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Best 5 Crypto Coins for 2022

Bear market sounds like a cold harsh winter that huddlers spend in the confines of an underground den with portfolios hibernating until spring. When the bulls return to the fields of green on this channel. You know we believe that the bear market will start sometime in, late fall if bitcoin and the crypto market continue to follow the historical cycle pattern.

Of course, there are some coins, though, that will continue to see some price action in the clutches of winter. After all, even the hibernating bear wakes up every few weeks to eat some crypto assets have use cases that just don’t hibernate in winter.

These are the assets with real-world use cases that don’t just go away because the bulls have fled projects like this all have use cases that will keep the heat on for projects heck. Maybe we’ll even see a full-on office Christmas party at price action. For these winter-proof, projects complete with Santa hats and spike punch today we’re talking about my top picks for 2022.

Let’S get it welcome to bit boy crypto home of the big squad, the largest and greatest crypto community. In all the interwebs, my name is ben every day on this channel, I show you how to make money in crypto, if you like money and crypto, make sure to hit that subscribe button in this content, we talk about the top coins for 2022.

That I expect will make gains even in the bear market number five theta is the kind of project that has everyday utility. The theta token is the governance token, which is supported by guardian nodes and enterprises. Validators such as google, finance, Gumi and Samsung t-fuel is the utility token for decentralized video delivery. That also doubles, as a gas token launched in 2017. Theta is a decentralized streaming platform.

There are other competitors like BitTorrent and bit tube, but none have the level of development. The theta has data, isn’t just video streaming, it’s going for the hottest segment in content, delivery lives to stream and, if you’re watching this content, you know how everyone and their uncle is starting up alive, vlog or opening up packs of pokemon cards or doing this Speaking of videos if you like this content smash up the like button for more content, currently, video streaming is supported by content delivery networks that are geographically located and are paid by delivering streaming content to end-users.

That’S centralized gross theta has found a way to incentivize a global pool of users to offer spare bandwidth by rewarding them with theta and t fuel as compensation staking theta and t fuel in guardian nodes and earning rewards is the other less well-known reason that the price Of theta performs so well between January and May of this year, and even had a few price surges into June, staking theta generates a decent pay and with the newly introduced t fuel staking well.

That means that t feel that it’s gained from theta staking can also be staked itself. Theta has a minimum requirement of 1 000 thetas to stake and t fuel has a minimum of ten thousand.

These accumulation targets can increase and hold the price of these assets as users accumulate in stake by incentivizing crypto holders to use their bandwidth to earn passive income. They’D have found a way to use computing power for higher quality streaming power without having to pay a third party.

It’s easy to see how theta has used cases that supersedes the crypto market cycles. After all, video streaming is only getting started. There’S no doubt that we are going to need bandwidth and content delivery, and that is exactly what the theta network has been able to tap into.

Just ask steve chin co-founder of youtube, who said one of our biggest challenges had been the high costs of delivering video to various parts of the world, and this problem is only getting bigger with HD 4k and higher quality video streams.

I’m excited to be part of the next evolution of the streaming space. Helping theta create a decentralized peer-to-peer network that can offer improved video delivery at lower costs. The more big tech streaming claims down on free speech. More people will look for an alternative.

Theta is itself positioned to take up that mantle of streaming, king of the north number four chain link. We start with a question that answers why we believe it will be a top coin for 2022, who hasn’t partnered with chain link. We’Ve asked that many times and it’s a real question.

I’d like to know the answer chain link in his token link is another project that is sure to maintain traction in 2022 because it’s just so connected with a lot of big projects. Let’S see how fast we can list them all google cloud for better access to cloud data oracle to monetize their APIs dapps inc for real-time data; support for salesforce users reserved to bring data feeds to help the reserve stable coin hedera hashgraph to gain access to off-chain data.

For smart contracts, IOST to foster dapps on the IOST network, finance to share data with other blockchains bet protocol to provide decentralized, esports, Ethereum classic to bring external data to ETZ Chili’s, to help sports clubs. Mint limited edition sports memorabilia tokens – that’s Wooting levels of connectedness ODB, where are you at chain link, is so useful because its function is to be a decentralized oracle network to provide safe inputs and outputs of information for smart contracts.

Chain-Link oracles work on any blockchain by delivering information from the outside world and bringing it into a blockchain. Here’S how chain-link oracle’s work when a smart contract on a blockchain requires information sends out a request for information to chain link. This information could be weather, information for a farming crop insurance, smart contract or an update on asset price volatility.

The request is, then registered as an event in the chain-link protocol and it creates a smart contract called the chain-link service level, agreement, contract or SLA. To get this data. The SLA then generates three subsequent contracts: a chain link, reputation, contract to check the oracle, provider’s track record; a chain-link oracle matching contract to deliver the contract request to the chain-link nodes and take bids on the request and a chain-link aggregating contract, which takes the data from The oracles and validates the result chain-link nodes translates the requests from real-world data sources.

All different types of hustles and flows then collect the data from the sources. The collected data is then translated to on blockchain programming language sent back to the chain-link aggregating contract where the result is validated.

J link is used by so many blockchains and is vital in so many partnerships that its use case goes beyond crypto market cycles. This is why I believe chain link will be making moves in 2022. Moves will make your portfolio look good, even during the bear market chain link is out there to protect your neck number. Three celsius grow. Your stack at all times, however.

You can, and using celsius is a great way to do that. Celsius token has some serious thing: power for one of 20, 22’s top-performing assets operating on the Ethereum platform celsius or cell is a utility token native to the fintech or financial technology space celsius network platform, which, by the way, is a sec, compliant lending platform that allows its users to deposit crypto assets or interest and or take out crypto collateralized loans.

The celsius network aims to challenge conventional banking by making savings, lending and payments faster, easier and more accessible celsius, returns, 80 percent of its earnings to its user’s rewards and better interest rates. The way celsius does this: are they over collateralize crypto lending in a process called rehypothecation, which means funds are linked to bigger investors such as hedge funds, who want exposure to crypto from a source. They can trust celsius’s main advantage as a top pick for 2022.

Is the benefit of staking stable coins or ready gains, especially the crypto markets are facing a bear trend. Celsius platform accepts more than 35 tokens for steady, including bitcoin Litecoin and stable coins such as USDT and die. API depends on the demand. For the token. At the time, but interest rates are almost always higher than what you typically see with traditional banks.

Users who gain interest and sell tokens receive a 30 percent higher payout celsius is an us-based platform that is headed up by tech, visionary and crypto. Maximalist Alex Mashinsky Alex is a solid guy and wants the world to embrace crypto asap and in that push for adoption, celsius is taking security very seriously. Celsius recently updated its backing to fire blocks.

Cyber security-focused platform that stores transfers and issues digital currency, no matter how you guard your stack against the long winter. There’S, no doubt that earning interest on coins, especially stable coins, is a great way to make gains in the 2022 crypto market.

Baller’S gonna ball. Haters gonna hate and gamers well they’re gonna game. That’S why my number two top coin in 2022 is the engine of the blockchain that is leading the pack and minting game items in the multiverse of gaming. What’S the gaming multiverse, how many Loki’s are there? Well, the gaming multiverse means that a game item can be brought from one game to another.

The list of engine games is 42 titles long and includes lost relics. The six dragons age of rust and kingdom carnage are all games I play every day. Many of these games have engine wallet integration, allowing each player to manage their blockchain item. The inventory engine has seen some sizeable price action this year. If you bought in December you’d be up over 700.

As of the recording of this content, that’s just proof of how well-positioned the engine is in the market. No season pass is required for those gains, but the launch of the affinity coin brought staking to engine coin, where users can stake engine tokens to receive affinity or EFI.

Full disclosure, I’m personally invested in the affinity which was purpose-built on the engine network for NFTs infinity tokens, are used to incentivize growing the engine ecosystem and will be the first-ever parrot token, which means soon it will be compatible with polka dot. When an NFT is minted, the engine contained in the NFT will automatically be staked earning the user. EFI rewards engine is levelling up.

What gamers can do with the multiverse and incentivizing gaming in new and attractive ways, give the bear some content games and it might come out of hibernation to go, buy a new tv to game on we’re expecting the same results in 2022, the crypto markets have a Low in price action, it’s a no-brainer that engine’s gaming applications will continue to thrive, but my number one pick for 2022 is without a doubt, Elrond covered around several times on this channel.

You can check out our in-depth review of Elrond by clicking here. I’ve has gotten a lot of mileage out of all the lord of the rings, puns that l Ron provides and I’m sure that will continue. There is hardly a day that goes by that the research group doesn’t talk about Elrond. We have high hopes, especially during the bear market.

Why? Because projects like Elrond have shown that they are imbued with a special elvish frost resistance projects like Elrond that came out in the wacky world of 2020 have seen steady growth even during all the turmoil and uncertainty. Look at the charts for ave, uni swap and Polkadot remarkably consistent Elrond’s is similar as well.

Elrond only needs an inflexion point to have a breakout and its fundamentals mean it will be able to capitalize on that when it happens, Devi and smart contract platforms are going to have their moment in the next few years, and Elrond is already in the right place To make gains when other projects need warmer weather to come out and play.

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