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Binance Reduces Withdrawals | Litecoin Whales Accumulate

Amazon denies reports of accepting cryptocurrencies as payment. Binance is reducing the withdrawal limit. Sandman says that, like coin whales, accumulate you’re watching crypto news. All you need to know about the industry.

In this week’s edition brought to you by Dugas copy tv, an Amazon spokesperson has said that earlier reports of the company planning to accept bitcoin and to investigate the insurance of its own token next year are false.

Previously, various reports, citing amazon insiders, claimed that the world’s leading online retailer plans on accepting bitcoin and to investigate issuing its own token in 2022. The room has pushed the market almost to 40 thousand dollars, while the news from amazon itself hit the market hard as bitcoin lost around 200 000. In a matter of minutes, Binance stated that it is reducing the withdrawal limit for users who have completed its lowest tier account, verification a move that comes as a company has faced greater scrutiny from global regulators. Previously, those with basic account verification completed could withdraw up to two bitcoin per day, effective immediately. That limit is being lowered to 0.

6 bitcoin per day for newly registered accounts. Also, Binance announced that has begun to lower future trading. Leverage limit for existing users exchange has faced growing regulatory hurdles in a number of countries in recent months earlier this month, finance seized the trade of stock tokens.

Blockchain analytics firm sentiment says: Litecoin is experiencing a strong wave of an accumulation from whales or wallets with at least 1 000 to 100 000 Litecoin. The crypto insights firm also observed that the activity on the Litecoin network is surging.

Despite the grinding bearish, minus 13.8 drops in price. Analysts say that the amount of unique addresses interacting with Litecoin has grown by plus 47.5 percent over the last 10 days and call it a potentially bullish, divergence, ample. Fourth, the algorithmic stable coin with elastic supply has been introduced in AAVE’s lending ecosystem in an official announcement.

Ample fourth revealed that AMPL is now part of the AAVE lending platform. Users are now able to lend and borrow AMPL on AAVE. This is an interesting implication, given ample’s dynamic supply chain. The team also said that this is good for both AMPLand AAVE, as well as for the d5 industry in general because there is a voracious demand for borrowing AMPL in the days leading up to AMPL being included in AAVE the price surged by over 70. It was trading at around 1.08 dollars two days ago and peaked at 1.

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