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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

🚨 BITCOIN ALERT 🚨 Breakout CONFIRMED for Christmas Crypto Markets

Welcome to bible crypto, here’s your daily crypto wrap up where we’re gon na go over the news in a very quick order. Let’S start with the markets is bitcoin back we’re gon na look at that bitcoin coming in 49, 000 and i’ve never been so excited to see the number 49.

Guys ethereum coming in at four thousand dollars hasn’t really moved a lot today. It’S up two point: three percent, while bitcoin is up for two point. Two percent and bitcoin holds expect ethereum to move a lot tomorrow: xrp back up to 95 cents with a 10 pump today, cardano 4.

percent up almost back to a dollar 30. uh tara, luna and avax big pumps, polka dot. Also a 5.6 pump um. Now, look at the biggest gainers of the day we got spell iota.

Um loop ring curve, matic matic, i think very close to all-time highs, but guys, let’s check out this chart, because this is really interesting here, oh gosh. What have i done here? What have i done? Where is my watch list? Okay here we go okay, so full chart all right.

So what i did is i was checking out just some lines and just checking out some lines here. Let’s go back to a long term, uh, not a long term, but since the peak a trend line straight down crossing. You know several key points you guys can see here. Touch here. Touch here basically touched there.

Uh bounced off that again and now down here and then i also combine this with the shorter time frame on this recent down channel we’re at, and i want to show you guys something now.

Yesterday i pointed out how we were in the oversold territory for the first time in a long time, but look at this recent pump. You can see this recent pump right now, even after the little bit of red that we’ve got at the end. We’re now bouncing off of this trend line, and we are now easily above the recent trend like what does this mean? What does this mean?

It means a breakout. Bitcoin right now is in the midst of a breakout. This could be massive. This could be the start of the quick movement up. I don’t know how fast it’s going to be – probably not 10 days, but you know most likely.


This will be the beginning of a large move, as we end the you know that you’re here i think that’s what we’ll see um guys for the news today. You know bitcoin ethereum recovering yada yada yada, but i thought this was interesting.

Jack Dorsey is now backing bitcoin, saying it’s going to replace the dollar and questions whether web 3 will be. You know, something valid you know is decentralization is important.

Well, of course, when you run now, he just stepped down, but when you’re famous for running gigantic centralized companies – and you pretend you’re a person that cares about censorship, then yeah you’re not going to like web3 you’re, going to like bitcoin only now, i do believe bitcoin Will replace the digital dollar as the world reserve currency many years down the road we still got to move from the dollar to the digital dollar, then, when that system goes belly up, they don’t have anything else to transition to that’s.

When bitcoin will come in we’re gon na have a lot more videos about this here in the near future. Uh. If there’s any kind of videos you wan na see from me, we’re gonna be changing our content very drastically in the next.

I don’t know probably around the new year so make sure to drop those comments down below. If you got anything interesting, do you think we should try or move to uh we’ve got some really exciting.

Ideas really excited to show you guys for 22

So god be blessed bye,

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