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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

5 Top Coin Breakouts XRP XLM STEEM ADA And XEM!

What’S going on snipers name, a little baby, I hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day today, Let’s just dive right into our daily Cryptocurrency analytics today, and take a look at several different banks out so that occurred over the past couple of hours, including Steam Ripple card on one M and stellar, so let’s just dive right into it, So pretty much. What we have formed here guy is a breakout coming out of this pennant. If you guys don’t know how to pennant Pretty much see this drawing right here to see exactly how a pennant is Formed, if you guys want a little bit more in-depth analysis, This is actually in our discord. The link is in the description below This is an open resource for each and every one of you guys, And if you go to tools and under trading 101, you can actually look at the pennant. We actually did predict this Yesterday for all of our Patreon.

If you guys are Patreon, Then you guys know that we actually sent out this instant trade alert. We actually sent you guys this pennant that formed yesterday and then, once again you can see there was an immediate breakout and The question is whether or not you should continue holding your ripple right. So if you look here, We are over the EMA. This blue line represents the exponential moving average. You’Ve got the 3 moving averages here, the 50-day the 100 and in the 208 and we’ve got our RSI down here, Which stands for the relative strength index now.

Looking at this graph, RSI obviously is high, And I want to point out how this was pretty much occurring here because you can see there were previous patterns that were similar to the one that occurred. Where you see this breakout and ripple is known to maintain its prices. If you see here to the left-hand side, the 25 cent range here was maintained for quite a while. We saw a little break out here around November 16th, But for the most part, as the price continued to stay stable, we saw initial breakout stability around 70 cents breakout again, stability, Breakout stability, and another breakout. We’Re looking forward to seeing the stability, obviously, there’ll be a minor consolidation.

So if your swing trader or a day trader, you can take your profits. If you are a long-term holder like me For a ripple, you can just hold on to the coin. So it’s truly up to your trading style, of course, there are many different types of traders out there and once again, if you guys are not Patreon, I know I get a ton of questions, so I do want to address this now before I get questions about it. We just went ahead and revamped our whole system here So now we have silver gold, rubies, sapphire, and emerald as well as diamond levels here. So if you guys are looking to get into our Patreon to get these types of trade alerts, the link is in the description below And you guys can learn more about that. We actually have our new disc order all setup. So, let’s just pull up Ripple guys, Let’s get to the real meat here. We’Re looking at a 124 billion dollar market cap Significantly higher than where we were yesterday under a hundred billion, our market cap just went over 720 Billion dollars heading towards 1 trillion. That’S something that I’ve been confident in since October, saying guys. We are heading towards a trillion-dollar market and I can truly expect that within January of 2018 and as that occurs, you’re gonna see a lot of coins starting to rise in price and, For example, we saw a lot of them happen today. So we’re gonna talk about that. You look at the total market cap. Guys. 124 billion is just such a stout number for a coin. That was three-four months ago, at 25 cents sitting around the end Area of the top 10.

So this is a pretty significant move for ripple. If we look at steam, Let’s go ahead and transition here for steam. Obviously, you guys know about steam. If you don’t it’s this, You know this awesome system in a decentralized social media platform, They have called steam it. As well as other uses for steam, the steam itself is the coin, And then you have all these subcategories, you guys can look into steam.

Of course, I think it’s an awesome social media platform. If you look at steam it and then the steam token will have a lot of usability in the future. But what we’re seeing here guys You can see this exponential rally up right now. Of course, we did see a minor consolidation and sell-off from individuals that maybe had some weak hands, But then we saw this initial breakout once again in terms of a pattern. Here You can see we are over the EMA, But we keep going in and out of it, so that, for me, would be a minor concern Being that we’re not completely bouncing on top of the exponential moving average. We are far away from the 50-day, the 100-day, and the 200-day.

If you guys look at the 1-day chart, you can see we are heading Extremely away from those price levels. Let me go ahead and delete this little thing right here I apologize and then you can see right here. We see this huge breakout, Let’s go ahead and remove this little Indicator. We are far and away from these moving averages. So, in terms of the price, It’s known to really consolidate after these run-ups, I wouldn’t say it’s a time to buy a ton of steam, at least for me once again, This is trading advice you can see here.

You do have a minor formation here. If you guys look into our discord, I’m not gonna get into all the patterns, but you guys can actually indicate what that patterns are gonna occur right here. You have a rounding bottom, so that’s coming out of a downtrend and pretty much what you’re seeing here is exactly Exactly that here. So this pretty much formed itself broke out, Went above the 50-day hundred-day, and 200-day, and now we’re these high levels when this happened. Prior, We saw consolidation, so we can possibly expect that what typically happens guys I’ll actually show you exactly what typically happens here with steam.

So once we see this run-up, so we end up going back to The moving averages. So you see it pops off the EMA And then it goes right back to these moving averages. So that could potentially happen here where this is Obvious you’re, seeing that price increase, but it could eventually go right back down to the moving averages. So that’s what I would say for steam. If we look at the total market cap, we’re over a billion heading towards two billion rank number 26 interesting break out over 40 %. Let’S move on to the card, I know a lot of you guys talk about a DEA card. Auto, of course, This is a very popular coin. You can see here very similar to the ripple, What car Donna likes to do is kind of curve out here on this little up rise here. So when you see these prices breakout, it typically curves, as you can see. So we saw this curve once again, and typically, the difference here between steam and Cardno, Which is fairly similar to ripple, is once you see these run-ups.

It typically holds its prices. I mean you can look at the past run-ups, so even right now being that we’re up, if you guys have the portfolio that I submitted into the, if you guys are Patreon, You know I sent you guys my portfolio yesterday, You guys know. I have some cards on, oh And I plan to hold is that it’s good to me. It typically maintains its price levels once it sees run-ups, Which I am expecting it to do. The same thing at this point as well, So we’ll go ahead and see what happens you can see.

We went away from the moving average, But the moving average came to the price. The price didn’t come to the moving average, Which is a good sign of RSI and I was still under 70, so pretty healthy levels for seeing this parabolic run-up. If we look at the total chart here, We’re at twenty-eight billion dollars of total market cap, guys ranked number five over a dollar now, I think we called that as well for the Patriots I told you guys this was heading towards over a dollar. There was gonna happen fairly soon. Just like a theory, I’m heading towards a thousand dollars, so it’s gonna see those all-time fiat USD currency valuation All-time highs.

So, let’s transition over to stellar guys, you guys know about stellar. It’S a fork of ripple, the founder of ripple, forked it created stellar He’s. Also, the one that was behind mount GOx, the exchange, Obviously we’re seeing similar price movements to ripple. It’S almost copying it. You can see it goes up, forms support up, supports up, support up support. This was a little bit more of a consolidation here, But now we’re just seeing prices shoot up.

What I do like about this is it’s completely over the EMA. It’S bouncing on top, which is a clear sign that prices are moving up. If you guys want to learn something really quick. I talked about this in our live streams. If you guys see the EMA, what you can Do is actually draw a little pointer here, And this can actually indicate where prices are headed.

If you can see which movement and direction It’s going towards, remember, you can never determine actual prices or actual price. You know the magnitude When you see like a breakout, whether it’s positive or negative. You can’t determine the magnitude, But you can always determine price movements, so price movements for now are heading upwards for Xlm, of course, being that it did just break out. In terms of is a good time to buy, I would have said when it formed this channel. You could have expected the breakout because you saw clear support levels here right around 2448 satoshis, some resistance right around 2823 Satoshi’s.

You could have predicted the breakout right over here as soon as it popped off the EMA. Rsi was very healthy levels. Popped right over still was under 70 once we saw that run-up. This would have been easy. You know an easy trade, at least for the traders that understand these patterns.

Once again, That’s what the discord is for, so the discourse link in the description below you guys can always check that out. Let’S pull up Stellar’s total market cap guys, Let’s pull up What’s happening here, ranked number six heading right behind card on OS 16 billion dollar market cap at 91 cents. We can certainly see this possibly going over a dollar fairly soon and following ripples. Of course. The technology there It’s the same, exact blockchain – that ripple was utilizing once it was fourth and now Stella has its own mission.

It’S not heading towards The niche banking industry, such ripple is, however, It’s doing something different, which is interesting. If you guys know about that and then nem xem, Let’s go ahead and look at this coin. You can see, we’ve had this constant upward trend. That’S been occurring since around December 7th. We saw this huge run up here. Once We saw this minor consolidation, and ever since prices have been going parabolic We can see. This is pretty much one of the most dramatic runs. Ups we’ve seen thus far-Right over the EMA EMA is pretty much headed completely up. It looks like a Falcon 9 rocket Launched if you see that it’s insane in terms of buy prices. At this point I wouldn’t be able to for me at least personally, I would not buy at this point because We don’t have any support channels.

I mean, unless you have the prediction, that this is gonna go up and up and up, then you, you know you’re more than welcome To do whatever you guys want. This is trading advice and I highly encourage you guys to just get your own mindset. Get your own perspective Develop your own decision-making skills, don’t just take advice from everybody here and there just take different Perspectives from people and then utilize that to make your own decisions. So I tell my preteens out: Patreon is out all the time. I say you guys, You know I post my trade alerts, but that doesn’t mean anything.

This is just another trader. I mean another trader, Just like you just like him just like her, And I’m just doing the best that I can my goal is to help you guys, communicate and be a part of a community. That’S why we have our discord, Which is over 12,000 members right now, guys, Which is an awesome feat. I want to thank each and every one of you guys for contributing to that By the way check this out. Look at this.

You can see this clear pattern from here This little rounding bottom from this bottom end side pop right up. So this was a very, very nice move here for XCM. And now you can see, price movements are heading up. How high will they head? Remember? You can’t determine the magnitude, you can always determine price movement.

Obviously, it’s going up at this point. I would wait to see where the support levels are gonna from and put another position, but this is already my portfolio. So that’s always a good thing. You look at nem, you see here: 13 billion dollar market cap, one dollar, and fifty-five cents. 40 percent up rise today ranked number seven heading towards the trillion dollar market cap.

As you can see, in the total cryptocurrency market right now, BTC dominance is going lower, as I expected once again, 2017 for me was a Bitcoin year. That’S really where I was ecstatic about Bitcoin January for every March, But then June July August things started shifting and altcoins started taking over the marketplace and that’s kind of what we’re seeing right now guys. I think 2018 is gonna be here for altcoins, so we’re gonna see BTC dominus in my opinion, head towards the 20 to 25 percent range, and then at that point you see a lot of these altcoins starting to take their positions in the coin Market cap total rank and That’s gonna Be fun to see so stay tuned. A sniper’s tube, if you guys want to You, know, stay up to date with that and with that being said, guys do want to announce here. Once again, I know we talked about our Patreon.

The link is in the description, but we also have our discord. This is a free resource open for you guys, you guys can go to crypto coins all these chats, But there’s one thing here that I want you guys to actually look at there’s an opportunity tab. Do you guys want to post videos on this channel? This is a community channel feel free to do so as long as it meets our criteria. We do have a very stringent processing Term, Where we actually have your videos, reviewed by some of our admin leadership staff, to ensure that the quality is up to par for snipers tube.

But as long as it is we’ll post it up all the criteria here under the Opportunity hashtag, which is under general info on discord, This is available on mobile, desktop, and Web version, so other than that guys. Thank you so much for watching this video. Once again, I hope you guys enjoyed this. Thank you all for over 12,000 members on discord. Thank you all for over 20,000 subscribers here.

It truly means a lot for the team, and I – and We truly cannot wait to host you guys for the next coming years with cryptocurrency and keeping you guys up to date with the best Content. So with that being said, guys snipers out You

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