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Best Low Cap Altcoin GEMS For 2022

When investing in crypto assets, everyone’s always searching for the best possible strategies to maximize their efforts by capitalizing on the charts they’re headed in the right direction. Yes, a good portion of your portfolio should be invested in top 20 coins, but a great way to make solid. Consistent gains in crypto is to not only focus your energy on the larger cap coins, but some energy should be focused on smaller coins in the ecosystems of the big hitters. This strategy is the bread and butter for many professional traders, and it makes complete sense why, if you invest 500 into a coin with a 30 billion dollar market cap and another 30 billion dollars has to go into that market cap. For you to double that investment things like this don’t happen overnight, and if you want to try to make some faster gains, it’s best to look for coins with smaller market caps that have a legitimate use case for the ecosystem they’re in yes, smaller cap coins can Be riskier and more volatile, but when you pick a coin, that’s in the same family, it’s a top 20 coin.

The price action is much more predictable, based off the price action of the larger coin. Whenever you see something like dot, Avex or Solana, pumping go straight to the ecosystems and try to find the projects that haven’t caught up. Yet this is how smart money makes money today we’re going to take a dive into several ecosystems to help you make some serious gains. Let’s get it welcome to bit boy crypto home of the bit squad, the largest and greatest crypto community in all the innerwebs. My name is ben everybody on this channel.

I show you how to make money in crypto. If you like money and crypto, then make sure to hit that subscribe button. If you want to go deeper into crypto, make sure to check out bit lab academy.com in this video. We will discuss five separate ecosystem coins definitely deserve a spot on your whiteboard number one ojamu initially built on Ethereum and polygon.

Ojamu is a Singapore-based decentralized, cross-chain platform that bridges the gap between blockchain, ai and fts and digital marketing according to their website. Ojamu’S goal is to empower brands to make optimal decisions. They accomplish this cutting-edge digital marketing strategy by utilizing ai technology to create data clusters to point out correlations that humans would not have been able to recognize the ojamu intelligent platform. Cross-Correlates industry data from leading blockchain protocols such as ethereum polkadot, solana and polygon, to give up-and-coming brands a position in the world of web 3. By doing this, they can provide real-time data in order to create digital marketing strategies to help companies.

Try brand awareness, user acquisition and increased retention. The ojamu nft access pass set to roll out in early 2022 will give users access to their neural predictive engine. This implements ai technology in order to give brands massive insight into key market data. When attempting to grow a brand, you will quickly realize that data is gold. Data is more valuable now than ever before.

Ojaymu’S neural predictive engine analyzes the data it’s given applies the data to their proprietary prediction. Algorithms. The result is an optimal digital marketing strategy, as well as an easy to follow roadmap ojamu also specializes in ft’s blockchain gaming and digital media influencer campaigns. Former playstation ceo hal baim created ojamu in 2019, with a vision to change the data invasive norms of modern advertising. By making sure security and privacy were top priorities november first, this year, ojama went live on.

The polygon mainnet currently find the oja token on unit swap and quick swap this up and coming. Interoperable martech project, along with its multitude of new investors and partners, has a stacked roadmap for 2022 It baffles me: the oja is currently priced around six cents with a mere market cap of 1.4 million dollars. This is only because its main utility cases are yet to be deployed once that happens, its game on this coin were to break into the top 1000. It would be priced at one dollar and 15 cents per oja.

Think of this gem, as my christmas present to the bit squad, you’re welcome and for full transparency. This is a project we are investing in number two trader, joe, let’s be honest, avax and its entire ecosystem were blessed by the crypto gods during 2021. What a year it’s been according to avaxprojects, Com, it’s aligned with 396 projects in the past 15 months, snowball effect of an ecosystem that grew that big that fast easily explains why avax has grown over 3 100. Just this year alone stand out. Avax eco coins, like zava benky and alef, have all had their day in the sun, but none compared to the likes of joe trader joe, is a one-stop shop, decentralized, automated market maker trading platform.

In fact, it’s the number one dex on the avalanche network. You can use this platform to trade leverage swap stake, farm zap, lend and borrow covers practically every base and devi and that’s what makes it so powerful when they say one stop shop. They mean it released. In august this year, trader joe quickly froze over the firing landscape of divi by combining lending with leveraged trading its governance. Token joe, was priced just over three cents on august 12th and by the end of the month it reached two dollars and twenty two cents reads.

His all-time high of four dollars and eighty-eight cents on november 21st, which marked almost a fifteen thousand percent, gain from its initial release. Damn those are the gains the dreams are made of, like i said earlier, the large caps pump, but the smaller caps and their ego systems pump harder. Ftx recently announced that you can purchase joe as a spot trading pair on december 17th, currently priced just over two dollars with a market cap, just over 290 million dollars. Now is a better time than ever to get in on the action. Let’S go number three ewt polka dot ecosystem is an absolute powerhouse one specific coin in the dot ecosystem’s vision to support the development of the energy sector and to help transition society away from carbon energy consumption.

According to altcoinbuzz.io, the energyweb foundation is a swiss nonprofit, who believe that the use of blockchain technologies in the energy sector will make significant contributions to efficacies and help reduce costs back in 2019. Ewt released its own chain, the energy web chain. Ewt token is the native coin for energy web chain. The goal of the energy web chain is to provide the digital infrastructure for the many use cases of renewable energy.

This isn’t your average trading platform. This is the electronic blueprint to bridge the gap between digital currencies. Electronic cars power grid, solar panels, etc. Since our world is slowly moving away from carbon energy consumption, the energy web foundation set the standard by utilizing a proof of authority consistent mechanism. They chose this because it consumes the least amount of energy, lowers transaction costs and is scalable december 17th energy web tweeted out the wt staking is live for the first three months.

The staking apy has boosted to almost 22 percent. Ewt is currently trading for just under 10, with a market cap, just over 400 million dollars its april all-time high of 20.59 will surely be surpassed sometime in the future, so be a hero, save the world and double your money. We certainly did when we invested in this project number four dodo dodo. A unique extension of the binance smart chain ecosystem is a multi-chain decentralized exchange that changed the game for on-chain liquidity.

Dodo’S vision is to be able to provide liquidity for a trade as though you were trading on a centralized exchange, except on d5. To accomplish this. They replaced the traditional, automated market maker, with a proactive market maker. This next-gen algorithmic approach guarantees on-chain liquidity, minimizes impermanent loss and lowers slippage by responding in real time to liquidity restrictions and the natural fluctuations of the markets in layman’s terms. The larger the order price is the less money slips through the crack compared to traditional amms.

There’S not only guarantees that your order will be filled, but you also save money that you would have lost on another dex. The dodo v 1.5 update introduced custom, routing algorithms known as smart trade. This feature aggregates numerous liquidity sources to find the best price for your order. It’S like the expedia of device trading with dodo.

You can also create custom tokens fractionalize your nfts earn rewards by staking create liquidity pools, as well as create more liquidity by crowd. Pouring this decentralized trading protocol for web3 has amassed over 1 million users at an all-time high volume of over 35 billion dollars. The dodo coin available on binance kucoin and several other exchanges currently priced at 79 cents, has a market cap just over 200 million dollars. It’S pulled back over 40 percent in the past month, so when bnb starts to soar again, they’ll be sure to catch some solid gains with dodo number five atlas: the year is 26 20 You’Re on a mission in the deepest darkest sector of space, the more dangerous the mission, the more valuable the reward. This is solana in 2021.

Star atlas is a aaa massive multi-player metaverse set in the distant future built on the solana blockchain. This is a place where your nfts have a real purpose and utility using the tokens, atlas and polis, you can purchase spaceships nfts or make political decisions through in-game governance released august of this year. This game quickly took the p2e gaming world by storm the market cap. For atlas is already over 200 million dollars priced in just over 9 cents with an all-time high of 23 cents. The opportunities to make gains with atlas are out of this world recently score, which is ship commissions, on remote expeditions rolled out on december 16th.

This is where you enlist your ships into your faction’s fleet, don’t forget to make sure they have plenty of fuel, ammo, repair kits and food. This is how you can stake your ships to earn rewards in the game within the first 48 hours of score 43. 494 fleets were deployed with over 63 million dollars in total locked value started out with ceo michael wagner stated in an interview. He expects an roi of over 100 per ship per year. This galactic adventure has endless opportunity and you earn tokens and nfts that you can convert into real money.

It’S based off your level of participation, although this is just the beginning of metaverse gaming. So i want to beat everyone to the punch with this one. One small step for man, one giant leap for metaverse, comment down below on your favorite altcoin and from which chain you’re. Looking at that’s all i got be blessed: [, Music, ], you

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