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3 Cars to be Won in Biggest Crypto giveaway!!!

What is going on youtube? You already know who it is fellas, it’s your alexandrus today, guys i’m back again and with another video we will be reviewing dogedive, really interesting project with, like a really, i think, biggest giveaway. So far in the crypto sphere, they are actually giving away free sport, supercars and i’ll. Show you the giveaway, because it’s it’s quite insane in my opinion, so yeah it’s quite easy to participate in the giveaway too. You just need to hold certain amount of tokens for each car and that’s what i’m going to be showing you.

It’S also pretty cool. They are kyc with solid proof and with ping sale they are double audited. They have bnb rewards with auto claim and auto boost dodge die card game charity, stuff, which you know that i always like and appreciate, and i will also run you through some latest news and the giveaway. So i hope that you will enjoy uh before we jump into that guys. As always, i need to inform you that i’m not a financial advisor, you should always their own research and you should always stay around detergents because they don’t take any responsibility for your actions and now with that being finally, sir, we can dive right into it.


So, first of all, maybe let me show you like you know the audits and that kind of stuff here is the first one. This one is from techrate. Of course, i can run you through that, it’s in github i mean you can see it by yourself, but i always show this. You guys know that i focus on audited projects because your safety is most important for me. As you can see, they have passed easily.

Uh, on top of that solid proof, as you can see, i can also show you a certificate all right, as you can see, boom dodge type pause the kyc verification process with following requirements. They have to verify ownership list of all team members. Team identity verified with random requirements. Contract is published on mainnet, so, as you can see, they have easily passed that as well, and there is also this uh right attack loaded. If you want to check it, you can go ahead and do so.

I’M not gon na waste time on that, because i want to show you some other stuff. That’S the white paper. This is the actual dodge day dashboard, which is pretty cool because they basically offer you passive income for uh for hauling, and here you can kind of see like all your statistics when you will get the next reward, how much you collected already and yeah? Basically, nice and convenient tool: all you have to do is connect your wallet where you have your tokens and then it will basically give you all the informations just wanted to point that out. You can access it here by clicking dashboard, and then you have the card game.

They are also integrating with metaverse, so they are doing the moves. It is nice little preview uh when it comes to the project itself. They have some cool things, such as death star, which is a buyback basically um when the buyback function is turned on. Tokens are both back from the market, resulting in an immediate effect on the price. This is kind of cool to you know, keep the price leveled or even pump the token uh or basically to keep it like sustainable, even though, even if someone would be selling like bigger ones right, they are also burning.

So this is cool because the tokens bought through this bay back method are immediately burnt, so it basically means that every single time this does the buyback right. It decreases the supply of the token forever, because those banned tokens they can never get back to circulation. So that’s like another huge thing because it builds scarcity, creates demand, and you know that it usually results in price growth. Rewards holders are additionally auto staked instantly receiving four or seven percent depends on by your selfies and then basically you get that in b and b, the minimum requirement is to hold two hundred billion of dogedie token. So you need to be aware of that.

Obviously, the more you hold the more bnb you will be receiving that’s logic, i guess so yeah then also they are donating to animal charity, which is pretty pretty nice. You know what i really like when projects are giving back so big shout out to the team for doing that. Let me run you through the giveaway now, because i mean that’s like the main focus of the video uh. I wanted to announce this because it’s actually like super exciting uh. As you can see, you have, you have lambo, you have a tesla and bmw i8 model s aventador, so well i mean they are giving away literally free cars right three different giveaways based on the market cap we reach and how many dodged uh holders will buy.

As i announced on december 20, all the wallets that have sold together since that they are not eligible to participate in the giveaway uh. So, as you can see, 50 billion of dogetai will be part of the giveaway for model. Tesla s. Minimum buy and hold is 50 billion here and you need to hold for at least one month if you are on new purchase. So if you would buy after this video, then you need to hold this for at least a month.

Uh minimum market cap at 30 january 20 million – that’s when it starts, you have 27 days to do and you buy a minimum of 50 billion. So you have quite some time still um one drone person wins: 50. 000, with a minimum of 10 million market cup. Um also, it is mandatory to have the avatar of dodge dive on telegram on twitter to be held during the holding period. Therefore, january 15 to february 15 – and i mean like it’s hassle-free honestly, like setting up an avatar – isn’t that big of a deal, especially if you want to win a car?

I guess so that’s cool uh for the i8, as you can see, you need 200 billion. So that’s still like not that much and then you also have the lambo. This is uh 500 billion, so technically the most participants will be for that and then the least for the lambo like logically so. Well, if you, if you will, for example, get 500 billion, then you might have a bigger chance to win win this car. But obviously it’s still luck based it’s randomly generated.

You have an faq here, as you can see, and all the stuff. Of course, if you, if you buy more than you, are eligible as well, so no need to worry about that and the winners will be paid. A price of the value of the car in let’s say usd so that’s three hundred ninety thousand hundred forty, seven thousand and hundred thousand, so that’s like insanity uh, so as you guys can see like participating, is really really easy. You basically follow them on a bunch of social medias variety visits, some pages that it will also unlock you some other, some other. How do you say that other ways of entry?

Basically and yeah? That’S simple: as the three: when it comes to their white paper: they have it on the website, which is pretty convenient. If you want, you can go through it. It has some cool informations, but also most of the info you can find on the website. So it’s quite cool the best part about this is definitely this auto boost buyback function.

The death star like this is really really cool, because again it basically like removes tokens forever, creating the scarcity they work with. Some nice companies and they’ve been also featured on bunch of medias. Here is the roadmap uh. We are still waiting for certicord, which is great, definitely a great move to um to do it offline marketing campaign. So i assume some billboards that kind of stuff.

So that’s nice and then the card game will be in phase four, also getting back for a second to dodge doj dynamics, economics, long story, short uh, basically uh, that is uh 20 fee on sale and 50 on buy. So you need 16 of slippage when buying right boom. 16. All 21. When selling uh, that’s how much you can get with one bnb.

Okay! Here you can see that basically, it shows you like the minimum receive. This is the amount that you should that you will get after after completing your swap and then it’s just easy as that you can get it with bnb. You can get it with busd. Whatever is more convenient for you when it comes to the breakdown here, four percent is paid in this bnb reflection or seven percent.

If someone sells, five percent goes to marketing and six percent goes to the uh auto boost feature. When you look at the chart, it’s how it has 4.6 million market cap – and i mean it’s quite normal for all the tokens currently like the market – is bleeding hard uh. Everything went down by like 10 in last two days, so it’s quite insane uh, but it also gives you good opportunity to get in while it’s cheap before it takes off right, because people will be definitely participating in the giveaway. So it should drive the chart up.

As well and yeah, obviously guys do your own research, their own analysis, as i always say, just sharing my own opinion. I would also recommend you to join their social media, so you can see like all the informations, regarding the giveaway and regarding the other stuff that is happening around dodge die, and i mean like this is quite insane to literally give away free cars worth like five Hundred five hundred thousand half a million dollars, basically in saneri, you can also uh join the telegram chat, nice, community, uh and yeah. That will be it for today guys. Thank you so much for watching this video. I really appreciate you tuning in and see you guys in the next videos coming

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