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Hey guys and welcome to a new encoder content of the most beautiful musical instrument out there Coded violin guys have a great day today, I’m back with some amazing upside content and I hope, you’re recording this content straight from Geneva Switzerland. I hope you’re ready, I travelled here by car all the way from Paris. We are on our way to Istanbul. We will visit Italy and then some other countries. I will keep you updated, then our ultimate goal, guys Istanbul.

So if you know some good places to eat in Italy, please let me know, as I am keen on finding new good places to eat, so please inform the crypto violin family. Thank you all for watching without further, let’s dive into what’s going on there for you today. Ok, as I discussed yesterday, I expected a little dip and yes, this is the death cross. That is happening which is Dive. Boo, boo, boo, screech car crying.

Well, I don’t care because I know for a fact: XRP is going to go up so hard, not because brad garden house is my uncle. No, because I know these structures. I know you only have to do one thing in trading which is bought with Low prices and sell high, and that’s what I do I’m going to do that these are the buildup levels. Ok, guys, I’ll buy at those levels, I’m not the only one I’ll buy at those levels. I can totally understand if I bought all the dips and you’re just frustrated yeah, I’m frustrated too, But you know what we’ll see better days.

We just have to bear. Well, I gotta be honest with you guys when I see my wallet grow by a hundred thousand and two hundred thousand dollars a day. And yes, you are right in one day, I’m so happy, but it didn’t happen in one day that It takes patience accumulating in the right levels, patience, patience, patience and it’s not easy. So if you want to see your wallet 10x 20x30x from here, then you have to pat I’m fine guys. I know we’ve been waiting for three years, but we’ve already seen some fireworks here At two dollars.

We have to be patient and you know a lot of people who can’t make that money. Their whole life. Well, let alone three and four years is fine and we do it in just two months and we make tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions of yen of dollars because some of us are probably driving a billion dollars. But I only expect that millions and millions of millions will make a lot of people that normal joe can’t earn this in their life. Let alone earn this in total in their life, let alone raise or save.

No, that doesn’t work As such. Well, if you want to invest and get rich, you have to take a little risk and that’s a calculated risk everyone. Well, you look at the graph of calculated risk. You don’t have to worry at all, and I have some settlement news for you, because Jeremy Hogan, co-hogan left Hogan legal notes he’s an XRP attorney and he tweeted the following more clearly Imagine you’re the judge who decides whether Ripple got fair notice that they’re violating the Law and you look at the file and you see the message from two of the five-second bosses – basically stating that it just wasn’t reported In this fair notice, but no one has ever had a fair notice or had fair notice. So no one in this market in the cryptocurrency market has fair notice, so they haven’t had that and still, no one has fair notice.

Well, two of the original, The Five Chiefs say: that’s acceptable as a judge, I’m going to dismiss this lawsuit. Ok, maybe I’m a bit biased, but that’s very optimistic news. Well, he retweeted James K, Phelan’s tweet, mentioning the individual, defendants’ file and Pierce and Rosman’s statement as supporting the proposals for Rule out amid significant regulatory uncertainty as to when digital assets can be classified as a security by securities. Well, two of the five SSC chiefs are now on our side. Let’S read f.

Moreover, this is the best evidence we’ve seen in the defence of equity. Even now, and it will be a numero uno – show, in my opinion, for the brief verdict, what a gift of ripple it was delivered to them for free by two people. I dare say brave people describe it, how they see it. Everyone in the XRP community, including me, owes a debt of gratitude to Commissioner Pierce Roesman for telling the truth first, Above all in presenting this message of officials at the moment, it takes courage to do so, knowing it It’S going to be used against the second okay, so two of the five SS chiefs are now turning against the seconds and backing the men’s ripple settlement. I can savour.

Don’t worry, don’t worry. Let’S end this rookie content with a tweet from Robart. It took nearly three years to get 50 cents XRP goals to buy a good amount. I am patient, I will get seven to 13 dollars. It won’t take three years well, it’s very optimistic guys like me, look where the exact top would be for XRP friends.

I don’t think i would call the top exactly the last time I called 3 bucks. I hit almost four main things buying near the bottom and selling near the top, not FOMO, even if its, not a hundred percent of thirteen dollars. For example – and this was a great trader who sold bitcoin ether and Ethereum classic and Binance near the top. And then later Litecoin before the 40 men collapsed, that’s the real thing! Well, that’s it guys trades, The real!

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