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8 Life Changing Bitcoin Predictions for January 2022

In today’s video I’m going to share with you my top eight cryptocurrency predictions for 2022.. These are the events that i think are going to happen in 2022 that are going to absolutely shake up the markets. My name is lark everyday. I make videos talking about cryptocurrency.

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If you want to get your personal id or if you want to get domains to flip, you can buy beer dot, bitcoin monkey dot NFT, whatever your fancy might be use the link down below. If you want to grab your unstoppable domain today, now, let’s go ahead and get into these predictions now. The first prediction surprise surprise: i think 2022 is going to be the year that we get a spot, bitcoin etf for us markets. Obviously, this year we got a futures etf for us markets, which is a garbage junk bad, no good, etf product. We wanted the spot bitcoin etf, uh Gary from gold man the the head of the sec denied us that, but i think, as these futures backed etfs are in the market for a long enough time, we will see a spot etf actually getting approved.

We have some of the world’s biggest most influential companies like fidelity out there, trying to get a spot bitcoin etf, it’s a matter of when not. If it’s going to happen, a lot of analysts are saying yes, 2022 is likely, especially considering that we have futures etfs already now. Why is it a big deal? Do we get a spot etf for bitcoin in the USA, the world’s big place? Why are we so focused on the us?

The u.s stock markets account for 50 of total global equity markets. It’S a pretty damn big deal, one country more than 50. I think it’s like 52 or 53 of the total value in global markets is just in u.s markets.

So it’s a pretty damn big deal and we’ve already seen a great great success with spot bitcoin etfs, because this one here is the canadian one, canada. Only two percent of global equity markets has already been doing fantastically well. They have, i think, four bitcoin spot etfs. This is the most successful on the purpose. Bitcoin etf.

It currently has 30 500 bitcoin. That’S a lot of bitcoin man. People want spot bitcoin, etfs, there’s a massive demand for it, and this etf shows it. So when we see an etf coming into u.s markets, it unleashes a tidal wave of money that can enter the markets that may otherwise not do it.

So that’s going to happen in 2022 fingers crossed next. I believe a major central bank is going to add bitcoin to their balance sheet. Look. I know we already have like iran, which has been buying some bitcoin for minors to get around sanctions. We have venezuela, which has been accepting bitcoin for some taxes at the airport and stuff, like that.

We’Ve had some things happening: el salvador. Obviously they got big into the bitcoin game. They’Ve been buying the dip, but these countries are more outliers. We want to see one of the really big powerhouse countries get into it. Someone like france, they’ve been very crypto friendly, someone like russia.

They would actually be a great use case for bitcoin, adding and they’ve been going crazy on buying gold. Seeing them buy some bitcoin would not be that incredible. To be honest, maybe it’s more of a really sort of you know a long-term super crypto friendly country like switzerland, but i think we’re going to see a major central bank doing that in 2022 and it would be a big deal when it happens, because it says All the other central banks, we need to start buying some bitcoin too, and look. We already have sovereign wealth funds which are buying bitcoin. So earlier this year we found out that singapore’s sovereign wealth fund had been buying bitcoin.

Now we have the uaes one of their sovereign wealth funds coming out, saying we’re also going to start buying cryptocurrencies. That’S a big deal. It’S not a big step from there to see central banks like france or russia. Coming in and saying you know what we’re going to buy 10 000 bitcoin and put it on our balance sheet, because that’s like the new gold and we’re gon na get get involved before it’s too late. That will be a damn big deal when it happens.

I think 2022 could be the year we finally get our first country intentionally doing that with the way to have it as a reserve asset, one of the big countries anyway, i know we got. You know some little guys doing that already, but um. I think we’ll see a really big country do that now. What about the legal tender thing? Obviously, el salvador 2021 was crazy.

They legalized bitcoin as legal tender within the country going farther than any country has gone before in terms of bitcoin legislation. Awesome in 2022 we’re gon na get another one. We are gon na get another country in 2022, legalizing bitcoin as legal tender. We have so many strong candidates for this to happen. Uh ukraine has been very, very crypto friendly.

We have panama, which is still kind of a slave to the us dollar. They can break those chains, take bitcoin on board. We have countries like tonga which just get just screwed by these remittance companies. They would be another great candidate for bitcoin. So it’s going to happen, i don’t know which country it’s going to be, but we will see another country going down this heavy legalization route of making bitcoin an accepted, normalized and yes, legal tender within the country.

I reckon by the end of the decade we’ll have a good handful of them. I think 2022. We will get our second one. Next, let’s talk about an ethereum prediction. I predict that ethereum is going to drop below 50 percent of the total value locked on chain.

So it started 2021 at 97 percent. Almost complete market dominance ever since that time, the total value locked on chain for ethereum has actually grown by a total number. However, its market share has fallen all the way down to 66 percent, the crushing fees on ethereum that often see you know a basic swap on uni, swap costing from 50 to 100 trying to do something in decentralized finance. You know providing liquidity, taking that liquidity provider. Token somewhere else, getting insurance on et cetera, et cetera, can cost a thousand bucks or more or more i’ve paid more before, which is you know not not like some kind of like humble brag.

I can afford to pay crazy fees on ethereum. It’S that sucks. It’S a complaint. I don’t want to pay high fees on ethereum man, that’s not cool at all. Those crushing fees are seeing.

Users flock over to binance smart chain they’re, going over to solana they’re going over to avalanche they’re going over to polygon. Yes, we are seeing layer twos for ethereum also being adopted, but i think 2022 is the year. We see ethereum’s market dominance in terms of uh d5 total value locked it’s gon na go under fifty percent. Look at the trend, it’s going under fifty percent. We will see these other chains picking up the pieces.

The total value locked on ethereum could continue to grow. It’S just going to grow faster on the other chains, because they’re more appealing to new users who can’t afford to pay stupid amounts or just don’t want to pay stupid amounts of fees. Next, let’s talk about xrp xrp, i think is going to win its court case versus the sec. At least. I hope that it does.

The scc has basically been a big school yard bully at this point, it’s so funny when you look at like token sales and stuff like this, and it’s always the same kind of people. Oh, you can’t, if you’re from iran or north korea or venezuela or the united states right it’s a ridiculous situation. The scc has put regular investors into you can’t invest in token sales. You can’t get air drops. You can’t do certain kinds of trading.

There’S all kinds of uncertainties about even the tokens themselves are listed on exchanges gary from goldman the the head of the sec has come out and said. Well, you know the vast majority of tokens listed on exchanges probably are securities that has far reaching implications of that kind of talk. However, however, if ripple wins this court case, it sets a major precedent and will kind of put the schoolyard bully the sec in their place. So i think we should all be rooting for uh ripple to win this case. It would be a net positive for the industry if the sec wins.

It then gives them a precedent to be able to go after a wide range of other tokens. So, let’s hope that the guys over at ripple end up pulling off a victory in this court case. I think they will now. Let’S talk about the next company to buy bitcoin, to add it to its balance sheet. Tesla is not going to be the only major company to be holding bitcoin forever.

Well, i know microstrategy’s got truckloads and just basically insane at least 130 140 000 bitcoin now, but for reference. Microstrategy is like the 2020th company by market cap. I want to see one of the big boys getting into bitcoin and my guess, for that is facebook. Now, why do i think, face lots of lots of great contenders out there? I think that facebook is a great candidate for because they have 60 billion dollars in cash on hand, which of course, is suffering from the same inflation everybody else’s dollars suffer from, but when you have 60 billion dollars being inflated away that hurts man that hurts.

I think we’re also going to see facebook enable bitcoin in their novi app, so the bit uh the facebook novi app they’re, currently allowing for stable coin transfers within the us and uh between, i think the us and honduras and nicaragua, one of those central american countries. I think considering these recent moves considering their pivot towards the metaverse right, they’ve literally renamed the company meta, because i think the metaverse is going to be so gosh darn, big, so they’re moving into the metaverse they’re already doing crypto stablecoin transfers. I think it’s only a matter of time before we see facebook say hey, you know what let’s just take a billion or two billion of our cash. It’S a tiny fraction of our total cash, throw it into bitcoin, because it’s probably better than holding onto cash. I think so i think it’s gon na be facebook.

Personally, the next prediction cat meme coins are gon na overtake the dog mean coins. I mean come on. I know every dog has its day. Sheba’S had its day. Doge has had his day.

Floki’S had its day. Sheba floki inu, elon doge monkey coin has had its day. They’Ve all had their day at some point. Maybe the dogs have had too many days at this point. It’S time for some good old-fashioned cat meme coins to just rock it up to be worth stupid amounts of money.

Anyway, this is a joke. That’S a joke! I don’t uh, you know, maybe we’ll see some cat meme coins doing something man, but people seem to really just do love the dog meme coins, but uh yeah. I’M sure those will continue to be popular into 2022

Anyway, final prediction here: for you, the total market cap for all cryptocurrencies combined, is gon na cross 10 trillion dollars in 2022..

I do not believe we’re at the start of a bear market. I have laid out my case for that in previous videos uh over the last week or so we’re not in a bear market. We are in a consolidation accumulation phase within our our wider market structure. Here now, back in november, we saw the entire cryptocurrency market cap. All the coins combined almost hit three trillion dollars.

That’S only about a 3.3 x from the all-time high market cap to get up to 10 trillion. It’S really not even that crazy. When you stop to think about, i know it’s a lot of money. It’S 7 trillion dollars.

However, this market can move real fast and let’s go back to some of those predictions. I have the spot. Bitcoin etf, that’s gon na unleash trillions in liquidity. Facebook buying that’ll bring in a new speculative frenzy. More companies are gon na buy.

Maybe more companies will buy, facebook buys right and all this other stuff that’s going on. If we have a central bank start buying bitcoin that unleashes the bulls once again, so i think 2022 is going to be very bullish. I think the lengthening cycle is in play here. Potentially, a super cycle is in play as we see the adoption really starting to take off for crypto currencies, so 10 trillion dollar market cap – it’s gon na happen, fingers crossed. Let’S start, let’s dare to whisper of this dream right now, so we can will it into existence in 2022.

Anyway, just my predictions for 2022, your question: do you think that any of my predictions are going to come? True, maybe you have a prediction of your own, something that i didn’t mention like lark. How would you not have said that you know cardano is going to be the number one cryptocurrency or whatever it’s going to be? Let me know down below in the comment section what your prediction for 2022 is thanks, so much for watching today’s video and peace out till next time: [, Music, ], you

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