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Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Welcome back to kryptos ross, i am george, we’re all george so get ready, because i have a lot of signs eight in total and show that bitcoin is ready to bounce. We had enough of hanging around 47, 48. 49. 50..

No bitcoin is ready to bounce and i’m going will show you everything i found today. So thanks for tuning in as always smash and like subscribe to the channel two streams almost every day. 11 30 and 8 30 p.m. Center standard time so make sure you hit that notification bell to get notified and follow me on twitter, facebook, instagram and, of course, check out the brand new and completely redesigned cryptozoros.


om, which has all the latest news articles and guides and information about. My giveaway, which is very very close of uh, ending so make sure you check it out, welcome, welcome welcome guys. Hopefully you guys are doing better. You know what bitcoin is down slightly from last night or slightly from yesterday, 48 48 1. It got as high as 49 49 2 ish right.

We actually had a really good bounce yesterday, after the announcement from fed chairman powell um, and that was fantastic. You know kind of uh kind of in line with most people thought so equities market came up. Bitcoin came up right today, bitcoins kind of stalling a little bit. However, all coins are coming up. You notice that today, ethereum solana, even cardano avalanche, i mean tara, i mean polygon, you guys know what i’m talking about um chain link.

You know all double digits. So all coins are definitely coming up, uh, less fear right now, so that’s definitely fantastic. However, however, today i want to show you guys everything i’ve found because there’s a lot a lot of data. A lot of signals that indicate bitcoin is about to turn from where it is now right. So let’s get started, let’s get started so there’s uh a plenty.

So, let’s start out with this one on coin telegraph, historically accurate momentum indicator, hence that possible bitcoin breakout ahead. Well, what is this talking about? Well, left zoom in right here, so this is using a momentum indicator and obviously, when you’re, using momentum, indicators or indicators in general right, you could detect patterns and breakout patterns, and we know that big one was stuck at 30 000 for quite some time right. It was a brutal two to three months. Then, when it broke out man, things started really moving and we had the same thing happen around 40 000, not nearly as long, but we had a little little stint there and then now we’re having that little stand around 47.

48 000 right. But you could sl see using the momentum indicator, whatever it breaks out of that declining kind of like pattern or trend. When we see that we tend to see an explosive move up a reversal of bounce – and that is what it’s looking like right now, because we just broke through that trend line. So that is number one okay, but obviously this alone is not enough, but wait until i show you everything else so from matthew. The same person also has this putting that momentum indicator with rsi indicator and then, of course, correlating with bitcoin right, and you can see that momentum already broke out.

Rsi is broke, well kind of broke, it did, but it needs to uh. It needs to form uh. What is this a daily or weekly so it needs to close above, but it looks like it’s already there and what’s next, usually price price of bitcoin right, so that is the next step, the next confirmation, so this is putting it all together. Now, of course, this is not all there’s just a lot going on now. This is from you know, a ta perspective right uh.

This is again using the 30, 40 and 50k. All right, i just say 50k, but you know you know it’s 47.50 right. So you know that uh kind of looks like full moons but they’re not, and that should be another indicator, but i’m not i’m not. I’M not talking about astrology today, no full moons, but you can clearly see again.

There’S definitely a pattern right this time with just rsi, and you can see whenever there is a breakout from that trend line. You see a pretty explosive move afterwards, so i mean everyone is kind of noticing the same thing: here’s one from tech, dev right same thing, you’re looking at rsi, stochastic rsi, and you look at what happened before this is going back a little bit in 2020 and He’S making not only you know, uh he’s making like a fractal comparison, but also looking at comparisons with darcy and stub castigar’s side and looking pretty similar so again, more data that shows a bounce or reversal is about to come. Here’S another one! That’S one week right! Everyone is looking at history right because that’s the only thing we have uh besides fundamentals.

What else can you prove to people that hey? We may be having that bounce up right, so you got to look at history, so this one goes back until 2020 and look at some of these longer weekly time frames like weekly and look at stochastic rsi, and this is a pretty good one when you stretch It out, usually, these indicators become more accurate um, but you could see one whenever stochastic rsi bottoms out, which is looking like like it’s about to right now, right right, where we are around 47 48. Well, it tends to rally – or i should say bitcoin times, a rally right afterwards. So here’s something else. I mean there’s just a lot of stuff going on okay here, finally, not a chart thing.

Okay, this also looks at how much bitcoin went in and out of all the major exchanges and yesterday alone about 230 bitcoin. But this is just one day and if you look at the overall reserves it keeps dropping and dropping and dropping because every single day you’re, seeing like 50 100 200, a thousand that’s leaving exchanges. So again, when you have the supply decreasing and liquid supply going up, meaning the supply, that’s off, the exchange is non-tradable. Well, that’s also indicating a reversal is about to happen, because this is simply supply and demand, and this also correlates with that. This is retail accumulation.

Bitcoin hasn’t been bought this hard since march of 2020, when bitcoin fell down to 3 800, so think about it. 3, 800 versus 47 now more than 10x. Yet the buying right now is as aggressive as then so shows you. Yes, this is a really bullish thing. Retail and institutions they’re all they’re all trying to accumulate as much as possible, but this is also showing, along with everything else.

Well, it’s looking like the bottom may be in and a bounce is ready around the corner. And, lastly, let’s look at some on-chain metrics. So if you go to cryptozoros
Com right, we have a brand new contributor, um plan c, not plan b, plan c, but his specialty is with glass node on chain metrics. I really like some of this stuff, so i brought them a board, but another reason why you guys need to check out cryptozeros.com, but here this is an interesting one.

Design chain metric with realized gains, okay, utilizing realized gains and looking at well how many people actually took profits from the with their gains and so and whoever’s left right, correlating everything and putting together. You could see that there’s a bottom indicator, there’s a top indicator and guess where we are right now. Bottom bottom shows a little bit too many people took profits and now we’re in that teal bottom zone. That shows that bitcoin is ready to turn and come back up right. So there’s just a lot of stuff and at any one of these things you could say.

Well, maybe it’s a coincidence. Maybe it’s you know. Maybe it just turned out that way. On a short time frame, but when you look at all this combined okay with all the metrics, the indicators, the patterns, the buying the supply decreasing, you put it all together, you only have one conclusion: right: bitcoin is ready to bounce. It’S ready to head higher form.

A new high – and it is definitely not out for the count – it’s definitely going to continue on now. We still have two weeks left for this month: okay, i’m gon na hold to that. I still think we’re gon na get a good, significant rally now that the pal fudd right is behind us. There’S really not another announcement until pretty much in may unless he decides to escalate rate hikes even earlier, but he just said it’s going to be in may right. So now that that’s out, we don’t have a ceiling holding bitcoin back now, no uncertainty when it comes to to rate hikes and uh and uh tapering.

But you know right now: it’s clear air right, so we got two weeks left this month. We could definitely see a significant rally and then, in 2022 the bitcoin bull run will continue and it’ll be the first four year cycle where it doesn’t end in four years. It’Ll be the very first cycle we go into a fifth year, and it could mean that the four-year cycle is forever broken in terms of having one really good year and three down years. It could be two years or three years of really goodness and three down years, or maybe we just don’t have that at all. We just continue to go up and up and have little corrections that keep going right until the next halving event which will decrease and make bitcoin even scarcer from from it from right now right.

So all looking pretty darn good now, just a few other little things. I want to talk about right. Obviously, at the beginning i said that all coins are coming up. Obviously, retail investors are putting more money back in a lot of people were scared out the last few weeks few days, but uh seems like people are coming back, and that is fantastic. A lot of these all coins have been decimated right.

10 20 30 drops within uh a week or a month and there’s no reason for it to be dropping that much and now they’re starting to recover. But you know what a lot of them are still in the green, and i totally forgot that i i didn’t do dca yesterday i was go, do more buying dollar cost average right, so i’m gon na do that tonight. Just so, if you guys are paying attention, i totally forgot about it, but there’s a few just a few little news. I want to talk about like, for example, polygon, which has been an absolute terror coming up today of 14, that’s fantastic, and that’s because they launched this polygon token swap so now. You could do this internally right within their polygon wallet, so they have a new swap.

That’S built in the wallet and you can swap out basically any two tokens right: that’s within the polygon ecosystem, so that’s fantastic and polygon uh. Besides, this has announced a lot of things recently with their zk uh zk uh roll up. You know conference a lot of stuff going on a lot of stuff going on all right. What else is there avalanche, which has been coming up a lot? I’Ve talked a lot about avalanche.

They get even better bitco adam land support, as institutions want to hold uh avalanche. So now you have exchanges like uh, bitstamp and bybay. They could offer. I never heard of bit b no bit buy. I’M sorry, not big babe bit by.

I never heard of that change. I haven’t heard of damn one of the oldest changes out there, but these two exchanges can now offer it uh avalanche their users and bitco could store it. That’S also good and it just so happens. Avalanche also announces a new sub chain that is evm compatible and again this was created to basically entice uh. It’S almost like a test net like basically it’s enticing evm compatible.

You know dapps to come aboard right and utilize avalanche and gain all the benefit of speed and low cost, and all that good stuff right so um and uh. I i don’t. I have the article with me, but those of you guys that are paying attention to nfts uh. You know michael jordan’s, coming out the nft and solana i heard milana trump is coming out. Nft collection on so recently there’s been a lot of nft collections.

That’S coming our marketplaces, that’s about to debut, and most of them are going on top of solana right now. So solana definitely still has that that uh, that traction and name recognition, but overall, that’s pretty much it guys. Today is a good recovery day for all coins. Bitcoin not so much, but i presented eight different signs. They indicate that bitcoin is ready to rock ready to rumble it’s ready to bounce and head higher right, so get ready all right, uh before q.

A i do have a new sponsor for today, and this is an interesting concept and it if successful it could get eliminate rug pulls okay. So this project is called escrow protocol. So think about this, when you invest into a new project, let’s say you participate in ido or they happen to have an ico and they’re trying to raise funds for their project right, they’re, raising funds so that they develop what they’re promising you. But how could you know if they’re go succeed if they’re just go give up or how do you know if it’s a rug, pull right, you really don’t know you’re taking a chance. Obviously you could do your research.

You could look up the team. You can look at what they’re doing you could look at the backgrounds investors, but sometimes you don’t know, maybe there’s a vulnerability and they get hacked or they make a wrong decision or some way or they just simply they’re scammers all along and that’s what escrow protocol Is trying to fix basically utilizing their mechanism, their protocol? You don’t have to give all of your money to the project right away. It’S held in escrow right, so it’s held in escrow and it unlocks over time according to milestones. So the projects that want to receive funding while they’re forced to basically stick with the schedule – and we know that that’s kind of hard for some projects stick with a schedule and only when they meet those schedules and milestones.

Do they get more funds unlocked to them. So not everything goes to them all at once. That’S a pretty unique concept and here’s another unique concept is while escrow protocol is holding the funds, they will be utilizing that to gain interest using yield farming. So while the funds are being held, you they’re actually going to gain from it. You know, earn interest before unlocking and giving it to the projects.

It’S a pretty cool concept. I don’t think i’ve heard of another project. That’S trying to do this, but it does make a lot of sense right because you just don’t know with projects when you’re investing in them. You don’t know if they’re gon na come through or not right. So, as for escrow protocol in terms of token uh, it’s gon na be used for governance.

They’Re also give they’re gon na, give you an nft so that you can get exclusive project benefits like chat or anything else that comes with it. Also, of course, there will be funding opportunities so and you look at investors and partners, they have a lot of big names on board like polygon and ave and quick swap right. So they do have a good amount of partners already and also they are they want to. Let people know it’s completely: 100 percent based out and community governed right and the yield farming right. The interest i was talking about 80 of that will be given to stakers.

So pretty darn good and right now they do have ideal ongoing themselves on phantom starter. So there you go that’s what esco protocol is all about if you’re interested check them out. Url is in the description of this video, alright guys. Now, let’s do some q, a top tier, says, george launch a meme coin, so we can all get rich well, as in as appealing as that sounds no, i don’t want to do that and get uh get in trouble for it all right. What else is there uh right?

I think it’s time i think it’s time, uh not so fast. The media is hyping up moment. Kron i mean the media wants to scare. You know, how do you get people to read your articles and publications, right mostly through fear, is proven. People are a lot more fearful of.

I don’t know potential loss potential damage than they are of good things. I guess and uh it comes. It’S the same with investing right people, panic whenever there’s any kind of dip, because it’s all about you know wealth preservation rather than seeing the bigger picture of uh of making life changing wealth. So i think the media is just keep hyping up omicron, because you know there’s really nothing else to say trying to scare things trying to find experts to say: oh, it’s not as mild as it seems right so, but it will pass it will pass uh. What i put in front of my bdc sign – you mean that or underneath i don’t know which one you’re talking about uh.

Would you take out your money out of your 401k and put into crypto um? I mean it really depends like like for bitcoin. You know if you’re holding for long term, if you’re, really holding for like 50 years or 40 years or 30 years before retirement man, i just don’t see how you could lose out with bitcoin right with all coins, there’s a risk because they could be outdated. Another coin could be faster or better achieve better momentum right, but with bitcoin, it’s just hard hard to see something. That’S go outperform it in the next 20, 30, 40 50 years right so yeah, and you know if you want to do that.

Well, check out my bottom banner partner. I trust capital b’s. They are the biggest in a space that helps you do exactly that and they give you a hundred dollars free, bitcoin right now. If you make a deposit um, i’m optimistic as hell, but one last leverage shakeout may occur, i mean there’s always another leverage, shakeout, there’s almost so much leverage shakeout said there could be right and it tends to go both ways too. We’Ve been seeing a lot of longs liquidated, but there could be shorts being liquidated soon.

We could see a short squeeze, not always a long squeeze, but it just tends to work out sometimes that way, because there’s a lot of greedy people right overall, i think staying away from leverage is the best play. Um just stay away. That way, you don’t have to worry about being liquidated, uh mommy. I appreciate it. Killian asked about algorand’s three month outlook i think they’re making major strides in um latin america right now kind of proving their system with el salvador right now and then uh.

You know what they’re they’re probably going to expand, but they’re also getting involved with many many other things that other l ones have right like defy and growing that out they have a new fund. That’S drawing in. I think it’s a 300 million dollar fund to draw in dapps, so they’re they’re doing all the right things right now. What about cad exit launch on flux? Any significance i’ve covered that yesterday, ryan um!

It is that’s why kadena is coming back up because cadax, you know they’re coming out of the mobile wallet, not so much as launching on flux. That has nothing to do with it, although that’s good for flux, but cadex is about to launch their mobile wallet or browser wallet. I should say not mobile browser wallet and that’s gon na be a big thing for container, because kadena needs some good wallets right now. They’Re really lacking wallets, so cadx go help with that and also they’re going to come out with their very first amm soon after that, that’s going to be fantastic too, and you can see they rallied pretty good today, up 29, just recently, they were below 10 again. I’M like man, that’s a good, buy and now it’s up, you know 30 since then, but i still think they’re young and they have promise anchor 3.

. I don’t know what that means, but anchor is definitely um. You know they’re considered web 3.0 because they help you come out and power. The networks of web 3.

now works. Anker is all about staking and creating nodes to stake. They do a lot of other little things like micro, like i think they call it. Micro staking and liquid staking, you know they do a few other things, but overall it’s about staking and building foundation for other projects. Uh.

Is it worth short-term gains wait? Is it worth the short-term gains tax to take profits on a way up for people that have been in it? Year-Round? Yes, because your taxes right depending on i don’t know what the tax bracket is, but the point of taking profits is making sure that you have enough cash on the side right for a rainy day for a correction for a bear market and in those situations those Coins and these promising ones that i’ve been talking about hey, they could go down a lot. I mean just recently, you could see even bitcoin went down 20 and some of these others went down 30 40, and that was just like a normal correction.

Think about what happens in uh crypto winter! Right last time we went to crypto winter. Many of these coins went down 99. So, yes, it’s still worth it to take profits and pay tax so that you have that cash on inside, so that you can dca when things are really cheap right now, if you have a lot of cash on the side, then you don’t need to take profits. The only thing i think is important about taking profits is to make sure that you have cash on the side right about 20.

25. 30. It’S up to you! That’S how you’re able to take advantage of these massive um massive opportunities right. Otherwise, you just you just have to continue to hold, which is fine, but taking advantage is always good.

Uh amy asked what about iota iota has promised, but they just came out two new chains, a new test, nut chain and their assembly chain on top of their iota, which is trying to which is trying to go in 2.
0, so there’s a lot of things going on right now, there’s a lot of things going on, but it does seem like they’re moving in the right direction. They have a large war chest, so they’re definitely moving the right direction. What project do you have your eyes on for staking? You know what i’m not a big staker, there’s a lot of people that do a lot of staking into yield farms into decentralized lending projects into lending projects, right, um or centralized lending projects.

I should say: there’s a lot of places that you can stay just depends on your skill level and tolerance level. I guess risk tolerance level, so i don’t have anything in particular. If you’re like trying to find one thing, nothing in particular um man, there’s too much. I’M missing here on d5 llama tvl market cap units want point: seven: seven: okay, okay, okay, does it imply joe’s significant undervalue or am i reaching in in the real world? Yes, but in the crypto world?

No because uh tv out to mcapp ratio and i’ve tried to correlate that before uh. It should mean something, but it it really doesn’t when it comes to crypto right now, right, for example, if you look at this and binance smart chain, its market cap, tvl ratio is much higher than say. Tara, which means tara, is very, very undervalued right, but does that mean tara’s go jump up to be bmb levels immediately? No right so, based on your thing, yeah there’s a lot. That’S probably undervalue overvalue.

If you look at this ratio comparison, but it’s not exact science. When it comes to crypto, yet maybe in the future, as projects mature and get bigger, that’ll be more and more of an indicator of what’s undervalued versus overvalue, but right now it’s just we’re not there yet uh ufo gaming. I still have to look more into them. I had to look more into them uh. What’S your thoughts on strong block being released and phantom on the way, i don’t know, i don’t know uh relatively small project.

I don’t i don’t know what they’re doing, let’s see, usually create blockchain notes, earn rewards, join 188 nodes being rewarded. So so it’s uh it’s an anchor competitor. So basically what it is you could create nodes um. You could create nodes of projects. In this case, you mentioned about phantom and polygon right, okay yeah, but they’re vastly smaller compared to anchor.

So i guess, if you make it easy enough, then it makes sense right, but uh i don’t know, i don’t know it just seems like you just spit up your own node for polygon or phantom by yourself. But i guess, if you need some help, you want to make it. You know really simple, then you can use someone like them. Do you guys see kadena on top 10 uh, it’s going to be hard very, very hard for in top 10

They have the potential, but will they get there soon? No ever maybe, but soon no um.

I learned in crypto your biggest sentence. Me is yourself. Yes, you know when it comes to fud, it’s not really what anyone else says: it’s you when that doubt and fear uncertainty, swirls on your head. You you flood yourself right. So, yes, that is true uh.

Do you agree that thousand dollar luna is not a meme uh? Where is it at uh yeah you’re stretching a little bit? Okay, that’s more than 10x! That’S like a 1520x. Can it happen sure let’s go happen, this cycle?

Probably not, but can it get there eventually? Yes, yes, because 10x luna would put it at what 250 million market cap right. That would still be like half of ethereum. So can that happen sure so a thousand luna can that happen. Sure, but probably not this cycle in the next cycle.

Yeah uh proton. I don’t a neutron, no real thoughts on them. Lron looks good to me, but i’m looking for more options. There’S just keep going down the list. Every single project allows you to stick, but what you’re looking for gavin and what are you asking for?

Who pays out the highest so you’ll just have to go through one by one and see who pays out the highest. There are a lot that are paying in double digits, some paying even more than that. Well, not more than double digits, but uh, but some even a 20. So you just have to look um all right. Last few questions.

Yes, what are your thoughts on zeldkor wallet? It looks pretty sexy. You know i used it uh. To be honest, i’m not a fan of zelkor, it’s there’s something about it. It doesn’t feel like all the other wallets out there.

It’S a little confusing to me and uh. So that’s why i have not been using zeldcore, i’m actually waiting for, like someone, like trust wallet, to actually support um kadena, which i think will happen sooner than later, but uh. Yes, i’m looking forward to the cadx browser wallet zellcore, i’m not a fan of um and i know they’re created by flux. So i am a fan of flux, though mark i’m not a fan of reserve rights at all um, why the irs pushing taxes on crypto? Do you think it creates more value?

No, it doesn’t create more value, they’re doing it because they need the money, because every government is desperate for money right now, because they print it so much and they can’t ever recoup it but they’re trying to by taxing what they can. That’S pretty much it all right guys that is it overall get ready. Okay, strap on, because a bounce is about to happen. I showed a lot of signs and signals, but ultimately, what’s really important is the fundamentals and bitcoin fundamentals have never been better than right now. So a bounce is coming, it’s imminent and i think we’re still going to see some movement, i’m going to stick with it within these next two weeks.

Right and let’s see what happens all right guys thanks for tuning in as always smash a like subscribe to the channel i’ll see you guys tonight. 8 30 p.m, center standard time. Okay, have a good one guys take care bye,

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