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10 Things You Need To KNow About BAT (Basic Attention Token)

Lets learn about Basic Attention Token,the cryptoasset thats integratedinto the Brave Browser. Basic Attention Token, or BAT, serves as thenew token for the digital advertising industry. It enables content creators tobe paid for their materials,and rewards users for theirattention and engagement.

Not only that, but advertisers receivebetter results for their ad campaigns. This is all achieved bydownloading and using Brave,a free open source web browserdeveloped by Brave Software, Inc. Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScriptand co-founder of Mozilla,founded the project alongwith Brian Bondy in 2015. Basic Attention Token is a partof the larger Brave ecosystem.

Aside from the Brave Browser, theecosystem also includes the Brave Wallet,which allows users to purchase crypto with creditand debit cards and even supports DeFi and NFTs. The Brave DEX Aggregator isanother ecosystem component. It gives users access to discounts if theyhold BAT or use it for transaction fees.


When users view ads on the Brave browser, theyare awarded with a small amount of BAT tokens. Similarly, content creators and publishers receivea certain number of BAT tokens depending onhow much attention their content receives. dvertisers are able to target audiences moreprecisely and get far more engagement in return.

Aside from being able to tip any websiteor content creator with BAT tokens, Hint hint, wink wink an interesting fact about BraveBrowser is that Brave allows you toimport all of your settings andextensions from other browsers,so you can continue working without havingto set everything up again from scratch.

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