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Today, we’re going to be focusing on financial freedom. with Yield farming. on Aubrey. They just released about a month ago. Um their initial Farm offering listed OMEN at 30 It’s a forty now Previously if you look at the chart on Slingshot, it went up to a dollar and 40. So, almost a five X 5 symbol multiply 6 X You know. if you think about that, you would have gained a lot of profit if you’re pumping up.

However, they have staking incentives which you know, make you want to hold it longer, okay? You don’t want to pump and dump something where you’re Yield farming, You know, 400 to 1000% okay? So, look at all these Pairs. You got OMEN MATIC, Bitcoin, Bitcoin, rap. Ethereum. Quick fish. This is on poly. This is a good Sushi swap. Uh, link. So, you can pair all these or just take each of these coins and you can get a percentage Geo back This is one of the most productive farms available on the Polygon MATIC Network.

Here you have OMEN USD with 100 Times. You got OMEN Rape MATIC for fifty times. You have almond wrapped eight times fifty times and as you can see, you’re gaining rewards on this. So, if the price of OMEN goes to a dollar, not only does it double the price of the OMEN that I have these rewards that that would be $22. that would be $8.

That would be $27 and this is all today. So, if If the price goes up to a dollar and you’re earning these rewards, you know, with 800% APR as the liquidity increases, The percentage APR will go down. So, as you can see, this liquidity keeps increasing, you know, at one point, AUGURY was like seven 7 million.

As you can see, it’s approaching 9 million. alright? And before the dump, it was over 10 million So, if you stake in Aubrey in these portals, not only you’re going to get rewards, you’re going to get a weekly dividend in USD okay? And you can harvest these rewards and then you can retake them. So, it’s a triple Yield Farm, okay? If you read the white paper, it’s a triple Yield advantage.

These are tonics, Weekly Dividends. You get all the fees from all the swaps that occur on the platform. staking and also they have uh Airdrop coming up Now, the caveat to these portals having such a high APR is number one to get people interested. give people an incentive to hold so they just don’t dump it.

You know, and make the liquidity and the price drop dramatically like say, for instance, something that happened with Titan. This isn’t with Aubrey. Okay, I’ve been watching this project. I’ve talked to the developers and their telegram and any problems they solve very quickly. Okay? And as this liquidity increases, these farms are only going to last until August.

So, you have one more month to be on these farms. This is fifty X but it started at like ten X and it’s just been going up 10 symbols multiply 20 X. Now, it’s a fifty X, okay? Because I wanted to give everybody an opportunity to get on the farm So, the people who get in first, they’re not just making 100 times, you know, it’s still giving the opportunity for late adopters.

To be able to join into these portals and reap the rewards before the farm closes at the beginning of August and then, they’re going to start doing predictions where you can do day trading predictions and things of that nature. um for the staking, you know, I’m going to harvest these rewards can harvest these so I can stake it and go back into the yolk.

You don’t have to set that too high but for the sake of the video, I’m going to speed it up. Okay. So, confirmed those harvest. As you can see, it’s harvesting all these rewards. They’re going into my wallet. That’s going to take a little minute. and once that’s complete, I’m going to go in here and I’m going to stake it, okay? and all you do is just keep farming staking, farming, staking. you know, depending on how much you have staked.

That’s how many rewards you’re going to get back but these are very generous rewards and as I said before if the price goes to a dollar again as it did before, uh which it highly likely will as more people find out about this. If you get in now, you’re still super early. It’s been out for 3 weeks I’ve been You know, I’ve been covering this, you know, personally but it’s been pretty good and I finally got a chance to make a video, a video about it. Okay. So you can see the price. the price went up to dollar forty. here now.

So, If it goes to 160, that’s a four X game. Just right there and this isn’t financial advice but it looks promising. Uh if you want to add liquidity, it’s the sushi swap for the wrapped and the rape MATIC Yeah. So, that’s pretty much it for Aubrey FINANCE and the OMEN Token um farming ends in August.

They’re going to do an airdrop and this Friday depending on what you have staked you are going to receiving an airdrop of their new token which is called What is their new token called? Aquila or something like that. So, the new token is going to drop pretty soon.

It’s called Aquila. OMEN price is still going to go up because they the number of coins that they’re going to be. Uh, definitely a good project uh to farming. We’ll just see how this goes. This is the farm that I’m focused on right now on the Polygon Network. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on any platform. Peace.

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