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3 ways to create Ethereum Wallet

Hello, guys, Today let’s talk about another topic on cryptocurrency, digital coins or digital money Today, I am going to teach you How to create Ethereum wallet Last time I created a video on How to create a Bitcoin wallet.

Today let’s talk on How to create Ethereum wallet Lets discuss the step by step on creating Ethereum wallet Ethereum wallet are the wallet often used by ERC20 coins ERC20 coins like quant coins, us coins, ubt coins.

Those coins are ERC20 coins Those coins are all using Ethereum wallet. That is why it’s really good having an Ethereum wallet. How to have an ethereal wallet? To have an Ethereum wallet.

Just go to My ether Wallet myetherwallet.com. Just go to this website. Since our goal is to create ethereal wallet Click create a new wallet. Access my wallet is if you have created your wallet already. If there’s an existing ethereal wallet you will click that if you already have Ethereum wallet this what we are going to click Create a New Wallet.

There are 3 ways to create Ethereum wallet Here is MEW wallet We can create an ethereal wallet in the mobile gadget Possible in iPhone or android phone Just access this in your apps store or if yours is android you can access in google play store This is the bar code and can be used to go to store The other way to create wallet is by creating wallet by Keystore file.

In this Keystore file process, you can download the Keystore file Be sure to save this file And this file will be used to access your ethereal wallet The good thing here is you have a password you can create to be used as well as the file to access your wallet This way is the one that I am using.

It says this is not recommended but this is the way I want. I like this better because this uses password The 3rd way is by Pneumonic phrase In Mnemonic phrase way. You will receive a 12 set of words that you should remember.

Because this process needs the 12 words in correct order Because in every number there is a corresponding word In Keystore the important is the file and the password but here you need the 12 sets of words So you need to save these words The first way we will do is the first way which is installing MEW apps in your gadget.

Creating MEW wallet in your gadget Now I am going to access my iphone The process to create an ethereal wallet in our mobile We just need to access the apps store I am using iPhone so I need to access the apps store.

But if you are using android you can access it in google play store. Then search the MEW Wallet Just download this app from apps store Just open the apps Then you need to click the Create new wallet Below is the button for the Create new wallet Create a 6 digit pin.

For video purposes I created 123456 as Pin You can choose to Enable Touch ID or just skip Now it is generating address Turn on notification to notify you for any updates in your wallet Just click Allow if you like to receive notification This is your Etereum wallet in your mobile gadget To know your ethereal wallet address It is in the receiving address. Just click this arrow down button Then this is your wallet address.

If ever you need to withdraw your coins from exchanges This address is you needed to put in the destination Similar in a bank, this address is like the bank account number And in cryptocurrency, this is a wallet address. Since we are using ethereal, this is what you called ethereal wallet address.

And if you have ERC20 coins, this is also your erc20 wallet address. This is the first way to create ethereal wallet address The second way to create ethereal wallet address is by Keystore file First we need to create a password to create a wallet address We need to create a strong password to make sure our wallet is safe.

Then click Next This is the document you need to save your ethereal wallet This Keystore file plus the password you created is needed to access your ethereal wallet Lets download it Lets try to access our wallet to see our ethereal wallet address Lets go back to the myetherwallet.com site Since our topic is to get an ethereal wallet address we need to access the wallet to see the wallet address Click this software Click the Keystore file and select the file we downloaded.

Then we need to type the password we created click access This is your wallet site And this combination of letters and numbers in the address is your wallet address Now let’s go to the 3rd way to create wallet address Click the create new wallet Click the mnemonic phrase You will receive a 12 set of words I took a screenshot for this to remember and say this to my computer I will show you how to do this Just remember to save this set of words.

I wrote down my mnemonic place In this set of words we need to fill the blanks. After filling the blanks click to verify then click unlock wallet Lets go back to Software to access wallet address And click the Mnemonic Phrase then click continue Then we will fill in the 12 blanks with the set of words we saved every time you want to access your wallet you need to fill these 12 sets of words Click continue to Click continue Select myetherwallet.com In address just select one.

Tick the box Then click access wallet This is similar to the way using Keystore file This is your wallet address Now these are 3 ways on how to create an ethereal wallet address This site is the main site of ethereal used to send and receive Ethereums and ERC20 coins For me its better to use this site for your Ethereums and ERC20 coins Here is the way to send and swap of your coins.

These are the ERC20 coins Our topic will end here Next time we will another video about ethereal on how to send and receive ethereal or ERC20 coin And how to use the myetherwallet.com site For now lets end here Please subscribe and like my channel to learn more about cryptocurrency Thank you very much.

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