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Let’s scroll it down and boom! there you go I received 0.153472 worth of XRP and as you can see it is all 100% free and it is also instant withdrawal! What’s up everyone and welcome back again with my YouTube channel “earn money with Aiza” where I will be teaching you how to make money online.

For this video tutorial, I will teach you how to earn your free ripple (XRP) instant and very easy! But before we proceed with our video tutorial let me shout out the Miraflor Bongcahig and Ritch Luck for winning 100 pesos because our previous video reached 1,000 likes and if you want to participate with our 100 pesos video give away every upload just hit the like button and comment down below your coins.ph wallet address.

Let me introduce you again earnyourcrypto.com I have posted this video before, maybe 1 year ago and now I will post it again coz it has more ways of earnings how to get your free XRP now. You can check our video description below for the link and where to register.

Alright upon registering, you can see it right here sign up for free. You can enter your username your email and your password then the referral ID and create an account. Once your account is created you can proceed now to the login section you can type your email address then your password.

You can earn by viewing sites, you can earn by watching videos, doing, lucky XYZ and Wheel of Fortune. Now we will break down this one by one so let’s start by viewing websites.

Alright from here you can click visit advertiser Once the site is loaded, you can now proceed back again with your earn crypto account and you can check your balance here click again visit advertiser it adds it up in your account, once again visit advertiser alright it added again and do this over and over over and over and over and over.

Now let’s proceed with the second ways of earnings watch videos. from here you can click learn more or simply watch their videos and you can see a time countdown here when it runs outs to 0 you can claim now your earnings let’s say yeah you earned 0.0000025 us dollars And now let’s proceed to the next ways of earnings which is LUCKY XYZ. You can play the lucky XYZ game every 60 minutes we can play here every hour.

Now let’s try it by clicking this play lucky XYZ It says here you have not won anything this time try again in 60 minutes. okay alright that’s how it works let’s proceed with the last ways of earnings this wheel of fortune here we have 10 spins and we can earn up to 0.005 US dollars so now let’s try Yehey I won 0.005 US dollars! it added up with my balance and let’s spin again we won again 0.005 US dollars and spin again.

After I used my spins I earn almost 0.03 us dollars and yeah you can also upgrade your account into a pro by simply clicking this pro account here are the benefits of being a pro says 100% ads earning, 100% video earnings, 100% click earnings, 100% referral earnings, fast payouts and priority support.

Now let’s proceed how to withdraw our earnings but first, we need to set up first our XRP wallet address how to do that? simply go to your username then click settings and here you can see your XRP deposit wallet address and your destination tag alright now let’s proceed with our coins.ph if you want to use coins.ph XRP wallet address and with your account, you can select XRP to click to receive or click this button to view your wallet address then show my XRP wallet address here you will see your wallet address and your destination tag simply copy this and paste it here then next to your tag and paste it here.

Then update wallet then you need to verify it using your email address and once you are done you can now proceed with your withdrawal now I can copy all my balance and paste it here ok then click withdraw!

Alright, there you go as you can see my order has been placed and my balance now is zero so now let us proceed with our coins.ph and let’s check if I received it now in my XRP wallet let’s scroll it down and boom! there you go I received 0.153472 worth of XRP and as you can see it is all 100% free and it is also instant withdrawal!

Alright, this is our short video tutorial how we can earn free ripple or free XRP using this website I hope this video helps you how to make money online if it does please click the like button and also subscribe with our youtube and telegram channel for more apps and websites that involve online earnings! Thank you again for watching, stay cool, stay payment!

My name is Aiza Mercado and have a great day!

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