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Amplify Cryptocurrency Exchange: Top 5 Features of 2019 – Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple

Hello, and welcome to the Amplify sharing YouTube channel. Today we want To give you a quick update on what’s happening in Amplify and how Can get involved. Today is the last day of our first commercial contest where You can experience the trading fees not a model for yourself and get an opportunity To win from $ 10,000 collect Bitcoin prize.

For more information Take a look at the video in the upper right corner now. Now we get into 2020 Let’s take a quick look at the top 5 things we brought you 2019. Let’s start with number 5: It’s Easy to Use Cryptocurrency Brokerage. Not more Cryptocurrency exchange is extremely difficult to use? At Amplify we have delivered Cryptocurrency exchange is simple so anyone can understand how to use it.

Our The goal was to bring the simplicity of online shopping to cryptocurrency Mediation and testimonials we have received and confirmed that we are nailed This Goal … # 4: Real Profit & Loss Track … How do you know when You are making money on your trades? Most of the platforms out there do not help you This information. It does not actually offer many profits and losses Track at all.

Profit and Loss We have a system that lets you know how your portfolio is It performs over time and we have big plans to expand this functionality In 2020, so stay tuned. Number 3: Let’s talk about the custody of the insured. When depositing assets in a crypto exchange are they really safe?

At Inflated answer yes! In 2019 we deliver fully insured cold storage A solution that makes sure your money is always safe. Our nursery solution is The insured reaches 100 million so you can easily rest at night because you have it The funds are 100% safe.

Number two is quick and easy onboarding. Become verified Trader on other platforms is usually a long and difficult process even here on Inflate we are proud that most of our users can become a tier-one trader within Minute …

Becoming a level 2 trader can happen The right to your onboarding process or yours can be upgraded at a later time It usually occurs in less than 3 minutes. This smooth-board process makes Become the first time crypto trader so simple that anyone can do it to Overview of how to get to amplifyexchange.com, click on the video at the top Right corner now … No. 1: Fee trading and now we have number one The advantage without a doubt that we delivered in 2019 is traded without Fees.

We have a free commission form places the costs associated with your filling in The order is not required by the end-user but by the liquidity provider to fulfil your request. This was done by all the large retail trading companies such as TD Ameritrade and e * Trade This year as well. We are pleased to be the first cryptocurrency Exchange to offer commission-free trading around the world.

If you want to learn more on how to trade without fees earns more Bitcoin clicking on the video In the upper right corner is a magnified comparison with Coinbase. Thanks, everyone You are very much to take the time to watch this video if you are not a user of Amplify Post head over to amplifyexchange.com and get registered for an experience Amplified feature.

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