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100x Altcoin Moonshot Still Possible!?

The GAME changers. Cryptocurrencies will change everything about industries across the globe. The way people transact, the way people interact, the way games are played, crypto and blockchain technology will change it all.

So the question is are you ready to spare some change!? There is always change in someone’s pocket. It’s time for Chico Crypto! Out of the thousands upon thousands of cryptocurrencies, shoot it’s getting close to passing 10 thousand….how do you find those GAME changers in a sea of the majority that coins? Well, step #1.

You watch and never miss an episode of Chico Crypto! Which should be a part of your DYOR, do your own research!! I’m a big fan of DMOR, doing my own research and diving down crypto rabbit holes to uncover what others don’t see! You may be asking yourself if you’re such a good researcher. What do you see today Tyler!? Where has this so-called research led you?? Well, where do I begin let us start with a blockchain company many of you have probably never heard of.

That company is Riddle & Code. Who in the heck are these guys, what do they do, and what is their crypto token riddle? Let me take a guess, many of you just searched coingecko for Riddle and code looking to see if they have a token? Well sorry to burst your bubble. Riddle & Code is tokenless. Then why are you bringing this company up!? Well going to the homepage of their website they say “Our platform manages the trusted connection between the physical and digital world.

It is the basis for the industrial token economy. ” They are speaking about tokens so Riddle and Code have to point us to a token. Well yes, indeed it does. An altcoin which I feel is the most undervalued in crypto falling to rank #174. And it might even lead us back to big things happening with Bitcoin. So, Coindesk last month posted this article: “Austrian Blockchain Company Builds Platform to Tokenize Solar Energy” and they say “Riddle&Code Energy Solutions teamed up with Austrian energy provider Wien Energie to build MyPower.

MyPower tokenizes solar-panel assets, allowing customers to purchase shares in Austria’s solar-energy industry. In the early stages of the project, a limited number of customers bought shares in a small solar panel plant, for which they received tokens based on the energy produced by the plant. The users were able to use the tokens to pay their electricity bills.” So Riddle & Code has a partnership with Wien Energie for My power, a project which allows customers to purchase shares in Austria’s solar energy industry.

Austria as a whole. Because Riddle and code are teaming up with Wien Energie. So who is Wein Energie!? Well according to Wikipedia, they are apart of Wiener Stadtwerke and is Austria’s largest energy supplier! They’re basically the entire country of Austria’s energy company! They are the big dogs. But who is Wiener Stadtwerke, the company they are part of!? According to Wikipedia, they are “Austria’s largest municipal infrastructure service provider.

This group are the city builders of Austria, and as we can see down in the description. They are owned by Austria’s largest city, the city of Vienna. Basically, Riddle and code have a partnership with the entire country of Austria all the way to their largest City Vienna.

I wonder who else has a partnership with Wein Energie? I bet many of you can guess but for those who can’t we will find that out in a minute, but first a sponsored segment from the team over at Sekuritance, and like always the full details of our agreement can be found below! Let’s jump right into their website, www.SEKURITANCE.com RegTech is the new FinTech CeFi and DeFi RegTech ecosystem delivering top compliance, regulatory, transaction monitoring and identity management to merchants and individuals and if you’re wondering to yourself… Does RegTech really stand for Regulatory Technology? Yes, it does! If money is ever to flow freely from TradeFi to DeFi, from private blockchains running something like HyperLedger Fabric to public chains like Ethereum, some kind of user-friendly regulatory compliance infrastructure must exist.

This is where Sekuritance comes in! They are a one-stop-shop platform that brings compliance, anti-fraud protections, KYC, AML verification services all under one roof! This is made possible through their Sekuritance SekurSuite of products and the SKRT digital utility token.

The services they offer? Payment Card Industry, PCI Vault for compliance in that area, Fraud monitoring, a rule engine, and know your everything!! Business, customer, transaction, and even wallet proof of ownership! These services are made possible and enhanced by their 6 core products.

6 core products… Sekur.Vault – Sekur.MFA multi factor authentication – Sekur.Alert – Sekur.

Transact – Sekur. Trace and Sekur.Certify! They also have a dedicated team of developers that are available 24×7 to assist with deployments and provide technical support. And if all that weren’t enough, Sekuritance has built a phenomenal in-house blockchain legal team also made available to help guide and consult the start-ups and other projects working within their ecosystem One of the first partners using the suite of products and services was trust was and have since helped 7 other projects with token launches and onboardings of their own… and have plans and deals for more integrations, exchanges and platforms.

Jeff Kirdeikis, CEO of TrustSwap said: “The Sekuritance KYC technology has proven to be a strong technical integration for TrustSwap and shows just how capable our Launchpad platform can be” Trustswap and its launchpad tokens are Ethereum but remember Sekuritance is blockchain agnostic, meaning it’s able to integrate with any other blockchain or platform, although the SKRT token is an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum! Regarding Ethereum, some big news for SKRT? They are a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)…

And this is a big deal! As the EEA is one of the most prestigious Ethereum based organizations! Not just anybody can get in, you have to apply and be accepted for membership. So if an enterprise-focused, reg tech-based cryptocurrency is what you’re looking for in an altcoin, Sekuritance hits that mark like no other coin in the space. I just gave an overview of Sekuritance.

Now it’s time for those interested to deep dive DYOR, do their own research. Links for everything Sekuirtiance are below Now back to Wien Energie and their other partner. Well, let’s just go to the Energy Web Ecosystem page, and scroll down to the W’s. Of course, there’s Wien Energie! I wonder if there is Wien Energie’s MyPower partner within Energy Web’s ecosystem too? Scrolling up to r’s, of course, there is Riddle & Code too! So the next question we need to answer is this.

Is MyPower running on the Energy Web Chain!? Well, last month, June 2nd, Riddle and Code tweeted about MyPower coming soon with an introductory explainer short content and in the tweet replies, a Gator Green asks just that, is this built with Energy Web!? Well, a TomFuerstner replies “Build on top of hardened energy meters extended with secure elements.

Kilowatt-hours and metadata managed my BigchainDB, Tokens attested to Liquid Network and Energy Web Chain. Custody happening on cloud-service based hardware enclaves.” Sounds like it!! But who is Tom Fuerstner and why should we trust what he says!? Well going to Riddle & Code’s team management page, he is their CTO!! So we should probably go check out Tom’s Twitter to get more information on this project and connections to Energy Web.

Scrolling down, just a bit on June 22nd Now Tom Made a reply to a riddle and code tweet from June 21st. Riddle and Code’s Twitter said “How does Austria’s first energy community work? Consumers purchase PV plants shares via the MyPower-R&C energy tokenization platform that is deployed on the @energywebx tech stack. Based on energy produced, tokens can be used for e.g. paying electric bills” Tom’s reply: Three steps closer to indexed energy units as a stable coin.

Wait, till you see what becomes available with our Energy Web to Liquid BTC bridge technology. Green bonds galore! So yes, the tokenization platform is built on top of the energy web tech stack, and there is a bridge being built to the Bitcoin Liquid Network for Green Bonds!!

If you didn’t know, this is massive as the Green Bond industry as of last year surged past the trillion-dollar mark with 200 billion in green bonds being issued in 2020 alone.” And here is a great article that shows the significance of this in 2021.

Bloomberg posted this article in May “Wall Street’s ESG Gold Rush Has Conjured a ‘Green Bitcoin’” and in it they say “In just the past week, officials at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. said they’re looking into the prospect of developing green equity for clients, and a group of crypto-miners said they’re considering the sale of “green Bitcoin.” It’s clear that demand for these types of investments—at least at the moment—is enormous.

One only has to look at the market for green bonds, where issuance this year is almost triple what it was a year ago” Now let’s just hear what Jesse Morris, CEO of the Energy Web Chain was talking about in April, in an interview with Coindesk… Green Bonds, Crypto Climate Accord, A Green Bitcoin Hashrate….the writing is on the wall, and it begins on a country level with Austria!! But it’s not just Austria remember Energy Web is going to hit other European countries too.

Remember, Germany’s federal agency DENA selected EWT to build a prototype for their Energy markets. From the blog “The BMIL project partners include Parity Technologies (the company behind Polkadot and Substrate), BOTLabs (the company behind the KILT Protocol), Riddle & Code, and 50Hertz.

The group has already kicked off and started to design and implement the technical solution” As we can see below the first project a part of this BMIL is done in partnership with Austria’s leading utility provider, Wien Energie, and focuses on P2P energy trading within local energy communities.” It’s happening too, they are turning Austria green with EWT as the backbone on a bigger level than most people realize.

Within the Energy Web explorer, we can find a token created “Ebswien Hauptklaeranlage Vienna TA1” well-searching google by this it looks like we are coming upon something, the 3rd result, talks of a smart city project and clicking into that, Ebswien is Vienna’s main wastewater treatment plant, and it’s going green through BIOGAS which if we go to the website, we can confirm this is a large, Vienna city-wide project.

Which is being tokenized through the energy web chain. Cheers, I’ll see you next time!.

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