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ATTENTION ! United Nations Using XRP

Hey everybody. This is the digital asset investor and i’ve been down at my hunting and fishing club, and so i took this picture that you’re looking at while i was down there today, there are like um five stocked bass, um bass, brim and catfish puns on this property and A while back, i was joking around about having an official sponsor of the digital asset, investor hunting and fishing club, and we do have one it’s pro coin news and it’s also my favorite crypto website. So i took this picture and put this on here, so that this is an actual picture um. Actually, this is an actual picture from my hunt club, in fact, the guys that down there said that they spotted an alligator on the on the uh on this particular lake um a few maybe a couple of months ago.

I haven’t seen him yet, but down in this part of the country, we have a lot of alligators. So if i see that alligator i’ll take a picture and i’ll post that with a pro coin, news logo on it, but by the way um. The only reason i haven’t started showing more video and photo of my hunt club with pro coin news on it, is that they were going to send me some stickers like to put on my um. I have an electric golf cart down there. I’M gon na put sticker on there so that you can watch what’s going on at the official hunt club.

While you see your pro coin, news sticker or we’ve also got pro coin used. Camouflage hats for the hunt club members so you’ll be able to see that and i’ll do some live streams down there too. It’S going to be fun. I thought it was once somebody actually emailed me and said they wanted to do. I thought it’d be a great idea, plus these guys.

They surprised me ever since we started talking about it. These guys are like putting out some serious content uh on the news site. It’S exactly what i had hoped for. Um crypto bull xrp is creating a second multi-year wedge setting higher lows when xrp broke out of its first swedge, the price rose 70 thousand percent. If history repeats, we would see a price well above 100 um.

I was. I have been in this in xrp since way back here. Folks, i’ve been through all of this okay, it’s been i’ve been through the ups and the downs. I i remember in 2015 reading that um that that finn, sin had sued ripple and had fined them. Seven hundred thousand dollars – i remember wondering if this, if if i was wrong – and it was all over – and they were just gon na close this company down way back then – and it didn’t happen here – we sit um.

So, who knows how this thing goes, but i love that number right there i’ll tell you that. Okay, pro coin news ripple sec settlement, talk confirmed. Okay, that’s a headline: that’s a thumbnail! That tells me these guys know how to um how to use titles on articles. It’S important in social media and it’s important in any media.

If you look at there’s a reason that every time you look at at cnn or fox news, they put breaking news. The word breaking gets them views, that’s why they put it there period. Okay and this article is based on stefan huber’s tweet right here, pete tweet right here – i was not even aware of that. The sec and ripple have a binding agreement to talk about a settlement for at least an hour two weeks after fact, discovery it’s right here. Okay and what’s interesting about that is what’s said down here, and i think i heard either jeremy hogan or john deaton say this too fact discovery.

This person says when is fact discovery over january okay. So, if fact discovery’s over in january, what this means is, they must meet face to face for at least one hour to discuss them within 14 days after the close of the episode sometime in january within 14 days, they have to discuss settlement okay. Now i want to show you this today. This is katie horn. She was of andres and horowitz um and – and i want to show – i saw this – that she had quit working at andres and horwitz and she’s gone out on her own.

Well, i wanted to show you remind you of who she is five: five fifteen. She is the the assistant u.s attorney that signs off on the ripple fencing settlement. Okay, 124, 2018 jay clayton speaks at stanford she’s in the audience. Asking a question.

You’Ll see her here. In a second in that audience, the very next day clayton meets with andrews and horwitz and instructs them to work on the digital asset framework and then, of course, bill hinman’s. Free ethereum, free pass speech is on the 14th of june 2018. Then, on the 25th, just a few days later, katie han starts work at injuries in horowitz. Her first project is a crypto fund with chris dixon who’s, the same guy that jay clayton when he walked over their office after the stanford talk.

Chris dixon is the guy that jay clayton picked to lead the venture capital working group and put together all the industry participants. So then, when she she gets there a few days after the hinman’s free pass speech, she gets to injuries and horowitz and starts a crypto fund and two of the things that they’re investing investing in her bitcoin and ethereum. Think i’m wrong on all this. Here’S the here’s, the thing where it shows where she was involved in the ripple labs uh case um here – is her signing off on 5 5. 15.

On the case, here is her: the people welcoming her to welcoming her to injuries and horowitz, i’m absolutely thrilled to announce that our newest general partner is katie hahn june 25th. 2018. This is january 24th, when clayton was at stanford this gent. This is from our timeline january 25th. This is when he meets with andres and horowitz.

At this meeting he appoints chris dixon to get industry players together, requests a memo detailing a framework, the industry players that chris dixon goes and gets perkins, coy cooley or per or chris dixon and and maybe lowell ness, who was andrews, norwich’s attorney, perkins, coy cooley mcdermott Will and emery union square adventures and injuries, norway’s the venture capital working group most also most of them, are also in the enterprise ethereum alliance. Okay, so now you can watch this first. Part of this is greg kidd who’s at ripple. At the time that katie han was going after ripple bef before the fenson settlement and then the second part you’ll see katie horn at that jay clayton stanford talk and joseph grunfest is all also on stage, and i was a you know at ripple when they, you Know we went in for treasury to have that conversation and the investigation and the fincen file probably started. You know within five minutes of me, leaving the building and so hi.

So i was a federal prosecutor for over a decade and i was one of the first bitcoin and cryptocurrency prosecutors. Um was the crypto coordinator for the justice department and now i’m no longer with the government. So i can ask you: how do you keep up with? How do you and your staff keep up with all of these technologies? So, at the time that she’s sitting there she’s on the coin base board, which is invested in by injuries and horowitz, i believe, don’t quote me – i think chris dixon was also on the coinbase board and maybe to this day now, this was put out by tai Gxrp um jay clayton signed his public financial disclosure report a few months before he was sworn into office apollo management, who he said he didn’t know, was listed under assets and income and retirement accounts.

Okay, so right here is his uh disclosure there. It says that he’s a in invest. This is a retirement account. Now i don’t know if that means he just had an account or if that means that he knew these guys or what but it we know that there’s there’s also been um uh things from his calendar that show some of his the people he’s working with. Now that he said he he did not know before he left office they’re on his calendar, we’ve seen that before too now i wanted to drive this point home.

This is katie hon too. The mission of the safe harbor memo written by lowell ness, which was andrews, norwich’s attorney. This is not my word. Lowellness said this himself. We’Ve got the video.

The mission of the safe harbor memo was to get bitcoin and ethereum out from under securities laws in 2018. Remember only ethereum is mentioned in that safe harbor memo, nobody else. So all these venture capital working group members were only the the only thing in that safe harbor memo, which is what lowell ness said, was what inspired the hinman speech. The only thing mentioned in that memo is ethereum, so in other words, in 2018, these guys were working on behalf of getting ethereum and bitcoin a free pass. There was no, there was no everybody else, didn’t matter, apparently from what from what i can tell, but now the tune is different, probably because, probably because people in social media are talking about this saying what in the world did you guys do in 2018 and now They’Re all acting like they want to work on behalf of the industry.

My question is: where were they in 2018? On behalf of the industry, the m? The memo only mentioned ethereum, but now they’re worried about regulations for the industry as a whole. Three years later, one thing we’ve been championing is fit for purpose regulation. We absolutely think regulation is good for business and um.

There is this myth that there’s the wild west crypto entrepreneurs don’t want regulation. I think that’s actually just not the case. What they want is a little more clarity and we’re certainly working with some of the best founders in the space to help bring about that clarity, and we’ll continue to do that. My question is whether whether they were working for clarity for the industry after they got the ethereum free pass on june uh 14th of 2018. Have they been working for industry clarity since that time, or did it just happen recently when everybody started getting pissed?

That’S my question uh and then this person says the thing is that andrews and horowitz is an investor in ripple, and i asked this question i said so so is mike novogratz but he’s taken every chance. He could to take every chance. He could get to take shots at exo xrp over the years and then i have a question if you had one dollar invested in ripple the equity in ripple, but you had a million dollars and i’m not saying he does or does not i’m just hypothetical here. If you had one dollar invested in ripple private equity, but you had a million dollars invested in bitcoin and you constantly bashed xrp. Would you be crazy or crazy, like a fox?

That is my question. Okay, now um. Let’S, let’s move along to the next thing. Okay, now here i want to drive this home behind closed doors with industry players. The sec decided to use the proposed safe, harbor memo to give ethereum a free pass on 6 14 2018, leaving all other crypto in purgatory.

Until this day, why did they? Why did they want to keep it confidential? This is a very basic question that every single financial media outlet should have these people on to ask. They should have katie. I don’t know if katie horn was involved or not.

She just happened to show up right after the thing we know. Lowell ness was involved. Why don’t? They have lowell ness on cnbc and ask him why it was so confidential. There’S others nancy wotos was there.

I think that she was working in good faith. I think she thought she was working on behalf of the industry. Why not have her on? I know she’s a straight shooter she’d, be a great interview for cnbc or charles gasparino. Have some of these people on ask them the question?

It’S very simple: why were you trying to keep it confidential? What was the purpose of keeping it confident confidential, leading up to the bill? Hinman ethereum free pass speech made his way over to see andreessen the next morning, and this is the part that now not a lot of people know and he invited chris dixon to round up the sort of the industry players. They were supposed to be confidential when submitted to the sec within days they were public uh. In fact, as the newspaper reporters were calling me, i’m going.

Oh, my god, you know how did that get out uh and all of us were immediately reaching out to andreessen horowitz saying we didn’t send it to honest. So you can see the safe harbor proposal that we put into the sec. It was all supposed to be confidential and it got leaked as well as a memo from lowell’s firm, which is an excellent memorandum on why tokens should not be securities, but so it got leaked and that’s why we feel pretty confident about talking about the conversations we’ve Been having with the fcc man, wouldn’t it be funny if we found out that hester pierce was the one that leaked the memos, my understanding is they try to leave her out of this thing. John deaton tweeted this. This is why we need an independent investigator with subpoena power.

As for this, we must find out who bought large quantities of ethereum prior to june 14 2018 speech, especially between march 28 and june 13th. Did anyone make uh take a take a big short position on xrp uh just prior to the suit? That’S what we want to know folks now i’ve been saying it for a while, but real xrp boy put this video out. This is someone else saying it. Listen!

I’M going to play at least half this. I want you to hear what she has to say: welcome to business game changers, i’m sarah westall! I have jeremy kaufman coming to the program. He is the ceo of odyssey of library, which is the parent company of odyssey, and the sec is targeting them because of their cryptocurrency library and claiming that their security, his company and ripple, are the two that are really being targeted by the sec. That i know of and that he knows of at least those are the ones that have been have started to get publicity on this and we’re trying to figure out why he shares what the sec complaint is.

What they’re saying the legal aspect of it and his thoughts on it? It is a big deal that they’re going after them and why are they going after? What does this mean to the whole cryptocurrency to blockchain? What does it mean to that whole industry and why are they supporting companies like or the cryptos bitcoin and ethereum, and not these other ones? What’S behind all of this, it’s very serious and it means a lot and we need to get to the bottom of this, and – and i got ta say that scc really needs to have integrity on this and treat everyone the same.

I really question their integrity when they’re not letting people know what they’re doing wrong when good people are trying to follow the laws trying to do what’s right and they’re being targeted and not being told what they’re doing wrong. There’S a problem here and that needs to be rectified, and it’s not okay, that this government agency, that supposedly is funded by the taxpayers, is operating like this. They need to have more integrity and be a more of a beacon of what america is and – and i hope that god, america isn’t that, where you just target anybody who you believe might be a challenge to other powerful interests and we we need to see you Uh being an organization with integrity, and so we’ll watch this and see what goes on, and i hope this gets a lot more public publicity and that the publicity don’t you worry – is honest and truthful publicity, and not one that spins us in a way that hurts The innocent and the the people that have integrity and are trying to do good things all right. I like it, i’m going to find out her name and i’m going to find out uh the guy that she was talking about now. This is interesting folks.

We have a whistleblower alert uh, yet we’ve given the sec, so many whistleblower alerts we’ve been ignored completely to this point uh, but john deaton has a whistleblower alert uh this guy um sunday saucy, has brought something to his attention. I think bill clinton could bill clinton. Bill hinman could have used some some legal advice before signing the sworn declaration filed by the sec. If his speech reflected only his personal opinion was not guidance by the sec, he is in violation of title v and he goes on. The speech was intended to express my own personal views.

To the best of my knowledge, the commission had not taken at any time and still has not taken any position or expressed a view as to whether offers and sales of ether constituted offers and sales of securities. You can’t use public office for private gain. He’S got the quote here of the title five says his firm was a member of the enterprise ethereum alliance. It goes on and on, and it’s like talks about how hindu and kenmon collected 15 million, while at the sec. If the law has always been crystal clear.

As clayton getzler uh claim, then there was no reason for hindman to give the speech declaring ether and non-security the sec claims. His speech had nothing to do with sec guidance to markets. Hinman might want to seek counsel folks. This brings up another point. Let me make sure everybody hears this crystal clear.

Folks, john deaton is talking about in this uh one of his other tweets here about subpoena power that right there is their worst nightmare. You know what’s gon na happen here, uh sooner rather than later, probably you’re, seeing cnbc start to pick this up somebody’s going to squeal like a pig folks. Somebody in this equation does not want to get in the kind of trouble that they could get into, and i guarantee you that some of these guys out there they know they know that that that they know darn well. What’S what’s happened here because there’s too many look when i, when i have a video that i put on twitter of john deaton, holding up that redacted document from the sec when he’s holding that when, when that guy was holding it up and it gets 250 000 Views in 24 hours the people are pissed, they know. What’S going on, you saw what this woman said just now, the peep just average people that are trying to do the right thing like she said, they’re starting to get pissed off all right.

Now, let’s go on to some positive news here: ripple zang! I don’t know if i’m saying that right is bringing carbon credit solution to the xrp ledger. One of the first major carbon neutral block chains read more about it here. It says um sustainably run securities exchange operated in partnership with the united nations announced today that it it will develop a carbon credit solution on the carbon neutral. Xrp ledger they’re working hand-in-hand with the?

U N development system focusing on african market infrastructure solutions for carbon markets and to contribute to the sustainable development goals now think about this. While, while i’m talking about this folks here, you got gary gentzler who’s, trying who’s trying to act like he’s uh at the sec and you had uh allison, herron lee and they’re talking about climate uh, friendly uh programs at the sec, and here you’ve got ripple. Who defines this bitcoin and ethereum are the exact opposite of anything. That’S climate friendly, the proof of work system, and they know that they’re propping up bitcoin and ethereum. While they talk about climate and all that and how they care about that.

Meanwhile, over here, you’ve got xrp. That already is climate friendly friendly and the united nations. The united nations is, is recognizing it. Don’T they look like a bunch of horses. Asses i mean come on now.

Um, it says zhang will develop carbon credit solution on the xrp ledger for the issuance of tokenized carbon credits in accordance with standards set by the leading industry working groups. These are these groups, and i pulled one of them here just to show you something interesting. One of those groups is global, blockchain business council, and i thought this would go in the all the worlds of stage file, because our old buddy joseph lubin is with the global. The global blockchain business council he’s one of the people all right. Um gold, telegraph, russia and china have been stockpiling gold for years now now an independent russian chinese financial system is coming.

That will not depend on outside influences such as swift. Are you starting to understand why i’ve been covering russia and china for years? Okay, folks, you can see all this unfolding now. Speaking of some controversy, you want some controversy check this out. David schwartz is replying to this guy’s tweet.

This guy says i sold all the rest of my ethereum today for bitcoin just can’t justify owning a broken protocol. Nobody, i know, uses ethereum all the people that i know that used. It are now using solana for d5 and ft’s and speculation, not sure what other use ethereum can possibly have david schwartz replies to him. Nobody, i know, uses ethereum, it’s too congested, go down further. Just think of how congested ethereum would be if people were using it, it would be completely unusable.

Eth is dead, i mean what in the world folks we live in an upside down world folks. Now this article right here just hit me the wrong way, and i had to call this guy out the guy that wrote this is. The name is alex davina former sec boss, clayton comments on ripple, lawsuit, i’ll, show you what got to me here. Here’S the here’s his article down here at the bottom he says ripple executives, have shied away from peddling conspiracy theories about conflicts of interest, but garlinghouse did say the timing of the lawsuit was sketchy in september. I i take issue with his words here folks, because this completely, i believe, it’s a complete attempt to try to minimize all of the facts, not not conspiracy, but facts that we have dug up facts video evidence their own words folks, so i called him out: hey Alex you owe it to your audience to know the facts before you start throwing around phrases: referencing jake, clayton’s conflicts of interest as peddling conspiracy theories about conflicts of interest.

Here are the facts, and i gave him john deaton’s the facts that are not in dispute. You can’t read through that nobody has challenged any of that, not a word. We haven’t heard a pete from any of them and and we won’t because we got them, we got the video. We got the timeline, i’m going to finish with this john deaton. Inspired by 8 000 messages to all 100 senators and 420 representatives through crypto law connect to congress in a few hours i’ll be releasing a one-minute video campaign, motivating all crypto holders to contact congress.

Gary declared war, never surrender. I agree with john deaton: i’m the digital asset investor, i’m not an investment advisor. This is for entertainment purposes. Only please subscribe hit the like button and tell your friends and family that pro coinnews.com is not just my favorite crypto news site.

They are also the official sponsor of the digital asset investor hunting and fishing club [ Music, ], [, Music ]. You

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