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Best Crypto Trading Group (Learn To Trade Crypto Like A Pro in 2021)

Well, it’s December. And you guys know what that means. Christmas! And three months since the launch of my Discord server, the BitBoy Lab. For those of you who are not familiar, the lab is a Discord server where my research team and members of the BitSquad can connect and share charts, gem picks and trading strategies, all while avoiding annoying spam, FUD and scammers.

The members of the BitSquad have been crushing it for the last three months, and I want to give you the lowdown on how you can crush it too only for $1? Plus, we have a big announcement about the lab and why you are going to get even more value in the future. Let’s get it! BitSwap is the hottest new way to trade tokens. Crawling all the top decentralized exchanges, BitSwap gets you the very best price and value for your trades.

BitSwap is changing the game. Try it now at bitswapdex.io. Welcome to BitBoy Crypto! My name is Ben. Every day on this channel, I show you how to make money with cryptocurrency. If you like money, make sure to go ahead and hit that subscribe button so you get all of the updates on the channel.

He who gets the news the fastest makes the money first. So, let’s break down how you can get into the BitBoy Lab and what the benefits are. But make sure to watch until the very end because we have some big news for people in the lab and prospective members as well. The BitBoy Lab has been open now for 3 months, and we have a ton of active members. But many people have asked me how they can join without committing to it.

Because many people haven’t even used Discord before, and they want to see what it’s like. So what we’ve done is we’ve now added a new beginner’s chat channel to the lab to help newcomers learn to trade and understand basic techniques that will help them make money and predict capital and volatile markets.

If you’re new to crypto, this could be a great place for you to start. But, due to scammers flooding any crypto server on Discord trying to steal your money, especially free servers, we have to charge $1 per month. Yes, $1 in Ethereum so you can get access to the beginner chat. You can’t even get a McDouble for that cheap. It’s a monthly fee solely to secure the beginner chat and keep it safe from scammers. Once you get to know the ropes in the beginner chat, you may be ready to move to the full version.

You can visit discord.bitboy.live at any time to get started. Beginner Chat: $1 Regular Member: $29 per month and the VIP Membership: $99 per month But you’ll see it’s well worth it. The BitBoy Lab is full of expert traders that have been sharing their predictions and telling you exactly how to set your trades to make monumental gains.

There are multiple trading chats where members can go to share strategies and try to beat the market. Pesky market. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you move on up to the big leagues. The VIP channels are where the real money is made. You will get to shadow the likes of Jhon Dalton and CryptoNewton, who has been absolutely nailing scalps and make huge profits.

We already have some one-on-one trading coaching available as well, and we look to expand that also. This means all of you crypto lightweights still learning the ropes will get to dance with the heavyweights and copy their trades to catapult you to the ranks of crypto royalty.

At that point, you might just be making enough skills to get a girlfriend! But you won’t want one because she’ll take time away from the lab. And you don’t need that nagging in your life. There’s also a ‘Gem-Calls’ channel where my researchers show you up-and-coming projects that have the potential to moon big-time before I even cover them on the channel.

To be clear, not all the gems there make it to the channel, but if you see the researchers mega bullish on something, then look out because it could be next up on the channel. This is my team and I trust their picks. Just look at some of the gems we’ve shined a light on over the past 3 months.

With gains like these, you’ll be calling yourself Big Poppa when you drive home in your new Ferrari. Hopefully, there’ll be enough room in your parents’ garage for you to park it. We’ve totally revamped the server and added new channels like ‘Crypto Slimer Signals’ Let me tell you, guys, you will not want to miss out on this one.

I’ve known Crypto Slimer forever, and the signals that Slimer is posting are easily valued way above the cost of membership alone. The lab will also help you spot trends and stay ahead of the markets. In addition to these hugely valuable tools, you’ll also have access to cross-platform alerts that will keep you up-to-date on major exchange listings, scam alerts and notifications that will tell you when influential figures, like yours truly, post new content.

Now, as you guys know, the BitSquad community is soon releasing the right paper for the BITT token, which will power BitSwap, a coming NFT platform, BitBoy Lab and much more. BITT, that’s with two T’s, is the token of the BitBoy empire, and it will be used to reward supporters of the channel. The lab is running a huge promotion where anyone who purchases a VIP subscription will receive 2500 BITT tokens, which can be used to get a 90% discount on the BitSwap DEX.

If you haven’t checked out my DEX aggregator, BitSwap, be sure to bookmark bitswapdex.com for all of your trading swaps. Discord’s integrated crypto wallet now supports the BITT token, which means you can use it to purchase memberships at a discounted rate and enjoy airdrops, competitions and prizes paid in BITT. Many of you are familiar with Sandbox, an upcoming open-world crypto video game that some of the biggest names in the business are taking part in.

The BitSquad has picked up massive plots of land, and we will be developing experiences that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. We’re integrating BITT token into these experiences. In order to take part and unlock them, you will have to be holding the BitSquad ecosystem’s native token, BITT token.

There are big things coming, so be sure to subscribe so you get the latest news about BITT. The light paper I mentioned earlier will be released on Friday. Now, also, earlier, I told you hundreds of devoted members in the BitSquad had paid for memberships and saw the value that the lab has to offer, but there are still a few thousand folks who’ve joined the server and haven’t paid for subscriptions.

The lab waiting room is kind of like a doctor’s office, where the only thing you can do is catch up on last year’s June issue of Southern Living. Pretty depressing. If you’re one of those freeloaders, get ready to be kicked to the curb.

I can’t afford to be feeding you and my family! But in all seriousness, we’re now offering the $1 monthly subscription that will let people who are afraid of commitment see how being a part of this community can help them become more educated about crypto and start seeing monstrous gains.

And if you sign up for the lab by visiting discord.bitboy.live, you’re going to be getting even more value starting in early 2021 as we’re getting ready to make the lab even bigger. We’re going to be opening up a video course and education department on our website, bitboycrypto.com.

To get the additional value of the courses on the website, you will have to pay exactly zero more dollars. We’re going to increase the content we’re giving the members of the lab, and we’re going to keep the price the same. And I hear if you pay for the membership with the BITT token once the expanded lab launches, you might even get a discount.

But let me know what you guys think. Are you going to join the lab? Or do you hate money more than you hate your third stepmom? And if you’re already a member, let me know what you’ve liked about the BitBoy Lab and what kind of experience you’ve had. That’s all I’ve got. Be blessed. BitBoy out.


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