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Bitcoin & Altcoins EXPLODING!!!

Welcome back everybody to altcoin daily bitcoins pumping bitcoin has just cleared the huge psychological barrier of fifty thousand dollars five steps up one step back very healthy if you hold bitcoin, if you are a crypto, holder, smash the like button and in today’s video i want to take you through the top Cryptocurrency news stories of the day. This is information that the main stream media never reports we do and if you’re new to the channel make sure you subscribe on a daily basis we demystify the cryptocurrency market. If you are interested in making money in cryptocurrency smash the like button subscribe to the channel and, let’s get into it, bitcoin is grinding higher. Taking a look at the entire cryptocurrency market. The whole market is getting pulled up today it’s a great day now, what’s most interesting to me?

Is google searches people searching forbitcoin on google has yet to recover sincethe 50 crash over the summer, so bitcoinis grinding higher it’s above 50, 000 right, nowhuge psychological barrier, yet there’s zero hypethis is what i like to see. How about ethereumethereum is looking great too. The number ofethereum addresses holding smaller amounts of eachthe minnows has just reached another all-time. Highthis is a bullish indicator to me and it’s nowonder. Shaquille o’neal is the latest to jointhe long list.

More importantly, the ever-growinglist of beloved beloved celebrities, with hugefollowings to promote a specific cryptocurrency inshaq’s case, eth he’s a big proponent and he justchanged his twitter name to shack.ethhappy hotel day. Shaq and 2021 has beenamazing for this kind of celebrity endorsementand, just general acceptance. Sometimes it’s bitcoinsometimes. It’S ethereum, sometimes it’s solanaor avalanche or a specific cryptocurrency evena, lower cap, cryptocurrency or sometimes justcryptocurrency in general.

This is so amazingto see, and yet some families are torn apartby, their love or hate for cryptocurrencylet’s get into some recent news, donald trump hasreaffirmed that he believes that cryptocurrencyis dangerous. He doesn’t like bitcoin heis, a fan of the us dollar for some reasonand. That’S all combined with melania his belovedwife launching her nfts on solana, the former u.spresident is still against cryptocurrency, but hiswife just released a solana nft that you can onlybuy with crypto. I bet if trump took the time, tounderstand it and saw how popular this is.

Gettinghe would jump aboard right away because you justcan’t deny metrics like this. We show you differentcoins and different metrics like this every day, onthis channel, let’s take a deep dive into avalancheand. Let me show you some of their metrics anddata, which is continuing to reach all-time highstime. For an avalanche of data all-time highsbaby, today we hit 962 000 daily transactionsapproximately 80 of ethereum activity. 134 000daily active addresses up seven acts, this quarter13 000 unique developers up 40 month overmonth and averaging 11.

tps up over 50month over month. Now, if you have been subscribedto our channel for at least the last few months, wehave shown you how avalanche is incentivizingpeople to come over to their network. So thisdoes not surprise me. This is par for the courseexactly. What i expected – and it’s great to seethis, is great to see facebook now we’re callingthe meta.

Facebook has affirmed that they’retargeting deep compatibility with blockchain andweb 3, a senior executive at the newly rebrandedmeta reportedly urged staff to explore waysin which the company could embrace blockchaintechnology. So it is a question: how much intoblockchain are they going to go and it seemsthat at least they’re, saying that this is on ourradar, we’ll see how it plays out, but it’s goodthat. They have to answer questions like this andit’s good, that they say that they are going todo this if you are a fan of v chain, if you area fan of the vechain ecosystem, this is a hugehuge deal. Vechain foundation welcomes new decks, toits ecosystem to directly compete with ethereum’suniswap. Let’S find out some details, the vechainecosystem continues to grow and recently saw thedeployment of a newly decentralized exchangea dax.

It’S called zumoswap and it was designedas an alternative to something they already hadcalled vex change. The automated market maker ammand liquidity provision protocol already launchedon the v chain network, so zumoswap, is the new dexit was inspired by uniswap the most populardex running on ethereum. Although the team hasmade it clear, they say after carefully thinking wedecided to get rid of all uniswap plus web 3 codeand build from scratch. This is a v chain, projectnot one of ethereum’s dapps. The decks should beable to integrate with any wallet that vechainprovides and operate with what the team callsone click swap, which is a great thing theyclaim.

This will improve the dax experienceas. It will remove the need for users to operatewith two transactions and make a token swap. Sothis is great for the v chain, ecosystemand great for v chain fans. Now uniswapcertainly is not resting on its laurels. Theycontinue to achieve things, uniswap is nowfully deployed on ethereum layer2 polygon thiswill improve the fees and user experience for sureand.

They did this with a 99 vote. For this fromtheir community to do this, the key takeaways arethis, the popular decentralized exchange uniswaphas, been deployed on polygon, a layer 2 networkfor ethereum. The proposal passed with over 99 ofthe vote and 2.4 million has already been lockedin. Uniswap’S polygon deployment, polygon’s matictoken hit all-time highs of 2 66 today, because ofit so polygon is looking great as more and morepeople opt in question of the day, do you thinkit’s cool to own a crypto punk?

Do you think, it’scool to own a board ape yacht club? Do you thinkit’s cool to own an nft? I think people are stillpretty split with that. The news is this board apiclub nft prices catch up with crypto punks. The keytakeaways are as follows: the board api club floorprice overtook crypto punks today.

The floor priceof course refers to the cheapest piece. Availableon, the secondary market, the floor price for an apeis currently around two hundred and ten thousandmajor brand partnerships, lucrative airdrops, andengaged community and celebrity endorsements haveall, contributed to board ape yacht club successthis year. I’Ll. Tell you one thing: if nfts ever gothrough an extended cold, awful bear market likeso many people think eventually the nft marketwill not be as interesting as it is right. Nowand, like everything it’ll go through a lullif that ever happens, i’m going to possibly buyup a bunch of these board apes or a bunch ofcrypto punks if they’re cheap, because you know iremember in 2018, the altcoin market, everybody wasdisgusted, and if you bought some of the betterones, You know those turned out pretty wellin other news.

Elon musk has reaffirmed that he ispro doge amid ongoing web 3 twitter twitterspatzspeaking of web3. Many of you have been asking meover the past week. Well, what is web3 exactly howis it different from web 2 or web one or whatis? All this i’m going to answer that for youright now, and i encourage you to go. Follow us ontwitter, linked at the very top of the descriptionwe’re, getting very close to 1 million followerson twitter.

Everybody go follow us on twitterright. Now we drop stuff like this on thedaily. So what is web3 time for a threadweb 3.0 simply explained an easy to understandlike and retweet to help your communityweb one. The first stage of the world wide webstatic pages, barely connected, mostly read-onlybrick-and-mortar thinking applied to onlineweb 2 dynamic content, read write and connectthe rise of social media users, interact andcontribute content, the downside to web 2 andtwitter’s web 2 facebook’s web 2.

The downside isthat, you are the product, your data is collectedand, profited off of you have no rights, you areat the mercy of the ceos and the shareholdersand. They can kick you off at any time bringing usto the promise of web three read: write own executesemantic web. Look that up plus opendistributed ledger technology, crypto equalsmore, intelligent, connected and open websites plus, verifiable ownership in the digital worldmore permissionless, more censorship, resistantmore user-centric, interoperable ubiquitousgreater privacy and user rights, we’ll seehow it develops, but i did want to clue you inon. That is web3. You can tell your friends followus on twitter, and let me know which projects thatyou’re most excited about going into 2022 andwe will try to include them in a future videothat’s it for me today, my friends, my nameis aaron at altcoindaily, see you tomorrow.

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