like the show, but I’m like, you look so nice. – [Tyler] She’s beautiful. – She’s very, I was looking at her Instagram her long blonde hair looked so nice. – It was so weird to like go. And that’s also something strange is after you watch a show and then you go and look at these characters and see them in person like you probably do.

It’s like, Oh, look at you. You’re going out and doing fun things and you’re… – You’re not in the 1960 playing chess. Like you’re a real person. – She’s so cool. Oh, my gosh, huge fan. And then was that you that was telling me or somebody was telling me every single chess move and chess game was an actual real game that was played somewhere like in tournaments. So all of that was all very accurate. They had chest consultants. – I would have imagined. – They had grandmaster chess people making sure that every move was appropriate. So that was really, really cool. – Man yeah, I enjoyed it. I really did enjoy it. I can’t even remember what else I watched. I watched it so much that I forgot. I watched Tiny Pretty Things. It’s like a ballet show that was a murder. – That you told me that you watched that you never wanted to tell anybody that you watched.

– Oh my gosh. Okay, I swear. I’ve had this conversation with at least five people. Virgin River on Netflix. Okay, season one came out last year. Well, I guess two years ago. And it was the holiday season, whatever chilling don’t have much to do. I was like, I’ll just watch this show or whatever. What is this about? This girl moves from LA. Her, I won’t spoil anything. She moves away like a small town and she’s a doctor doesn’t know anyone loves the drama blah, blah, blah. Then she’s in one quickly. and then a year goes by. I’m like, Oh, season two. I’m like, I will not do this again. Binge season do acting is just, it’s so bad. The characters are so annoying and it’s just so bad and I’m like, you made up this town and then I was like looking at the shots. I was like, this shot this in Vancouver. I don’t know. The show is like so bad but oddly addicting. – I’m sorry. – Virgin River. – I’m not going to watch that one.

I’m done watching shows. So I, when I got back into town, I didn’t leave the couch for basically three days. And I had such a meltdown because of my poor etiquette of just sitting around eating I moved my entire downstairs around. I had to move the couch because I was like that couch can’t be there anymore. I’m disgusted with how much content that I watch. I mean, the fact that I had watched three seasons of Cobra Kai back-to-back. – You watched like less than two days, – It was less than two days, I Jenna, I did not… – ‘Cause you finished it before I did.

And I only had one season to go through. – Did not leave the couch, I swear to you for two days. – I know you didn’t. ‘Cause I had a dog. – You had the dog. So I had no reason to do anything else. – Well to be fair you’re not supposed to leave the house. So you’re just really doing well, Los Angeles a solid. – By not leave the house I meant I didn’t leave the couch. – Still solid. – It’s solid. – Anyway, I was very unhappy with my behaviour.

– It makes you, it’s good too, refuel. – But now my downstairs is all new and fresh. I got rid of all kinds of stuff. We cleared out the garage. So I basically have spent the past four days reorganizing and even reorganize like four months ago. I know I did that too. I got home and I was like, okay, my office, I was like I needed to do, I need to do some stuff. So bought some like C-stands. I’ve got a nice overhead set up now. I’ve got a new light – New light. – I also put nano leaf lights back up and I’m trying to figure out like a new setup. I might get a new desk, but then I’m like do I even want to live here? Am I going to move? I’m having like a crisis. – I think everyone’s having the same sort of thoughts.

– Los Angeles was deemed the most dangerous place to live, Tyler. – Do we get some sort of award? Oh, no, you get a $600 check. Let’s just stop talking about it because I’m going to get really upset. – You’re going to get really mad. – I’m going to get fired up. We went to the white house four years ago. Do you remember? – I do, cause I got my laptop stolen at the airport. – Wow and then we were just sitting there like it was in like the vegetable garden in the Rose garden was like it looked so it looked decrepit.

– We didn’t have a mask on like it’s so weird seeing myself outside places with people like not wearing a mask back in the day. It’s just weird. We had, I had on high heels. – I mean, yeah. It’s also strange to see myself with nail polish on. – I feel the same. – Never again. I will, I don’t think I’ll ever paint my nails again. We’re done, done here. It’s bad for it. You’re literally putting poison on your body. You’re poisoning your body so done with that.

– So the new lights you want to talk about it? Okay. All right. – It’s technically not out yet. So we’ve got a little preview of it. – So we did you get a little preview? It’s not out yet. I believe that they will be starting to ship on January 14th. – So it was pretty cool, but this is an aperture. We’re actually using one here and another one up here. And I mean, this is great because this is much more cost-effective light for creators.

– So this is the what Amarin As the 200 D Amarin. So behind us is 200 D. You can’t really see it, but it’s very nice because it’s kind of like a smaller, more lightweight light. And it’s, this is like the D to the D stand for daylight I believe. I actually have the 100 in my office now and up there is a 200 and what’s really cool is it works with the app. It’s the Situs link app. So, if you are watching on the YouTube channel I can control it from the app and I can turn it off. – Look at the hair light. – So we have right now like hair light I’ve been using it as like my upstairs light.

– [Tyler] Such a major difference. – It’s really cool. And they also have the new light domes. This is the light dome SE. So I have the what’s… – You have the mini, I have the light dome mini and I also have the big light dome. – Which is a big boy, – Light dome two – [Tyler] It’s the light dome two. – So there’s a very drastic difference. Like the light dome two is very big. The light dome mini many are very small. So the light dome SE is like an in-between perfect size. So it’s a really good size. So I think that what they’re trying to do with this line is a kind of make it more like creator-friendly. And I think that these are significantly less expensive as well. I mean, I think that the 100G is I believe $1.99 and the 200D is $2.99. – That’s a really good deal honestly. It’s incredible – It’s pretty good. I was using it like in my, I always moving stuff around. So this was just nice because it was lightweight and it was like nice and compact and it just looks really, really good.

And it’s very bright. I really want to get those the light bulbs that they have. – Me too – Because we have these in the back, which I love hue lights but unless you’re on like a certain colour temperature or brightness like they’ll sometimes flicker. So these are like made specifically for filming and they’re so awesome. – I want to get some too – On the to-do list. – Same here, ’cause you caught me.

Well, you didn’t get me them, but I took those that lamp from you and I’ve been putting the hue bulbs. So they flicker as well I want to get some of the light bulbs. Everything that aperture does. – They’re great. They’re so great. Like I love those little ones that I have. I just stick them magnets. And a little travel case, Oh man so cool but yeah, we were, I’m excited about these new lights and I shouldn’t like. – I was talking to Tyler over there.

We’re talking about maybe like doing a new setup over here again. I know we just did this – [Tyler] Well 2021. So any excuse to play around with. – We should just move. I work in a warehouse. – I just cleaned the garage out, Jenna. That’s the saddest sound ever. – I know, the year of a sip is gone. – BitCoin. – Bitcoin. – Bitcoin, okay let’s here for the coin. I wanted to make a joke. But Elon Musk has beaten me to it. I wanted to sing the song.

I’m like in the winter they sing a song like, Toss a coin to your wishing It’s much better in the song. So I was going to tweet I’ll toss a Bitcoin to your witcher. And then I searched it just to see who else had made the joke. Freaking Elon beat me to it. – Maybe he took it from.. – I’m not sure. – Probably no one, He was the one that showed up. So I was like, okay, I can pass a Bitcoin to your witcher. You beat me to it. – So Bitcoin, right now. – What’s it currently at? What I’m looking at it right now it is at $34,300. And it’s the max that it hit was $34,800. So, while we’re filming this it almost is at its max. – When was Bitcoin first introduced? Do you know? – [] I believe it was around. I can look it up, but I believe it was around 2009. I might be really wrong about that. – Is it 2009? Okay, cause I feel like it might be, well let’s see here That’s well the crazy thing is I remember like hanging out.

So back in the day, we used to all hang out on IRC chats. So there were a bunch of RC channels and there was like a lot of stuff that obviously there was like a Bitcoin channel and like people were talking about having Bitcoin, like so early. And then we were all just like, what is this thing? – Bitcoin first started trading from around 0.0008 to 2.08 in July 2010 per coin. – Was it before that though? – It launched in 2009 – It launched from July 3rd to July 3rd, not July, January 3rd, 2009. – The people were mining it then more or less early on. – [Tyler] I’m not sure about how you could get ahold of it exactly. But it didn’t go over a few dollars for years. It was under a few bucks for years. – And it’s just crazy because obviously, I mean to most people that just seems like this misunderstood entirely like the crazy scammy black market world, but I mean currency even it is a currency, this is this cryptocurrency.

It’s like, it’s a real thing. And then a theory we started getting into that very early. – 2017, I believe. So we got to ride the highs and the lows of the Ethereum, a rollercoaster chew, chew, chew, chew. It was exciting. I never did anything. I was like, “I’m just going to wait.” And then it just plummeted. I was like, And then three years later it’s climbing back up baby. – Well I remember, I think I was in New York. I was telling Jenna the story the other day that I was in Bloomingdale’s New York. If everybody has been to the one, I think it was I don’t remember the exact location but it’s the bigger Bloomingdale’s. They have like this escalator that just, or L-escalator escalator. It’s an escalator that goes up like this but they’re all very tightly close together. And there are only parts of the store that had reception. So there was like a window. So only in the escalator would I have service.

So I kept riding this escalator up, back and forth waiting for to drop for the Ethereum to drop, to buy. And I remember even texting you, I’m like Oh my God, I just caught something. – It was like a group chat. We’re all just like, Oh my gosh Ethereum, we need to get it. And then, Oh man. It was just like fun. Like, yes obviously this was real money that we’re investing. So like we had to be aware of, you have to go into it knowing that you could lose everything.

What is the Bitcoin cap? How much is there 21 million? – [Tyler] The market cap or the amount of bitcoin? – The amount of Bitcoin. – [Tyler] I don’t know. – Let me into, let me see. – We love Bitcoin and we talk about it all the time. – [Tyler] I just think it’s very exciting that I mean you’re talking about on the podcast right now. There’s a lot of public interest happening right now. Obviously, it always happens when the price goes up but it seems like recently last year it really started to get very popular lots of high profile people talking about it.

I’ve been in this space for four years now. And for anybody listening, it’s never, it’s not too late. It’s still, I mean, I wouldn’t be looking at Bitcoin right now but it’s not too late to start looking at. There are coins that are nowhere near. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency. It’s not the most efficient. It’s not the best at what it does. There are other technologies and other coins out there that have lower prices lower market caps and a lot of potentials. And it’s still very early. So I would say, do your research never invest more than you’re willing to lose. And there’s still time. The party’s just starting. – And you were even talking about, okay, you took money out so that you can get back the investment that you made. And like that kind of stuff make sense. – [Tyler] I put money into a coin and I made some money on it and I took out what I spent and I put it into another coin. There are things you can do. But the biggest thing is to do your research.

And there’s a lot of great YouTubers who talk about crypto. You gotta make sure. – We are not one of them. – [Tyler] You gotta make sure to not list. There’s a bunch of who aren’t very good who are like, they’re just trying to get views off of crypto, – Or they want you to click there. – [Tyler] but there’s a lot of good analysts. Exactly, but there are a lot of good analysts who I basically that’s all that I’ve learned is from some really good handful of good YouTubers. There’s good stuff out there. It’s not too late – I invested in the stock market before March of 2020. Do you want to talk about bad investments? Are we going to talk about it? No.

(laughs) – It was like right before. I was like that’s cool. Well, hit the right button. – You hit the right button. – That if you’ve heard that? That was not a facepalm. Anyway, you live you learn, whatever. – Well you don’t learn and that’s, it’s fine. I’ve made the same mistake many times. I mean, I’m new to being an adult. I don’t know about investing. I can’t believe how old I am. I know dude. I am so, it’s just like shocking to think like I was kind of me was doing this live stream the other day and just kind of like reflecting on my life and I’m like, Oh my God, I’ve learned so much. And like thinking back at how we were watching like home videos and like there was definitely like, I don’t remember this, but it was like a really sad point where like through high school.

’cause I felt like I wasn’t understood like I don’t know. I had a really tough time and I kind of feel like I forgot about all of that until I watched home videos and I remembered. And, but it’s like at that time in your life like you think that’s the worst thing in the world that’s going to happen to you. And at that time, yeah, it is.

But it’s like, Hmm. The unfortunate reality is there’s going to be a lot of stuff that’s way worse in the future. – That’s very, very true. I feel like all that’s even like I feel like we had a very terrible 2018. A very, very bad 2019. Like, you guys don’t know anything about it but then I’m like, I was like 2020 starting to look up. And then like the world shut down. Which thankfully for us, like we were still to work and still over to able to do stuff. I mean, I wasn’t able to do everything that I wanted but I’m like, “Hey, I’m healthy. I’m like, I’m happy and I’m here.” – You’re always healthy. And I’m like, this compared to the previous years. So I was like, Oh my gosh, I didn’t think he could get any worse than. I don’t know. It’s just, you never know. It’s like those years are the ups and the downs and you just kinda have to fight through it.

And eventually, and hopefully, things get better. – And I was telling them that I was like for me like bad things happen in threes. Like it’s just so spot on. Like when something bad happens, I’m like, God, what’s next. And then the other thing, and then the other thing and I’m like, okay, so let’s deal with each one of these things. And then we move on and you go up. I mean, it’s like when you hit rock bottom like, you can’t freaking dig your way any further.

‘Cause, you’re already there. – Already there, then they’re just starting to get shoveled dirt over you. I feel like… – My analogy I was saying, you’re going to dig your way up. I was saying you hit rock bottom what’s left. And I’m like, what’s left is, anyway. – Okay. I’m saying, dig yourself out of the hole you go. – Well, you either dig yourself out of the hole or you’ll get buried. – That’s great, I love that addition to this. This is nice. – Because you get two paths you can take you either are you given? – Oh my God. I can’t wait for FightCamp. In my garage. – I would like, see me like that ’cause it’s like kicking, punching kicking, punching.

Jab cross – Okay, here’s the deal. Here’s the deal. I will, we can try. I feel like you’d like TaeKwonDo a lot. – What’s the one where you just fight. (laughs) – I think Cobra Kai That’s when my garage door’s COVID Kai so welcome. – But you want to be called that because it’s like you can’t enter unless you’re COVID free. – I’m going to think of another name. – I’m stuck in my cup. – I want to get a neon sign for it.

That’d be great. Me and you And we have a TV in there and X-Box fridge. So look, we can watch YouTube tutorials. It’ll be really fun. – I think, I really think we need a nightcap. Is a backorder like how do we get it? Do we reach out? Do we like… – I don’t know. I, so okay. There’s this girl Alex Wong. She’s great. She is so incredible. Her YouTube channel is amazing. And we actually found her YouTube channel because Jenna… – I was trying to learn how to do a roundhouse kick. – So then I started looking up. I was like, well, I’m curious, like how it was like the proper way. And then I found Alex’s videos and she’s incredible. I started following on Instagram, – She made the three 60 roundhouse kick like look effortlessly.

And then when I tried me, so I tried to go, gosh I tried a couple of times and then like doing it like seven times in a row. I tried the one time and I got really, really dizzy and she fell over and I almost hit my head off of, well first I fell on a tripod and then I almost hit my head on my dining room table. And I was like, Oh, I need to sit. I just need to not do that for a second. And I need to be careful now because in Los Angeles – You can’t get hurt.

– You can’t get hurt because the hospitals are completely full – They’re putting people in a gift shop guys. – There were people in the gift shop of the hospitals. Ambulances basically are like either just too crowded or you have to stay in the ambulance and wait for like a bed. It’s actually has been kind of messing with me a little bit because even driving over here, I was so cautious. So I’m like, if I get in a car accident there’s nowhere for me to go to the hospital. – Nope, and then I was like, Oh, well you can get Lifelight.

I’m like and then they’re going to charge you probably like $250,000 if it’s fricking taking you somewhere else. – And I’m like it’s been messing with me the past couple of days. I’m like, Oh my gosh. I was like, I don’t know if this is like their scare tactic to be like, Hey, you can’t go to the hospital.

And I’m like, – I was putting up an I was on a step ladder and I was putting up my, I reorganize my Lego closet. So I was putting up a little lego on the top. And then I was like I’m feeling a little unsteady, A little loose steady. And I was like if I fall, what’s going to happen? – It’s very sad though, I mean – My watch is going to call the authorities. They’re going to say… – Too bad we’re busy. – Sorry, we’re busy. We’ve got full beds. – I don’t, it’s very sad. I can’t imagine liking anyone who is working in the healthcare profession, I applaud you because this I mean, I’m exhausted and I’m not even close to it.

Like I can’t imagine working and seeing this every single day. And it’s only getting worse. – They’re getting no breaks. I mean, it’s just non-stop and then they’re being exposed basically to COVID every single day. And then taking that home to their families. – And then probably can’t even see their families. – No I know it’s terrible. – So there was one friend like her husband had to stay in like just a completely different place or like staying like a camp. Like it’s just, it’s really, really sad. But yeah, that has been my thought process like I can’t get hurt. I need to be very, very careful. I mean, I should be careful all the time but I’m very clumsy. – Extra careful – I’m very clumsy. – It’s really sad. Speaking of… I don’t know, just everything changing CES is coming up and it is assumed digital experience. – And we are here with the host, I-Justine. – Let’s hear it. – Let’s hear it for I-Justine. How many CES have you attended like 12? – I think my first one was 2010.

I’m thinking about it. I don’t know. I’m not sure, 2010 maybe. – So you’d think you’ve gone to like 10 at least? – At least. – At least 10, I thought that probably at least seven at least eight. Seven or eight. ‘Cause I’ve wondered a bunch of them. – I mean CES, it’s sort of like the staple of like the beginning of the year. It’s always so incredibly.

– You see your friends, it’s busy, It’s chaotic, you get to gamble a little bit. You get to go to dinner. – I love so much about to go CES So much good food, anyway. This is now all-digital. So there, so I’m actually hosting it with a Rich Tuureau, Brian, Tom, and Naomi, Kyle who it’s going to be really crazy because we all are like together, but also not together because it’s still, everything has to be distanced but I’ve had some friends that have worked on some bigger shows during sort of COVID when they were allowed.

And it’s like the production standard for like doing these COVID safe productions. It’s really crazy what you have to do. – It is, I mean, even just the test alone for getting everyone tests like on the set. I mean, when we go ourselves, it’s like a couple of hundred bucks when you pay when you do the premium and you pay, but it’s like they have to pay. I mean, I’m sure they get like a little bit of a discount when you are doing in multiples but like just so much money. And like, you need the equipment and you need the tests and you need the new six feet and keeping everyone far away from each other. It’s just and even like, what’s the word? Food services is probably like a whole new. – Non-existent. – Well, they have to have food. – They do, but it’s like there’s like a COVID safe, like the kitchen. Like it’s really, really wild. So I’m very excited. I’m also nervous just because this is the first time that I’ve really like travelled for work to host something to do something that is outside of my house.

In my comfort zone. – You bought a face shield. – I did, I bought like a specific face shield. Oopsies I’ve hit the mic because another thing is when you’re on camera and you wear a mask or the different face shields, it’s like for a girl well, like your hair and makeup is going to get destroyed. – I mean even for guys too – That is true actually. – ‘Cause I saw it was a Major Nelson when he was doing we were filming with him. He’s a gang. I’ve heard this face shield because I bought my makeup and stuff. But yeah, it’s true.

‘Cause even like what I’m shooting during the day and I have to go take Maddie for a walk and I put my mask on, I’m like, ah, my makeup, like it’s just like little things that were not an issue are now just something to think about – Actually Roe was the one that suggested this one for me. And it’s like a facial that you wear around your neck, like this way. And then it goes up like this. So it’s more like it could protect you from below so that you don’t mess up your head.

– What if someone taller than you coughs on you. – Well, they better have a freaking or a shield on too. – Like that’s literally a collection. Like you’re collecting it into your little shield slide. – So, but that’s the thing is if everybody else is wearing, oh man. – I’m sorry. What if it rains? Oh, my God you’re going to – (mumbles) – Oh my gosh. No, I know what you mean. But I’m also seeing all the alright, – I’m now thinking about it. – Just don’t go outside.

I’m thinking I’m not going outside. – It’s like going outside to get it fixed and you’ve had a cone. I’m like, well, if you go outside and you look up like you can’t stay at her too long but collect. – My call time’s 2:00 AM. I just wanted to just make sure, 2.00 AM. – So that’s a lot. – I mean.. – I’ve got the morning shift.

– Do you have to have your makeup on at 2:00 AM? Have you ever had makeup on at 2:00 AM? That sounds like, I mean, probably on. – Back in the day when I used to go to the bar, Hey guys I’m just thinking – She had makeup on, she didn’t say that. – Honestly. – Oh man. I might also have to go to production. I’m not sure yet, but it would be soon. I’m a little scared. – I know it’s scary but I mean, the small things that I have done in Los Angeles on COVID safe productions I’ve felt very safe. And it’s the cleanliness of productions previous to this, not great cleanly. No, not so cleanliness, cleanliness, cleanse, not so clean. The cleanliness upsets are not usually very clean. So I’m just glad that other than obviously, they have to be safe for COVID just for normal every day.

– Imagine being an actor and you have to give someone a smooch for a scene. I mean, I know they’re being tested but. – I mean, – What if? I’d be like, I’m, no smooch. Not smooching – No smooching in the movie. (laughs) I mean, I feel like it’s yeah. I mean, at that point like you’d have to be like super quick. – I’m like are you sure? You’re, you sure? – Where else. – I am going to put my mouth on your mouth? Where else has that been? It’s weird though.

I mean, think about it. I mean, I know like Los Angeles did get back to productions, but then do they shut them down again? – So there are some productions they have like different rules. So if three people get COVID, if they test positive on your set, as they could cancel it. And then it goes to a board where they review if it should be cancelled, like what’s the thing. And then some of these productions because that one person that has it they then have to complete whatever department. So, okay, say you’re, I don’t know if you’re in lighting. The entire lighting department could potentially..

– Lose their jobs, – lose their jobs. – That’s really sad because of one person. And then they have to complete just fill in with all the other people. So it’s like everyone is kind of very sectioned off. So it’s like whoever was in contact with that person may also lose their jobs. – That is very sad.

– I know, and that’s what is so upsetting because it’s like your irresponsibility it can impact so many more people and this is just want to set. I mean this isn’t saying like, okay, you get somebody else sick and then they end up getting like their parents or grandparents. Like that’s a whole nother thing.

We’re just talking like strictly onset. – I dunno, I don’t like it. I mean, I don’t think anybody likes that. It’s not great. – Let’s pronounce smooching. Let’s bring up the mood a little. – No smooching in the movies – The movies? – I don’t know. I don’t know either. – I do need the new shows though. So I’d appreciate it if everybody could wear their masks that weekend. Get some more content. – I want to talk about my M1 Mac Book. – Oh God, it’s so good. – Oh my God. Okay, so I’m working on this very big project that Tyler is also helping work on that we shot over (mumbles).

COVID safe production as well. But this, it’s all 4k for two to, 10 bits there’s I have like four terabytes of footage on this little drive. Actually, I want to mention this really quickly. – I love that. – This is the Envoy pro and this is Thunderbolt three. It is so incredible. This is a four-terabyte solid-state drive.

I’ve been editing everything directly off of and also has the built-in little cable too, which is kinda cool. But this also comes off. Did you know that?. – I did. – Okay, anyway my entire project on here. Took this with me and I made the decision to only bring my 13 inch Mac Book when we went home for the holidays. – You committed to it.

I, unfortunately, couldn’t because I didn’t have enough time. I was too scared. I was like everything is on my other one. But I know. – I did it. I committed and I was worried because I was like, I’m we’re home for like two weeks. – I had like seven different final cut libraries and I ran out of time and I was like, I can’t do this. But when I got back, I opened it today for the first time and I was like I missed you. It’s so fast. I edited it, export it, uploaded everything. And I didn’t even have it plugged into the charger.

– I mean, this project is huge. And you just started to edit again at home. Which computer are you editing on the iMac? – [Tyler] The iMac. – So yeah, the iMac, like what? 16, 18 core freaking tricked out a beast. – [Tyler] It’s actually like in this project actually, it’s like a little bit stuttery – Then on this M1 13 inch Mac book it’s like butter smooth. And I edited in bed on with a blanket, laptop on my lap with the drive. – I know, it’s crazy. – I mean, I just can’t even tell you to like how incredibly impressed I was and I made it that whole like a week and a half editing all my projects, everything. – I think before the holiday I posted like my 16 inch MacBook pro versus it was like 7,000 versus $1,300 MacBook pro. And I just showed the comparison of even the fans. I was like this fan is so loud. I had to remove it from my room shut it out of my office because it was so loud. I could still hear it.

And just, I’d never once I still have not heard a fan on the MacBook pro the M1. – I mean, I did only because I basically was under a blanket with this thing. So, and that was only after I started like exporting videos, but yeah, I’m incredibly impressed. And the exciting thing about this is this is just the beginning. This is just the beginning. This is an early business entry. Once developers start really taking advantage of this M1 processor, it’s just I’m so excited, man. I’m excited Jenna. – We’re excited – And is there anything else on this list we were to talk about? – I don’t know. I have to pee. – Oh my gosh. – Check my yearbook – I wanted to see if anybody had any podcast suggestions for the new year. We’re trying to be consistent, but I honestly don’t want to like stress ourselves out if we don’t get something up every single Saturday.

– So anything like we should do, we should talk about any improvements we can make, any guests, any podcasts we should listen to. How do we get, I mean, we have a sponsor. – We’ve made no money on this yet. I’ve spent a lot of money on the podcast, but we’re having fun. I’m having fun. – And we will say that we really do appreciate everyone who has been supporting the same brain March. You guys have been incredible. So that’s been great. I’ve been enjoying my little mug. – I do need to give you guys an update that around the holidays, they had such an influx of production that some of them were they came out a little messed up.

So, if you at all got one of these mugs that were messed up, contact them and they will send you another one because. – They’ve been really good about it. – I was like, ours were perfect. Like these look amazing but then. – When I ordered some like, I guess in shipping because the shipping was just so crazy this holiday like at one was broke and I just contacted them and they said, no problem we’ll just obviously free of charge, ship you another one. And it’s hard to ’cause you never know what’s going to happen. I’ve seen literally people just throw packages over like gate 20-foot fences. – And they were saying, because of like COVID and everything too. Like the production schedules and the holidays, and they had to bring on like a whole new staff of people. So it was like trying to train these people to do all of this because what’s interesting about these mugs too is they are all print on demand.

So we don’t have like an arsenal of these. Like each one is individually printed as you order. – They’re unique. – They are unique. So if you did get one that was messed up, please reach out to them because it’s not supposed to do that. Some people I saw had like a weird little square. – They can customize it too though. There was like a weird square. I don’t what that was. You can also customize it. So the one girl she had, like, she’s like, well I want to represent both of you. So I put the two brains next to each other on a mug.

I’m like that’s so cool. – We should maybe do one because I think that charging them extra to put two logos on. So maybe we make one that has both of our brains. Maybe we can launch a new mug or something. – There might be a new Montgomery we launched. If you want to if you’re watching the YouTube video there’s a link in the description. – We’re not sure yet. – It’s Tuesday that we’re filming this. So we have a couple of days. – We do, oh my gosh. I hope no crazy news breaks by the time this comes out. And if there is. – It’s going to happen, you know that’s the worst that could happen. We don’t ever ask that question. Why would I say that? – I have to go, I gotta go to CES. It’s digital for everybody else. But I gotta host in real life. – I have some fun CES projects that I’m going to be doing stuff with and for.

– You know, that one we did the other day? What’d you lose here today a secret? – The thing that I’ll sit in here with this. Talking to this. – Wait what are these secrets? – Do you remember? Do you remember when I was talking to my computer? – Yes, that’s cool. – I just saw proof of it. It’s so funny. Anyway, we’re both doing a bunch of fun things. Jenny, do you have a bunch of projects? – I do, I have, I do have a bunch of projects for CES I’m excited. I will say I am kind of glad that it’s digital because I think last year at CES killed me. – I’m excited also excited to host again. Like I’m still a little nervous because I haven’t, I mean, I’ve been hosting YouTube videos hall and we’ve been doing live shows, but it’s very different when you’re not in your own sort of safe space. – No pressure, only millions of people will see it.

It’s like, not that just mill a couple, a couple million. – I will say. – Is it live? – Oh yes it’s live. – You’re going to be fine. What if you have a booger? – Honestly, that would be, I would take a booger over what happened to me. I’ll take the book. The worst thing that has ever happened to me live was when the first hosting thing that I did with the Xbox. It was the first call of duty championship. – I remember. – And they were like, this was a last-minute thing because it was like an object and somebody, I think optic and envy.

I don’t remember who was in the championship but they like just seeing you, Oh, you’re here. “Do you want to just go out and announce like the teams?” I was like, “yeah fine.” They’re like, “it’s all on the prompter. Not a problem. You’re a pro.” I’m like a hair flip. I can freaking read. I got this. I go up there to do my thing read it and little do I know they freaking set the wrong team out. And I don’t see behind me because I’m in front of the stage. So it looked like I announced the teams wrong. I have never received more death threats. Like they were calling my mom. – My mom too – Your mom say mom like it was unbelievable. – I remember that.

– And then there’s not many. – What about when you portal videos? – This was worse. I mean, I was really bad at the portal. My God that game was really fun, but yeah, it was so bad. Like when I got back like Twitter, like everything like the number of death threats. – That’s so dumb – I was so sad. I was like, Oh my God, my life is over. I introduced optic in just the wrong team and I didn’t even do it. – I think that’s funny that that’s like the most drama you’ve had like you made a teleprompter – Jenna I know. And I went back and I’m trying to think of Oh my gosh, she’s one of the guys that the user at Activision, he was like, “I’m so sorry don’t hate me.” And I mean, I was crying. I was bawling my eyes out. Oh, like everybody like they were just like, boo.

It was like, Oh my God, everybody on X-Box lot. Like this was like the biggest event and I freaking ruined it. – I’m sweating thinking about it. – Me too, oh my God. And then yeah, like every year I would see the guy from activists and he’d be like, I’m so sorry. I was like, I have forgiven you yet. – Not yet. I do now. I do now. This is maybe like Why don’t we go? When was that? It was 10 years ago.

– I loved college due to championships. It was like the best thing ever. – Well, we just found a book of memories when you were with the call of duty championships. – I know it was 2013. – 2013, just lookup. – Oh my God shut up. It was so terrible. Oh, my God here it is 2011, Wait. – No, that can’t be it. – Are you sure? – Does this at 500,000 views – I can’t watch this. – I can’t watch this I’m shuttering. That was it. I’m going to throw up. – That was in 2011. That was a decade ago. – Oh my God. It was 2011. I feel hot. I’m getting transported back to the embarrassment moment. – You can’t faint.

There’s no room for you in the hospital if you hit your head. – I can’t. – Well, I think so. I think we need to end the podcast because – I don’t feel well, I gotta get some water. – She needs some water. – [Tyler] I just want to say a happy new year to everybody. And thanks for listening. This is a lot of fun. And even though we say 2020, 2021 because that’s how we have to function in society, but it’s not real. And it’s only ever right now and you gotta just, good things are going to happen and bad things are going to happen. It doesn’t matter what year it is. Just gotta. – Keep on, keeping on. Keep on, keeping on. – It’s very true. We’re in the now. – We are. – We’re in the now. – We’re in the now and we’re still in the past. Not much has really changed other than just you now just put a little 21. I think, well one thing, if you write the day you need to make sure you write two zero to zero.

‘Cause anyone could fill in another number. I feel like I was just adjusting to that and now it’s like 21. – [Tyler] Oh my gosh. I never thought about that. – You didn’t get the memo? To write the full date? – [Tyler] All 2020 I wrote 20. – Oh my God. You’re going to get crimed. I mean, I don’t even know what that means. It’s like don’t you have ma me who knows anyway guys.

– I love crime. There is one review I’d like to read. So thank you, guys. Everyone who has been leaving reviews or voice messages on anchor here is a review on our, from our Apple podcasts. Hands down one of the best podcasts, big fan of you, both. You should title the mic buttons. So you know which is which. I’m subscriber both of your YouTube and Twitch channels. Jenna, thank you for coming to my charity treatment, donating and following your amazing love you both. Well, thank you. We probably should label the buttons, but it’s more fun this way now like a guessing game. I just need a Jenna amazing podcast. I was wondering when are you going to publish the podcast with Brianna her other sister? – I forgot about it. Do you want to edit it? – No, I guess I can. – Tyler, we can’t give it. – [Tyler] I’ll do this one first, but yeah – The Bree podcast. I mean the free one is wild. I mean, it’s crazy because we went home we got to see our niece and she was, that was like – Because it was October – It was, and she has grown so much since then.

– I mean, it’s basically like this was like Brianne’s birth stock. Brand’s birth with the birth of her child. Like it’s the birth story? – Birth story, it was ran said. – Maybe I should probably edit it. – [Tyler] Do I want to – No I can I’ll take it. It’s, I think we were so excited because this is one the iPhone just came out too. So we were like talking about like the iPhone news that feels like a decade ago.

– It really does. Well, Archie has something to say, Archie thank you for your voice memo. Do you want to leave us voice memos? It’s on anchor.fm/samebrain. – [Archie] Hi Justine and Jenna, I just want to say I love your podcast and I love your YouTube channels. By the way, I’ve got my own YouTube channel called (murmurs). Bye-bye. – Oh my gosh. Amazing congrats on your YouTube channel. – Good luck. – Here we’ve got one from Owen. – [Owen] Hey Jenna and Justine. I love your podcast. And I truly mean that.

I know everyone says it, but I really do. I found it off of Justine’s channel and I instantly loved it. Keep making great content. – I think Owen just called everyone else a liar. – Wait until they get Brie’s birth story. They’re going to be like, I used to love the podcast. Now I’m traumatized. – Let’s do one more from the Netherlands. – [Netherlands] What’s up Justine and Jenna. Alert here from the Netherlands. (murmurs) Keep up the good work. You’re amazing. – Thank you Anyway guys, thank you so much for listening. Or if you’re watching we do have a YouTube channel, same brain on YouTube or you can leave us a voice message, anchor.fm/same brain as well as reviews, Apple podcasts, same brain. You know, we’re there. – We’re there, man. We’re there. – Or you can listen to us wherever you want to do it from the anchor. – Do what you want with your own ears? – Anyway, we will see you again.

The next time with probably the birth. – Bree birth story. – The Bree’s baby. But no promises. ‘Cause who knows. – No, we’ll do it. We’ll do it. (upbeat music).

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