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Best 3 Cryptos to Buy in January 2022 (MASSIVE GAINS)

Crypto has been pretty quiet recently. There hasn’t been any crazy news: no crazy price movement, no crazy anything. The market has been just average, but you have to remember right now or this time in the market is when the most money in crypto is made. Yo yo yo. What is up guys?

It’S your boy faris and in today’s video i’ll be going over the top three kryptos you guys should buy for the month of january and the first month of the new year this year is gon na, be really big. So, starting off on the right foot will make all the difference before we get into it. Make sure you guys smash that like button subscribe, if you guys haven’t already so you guys don’t miss out on any future crypto videos also, if you guys would like to get free crypto just for signing up with coinbase, which i don’t know who, wouldn’t you guys, Can check out the special link they gave me down description box below, but without further ado, let’s get into the video by now. I think we all know how the crypto market works, we’ll have a whole bunch of hype in the space and everything is going up. Life is good, then, all of a sudden boom everything is down when no one is buying crypto anymore.


This is where the smart people will come in and use this to their advantage, because we know it’s just a matter of time. Until we see some crazy news or large amounts of money come into crypto and all the prices start to go up again, so do your future yourself, a favor and start buying, i mean, i can’t say, buy because it’ll be considered financial advice. Just do your research, because the stage that we’re in right now in crypto, that’s where a lot of money can be made all right coming in at number, one is going to be a coin called axe, infinity or axs. Now this is a coin. You either already know of because a lot of people have been talking about it, or this is going to be completely new to you.

So axia infinity is a little different than most cryptos. You see it’s actually a game. A monster battling game to be exact where you own, these cute little monsters called axes and use them to battle against other people online and earn rewards, which can be converted back to real money. Now, there’s a whole bunch of different ways. You can make money with axiomfinity, you can compete in battles and win prizes.

You can breed axes and sell them on the marketplace. You can collect what are called rare axes and you can farm love, potions and so much more now. All that might have just gone over your head, but i’m just showing you that there’s a lot of ways to make money with this game. Now the game is actually inspired by something we’ve, probably all played growing up, which is pokemon. The game runs on the ethereum network, with the help of ronin, which is just a side chain that helps minimize fees and transaction delays.

You can also breed your axes, which lets you build more powerful teams and can provide you with additional nfts, which you can use to build out your team or sell on the marketplace. Now some axia nfts have sold for over 300 etherpiece, which is almost six hundred thousand dollars, so there’s definitely a market for all of this. Now, as i said, not only can you use these axes to play, but you can also use them to generate rewards at the end of each match. Each player earns slps or small love potions, which acts as the game’s experience points. So using slps players can then breed their axes to create more and choose to either use them for future battles or sell them for profit on the marketplace.

The thing is: you’ll need three axi nfts to start playing the game and as of right now the most affordable axes available on the marketplace are around 200 to 250 dollars. So you’re looking to spend around 700 on a starter team. Now that’s more than the cost of a ps5 or an xbox, but you have to keep in mind that these axes are investments and can be resold plus they generate rewards throughout the game. So the upfront cost will be a major roadblock for many players. But it’s a game that rewards players the more time and effort they put into it all right if we look at the price action for axiom phineas coin, currently it’s priced at around 107 dollars.

If we look where it’s ranked, it’s ranked number 29 in coin market cap, one under decentraland now the thing that’s really important. With coins like these or games like this, is the community, the stronger, the community, the longer this coin will last and the longer it will grow, and a great example for this is this article that was released a couple of days ago. Axe infinity community raises more than 450 thousand dollars for typhoon relief operations in the philippines. Now this just shows how tight the community is like they raised 450 000 within a game to help relief operations within the philippines, that that shows a lot about the community. If we look at the price action for axia infinity, as always, i use a lux algo premium now.

This is pretty much just an indicator that tells me when to buy and sell i’ve used this plenty of times. I made plenty of videos on them which i’ll link down in super box below, but it pretty much just tells me when to buy and sell any given asset, whether it’s stocks, crypto forex, whatever it may be, but right now, i’m on the four hour chart and It has a strong signal, even if i go to like the one hour chart, we’re also seeing a strong, a buy signal over here, and we saw some crazy price action in the one-hour chart. So, in the four-hour chart for the long term, i see the price going very high for axiom infinity. Also, if we look at the lux oscillate premium, we are also in buy territory. Also, if we look at the eq cloud over here, we can see that we’re just getting out of this bearish territory over here, which is a very bullish sign for axia infinity.

Now this is just looking at it from a technical point of view. If we look at it from a fundamental point of view, if this game really does take off – which it already is – and a lot of people are playing it, we can see some huge growth for its price. Like i mean people are making their living off of playing these games like i’ve, seen articles where people in the philippines are quitting, or they don’t even have jobs in the philippines, but they’re able to make money by playing this game because they’re able to withdraw whatever They make and use it for their day-to-day lives, and i’m pretty sure this is the only coin and game. That’S doing this at such a high level within the crypto space. The biggest thing is, is you can make money by playing this game, and people will do anything for money so now that there’s a fun component to it and a skill based component to it?

I see a lot of people hopping into this game or coin, and that will make the price of axiom infinity skyrocket. All right, coming in at number, two is going to be ocean’s protocol. Basically, what ocean’s protocol allows you to do is sell your data to other people or businesses in exchange for money. Now, i’m sure all of you guys already know this, but all these big tech companies out there like facebook and snapchat. They use our data and sell it to advertisers for a profit without us even knowing, and they don’t even give us a percentage for doing that.

As well, ocean’s protocol, on the other hand, is planning on changing that. It’S giving businesses, researchers and everyone else in need of data access to it without the data owners losing control and in exchange for people providing that data they’re rewarded with their native token ocean. It’S really cool how they’re doing it they actually have their own marketplace called the oceans market. It’S an open source marketplace for data where users can upload store and sell their data to businesses, organizations, governments or private individuals. They say their goal is to unlock data, spread wealth and power and stay within ethical and legal limits and by giving everyone the opportunity to access and monetize their data.

Ocean’S protocol has shown a lot of potential within the past couple years and has a lot of partnerships under its belt, which is a pretty good sign for its future price. So, for those of you that want to take control of your data from these huge tech giants, ocean’s protocol is the way to go all right. Looking at the price action for ocean’s protocol, currently it’s trading around 95 cents, just under a dollar, it has a market cap of around 500 million. It’S ranked number 132 on coin market cap. Now, if you look at the price action for this coin, if you look at just the past seven days, the price has skyrocketed back over.

Here was from 78 cents and it went all the way up to a dollar and it’s hovering right over here. If we zoom out to the three-month chart, we can see that the price has been down along with other cryptos back over here, but we saw a huge price increase over here and its all-time high was all the way back in was this april of around 100 And a dollar and 50 cents, so ever since then, we’ve been pretty much hovering, we’ve seen a low of around 35 cents, but we’ve been pretty much hovering around the 60 70 uh 90 cents price range. If we look at the luxe algo chart, we can see that currently there’s a strong buy signal for the four hour chart. Even if we look at deluxe oscillator premium, we are in good, buy territory. Even let’s say we zoom out to like the two hour chart honestly.

I don’t know why we have such a high wick over here. Maybe the price really went that high or it’s a little glitch, but there’s a buy signal over here as well, and we saw the price increase for the two hour chart. We can see we’re just about crossing into bearish territory, so seeing how the price movement plays off right over here, we can throw. We can draw in like a little trend line if we go like this and then right over here, basically hoping for the price to increase over here. But if we look at it from a fundamental point of view, this is solving a real world problem.

A lot of people don’t want to be giving away their data for free, but they just have to because they want to use these platforms so with oceans. If they’re able to get money for their data they’re able to sell it. Why wouldn’t people do it? And if people start to use their marketplace and start selling their data to other people, that will make the price increase a lot and with the implementation of web 3.0 and a lot of people moving over towards that.

I can see the price of oceans protocol going up a lot coming in at number. Three is going to be crypto.com coin or cro. Now i’m sure you’ve already heard of this coin as it’s rallied over 300 in just about a month, but it’s pretty much a centralized exchange where you can buy and sell crypto and do a whole bunch of other stuff. Now you can compare this to like coinbase or binance, so what’s so special about crypto.

om coin is that they are huge on marketing and i honestly think crypto.com has an unlimited marketing spend like recently. They just purchased the rights to the name of the la laker stadium. So, instead of being called staples center, it’s now going to be called crypto.
Com arena and they spend almost 700 million dollars on that and that’s not it they let you have their ads wherever you go online banners youtube ads.

Google, wherever you go just know, you’re gon na see a crypto.com at on top of seeing their name. Wherever you go, they’re also on the forefront of everything that is happening in the crypto space, any major crypto updates trends that happen within the crypto community. They are usually the first to it. When nfts were booming, they released their own marketplace right away.

Anytime, a meme coin was exploding, they would list it right away and you can buy it on krypto.com, just whatever you can think of in the crypto space. Crypto.Com is already doing it or will plan on doing it in the future. They also just got into the d5 space as well.

So you know how binance has their own binance smart chain, but crypto.com has chronos, which is where all their default is going to take place. As i said, crypto
Com is legit on the forefront of anything that happens with crypto and that’s one of the reasons why we saw such a huge rally in its price this past month. So i wouldn’t be surprised if we see cro coin pass. One dollar this year with all these updates they’re constantly doing, and who knows what new things they already have in store for us this upcoming year, plus with all this marketing they are doing, people are always looking them up and searching what it is and with the New arena, name in la we’re, gon na be hearing of crypto.

om a lot more. Also, if you guys are interested in buying crypto isis checking out crypto.com as well, they really do have all the top cryptos you guys would ever like to buy. So if you guys are interested i’ll leave a link to it down the description box below all right, looking at the price action for crypto.coms coin, currently it’s trading around 60 cents, 59 cents.

It’S market cap is 15 billion, ranked number 15 on coin market cap um. I just want to show you something real quick. This is right here, crypto.coms coin uh with a 15 billion dollar market cap trading around 60 cents. If we look at its next competitor, which would be binance’s coin, it has a market cap of 91 billion and i honestly think that’s easily attainable with crypto
Com coin: um going from 15, even if it goes to ranked number 10 on coin market cap, i think it has the potential to do that.

The reason is: is with all these advertisements. They’Re doing i mean look if you go right over here to search – or it doesn’t show that over here. But if you go over here to search, we can see right over here krypto.com, you can buy it on coin. Market cap, like their ads, are literally everywhere and with them putting their name out there.

More, a lot of people are going to be more curious about it and search it more and when you download this app and buy it, the first thing you’re going to do is buy their native token or they’re going to push it out more, which is going To cause the price of it, to increase as well, not only that, but like also staying up to date with the crypto community, always including new features or things that are hyped right now into their app like what i said with nfts or meme coins. If they’re always the first one to have this, a lot of people are gon na choose crypto.com, because all these other mainstream ones don’t have it. If we look at the luxe algo price chart, we can see that for the two hour we have a buy signal over here, whereas in pretty good territory for the lux oscillate premium. If we go to the four hour chart, we can see that we just got a strong, buy signal over here, and the premium looks good over here as well.

Oh, i also wanted to show you the price action for um crypto.com. If we look at the past three months, we can see this is where we saw the huge run up in its price. It went from about um, 20 cents, 18, 20 cents. All the way up to uh, almost a dollar is, did it hit very, very close to a dollar, and then we saw this minor pullback over here, which is very normal for how fast the price ran up.

But i honestly think right now the price is a steal. I think i got it back like i think i got in when it was around like 15 12 cents. I was slowly picking up because i saw some really big potential in this coin and a lot of people weren’t talking about it. But they were always updating new things and including new things into their app and then that ended up paying off and the price skyrocketed. But i’m really really bullish on this coin, if they’re always implementing new things like i said, i think this coin is very undervalued, and this is a very, very good competitor to finance this coin, but that is it for today’s video guys.

These were my top three crypto picks for the month of january, be sure to subscribe, because i’m also gon na be releasing my top crypto picture for the whole year of 2022, and you guys don’t want to miss that one like i said, if you guys want Free bitcoin, just for signing up i’ll, leave a link to coinbase down the description box below, but i do hope you guys have a great rest of your day and i’ll see you guys in next week’s video peace, [, Music, ],

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