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All right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily, my name’s Austin in today’s video. I want to share with you the latest news involving Ethereum involving Solana as well as polka dot, radix, lower cap altcoins and even lower cap altcoins. If you’re interested in making money with cryptocurrency click subscribe right now, we drop a video every single day. Demystifying this cryptocurrency market, let’s jump in starting with the latest news involving Solana, Solana’s block, explorer soul, scan set to raise four million dollars in a seed round. And, of course, this just builds out the infrastructure in the underlying Solana, ecosystem and every chain has their own scan.


Ethereum has ether, scan, Binnacle has Binnacle scan and their block explorers, which are online tools that track transactions made on those blockchains. It shows where digital money has been moved to and from and gives data on the network as a whole, and i wasn’t even aware that these block explorers were so money intensive that they needed to raise capital, but they have, and this round for soul scan is Being led by venture firms, multi-coin capital, electric capital, backed by jump capital, alameda, research, Solana, capital, signum, capital and coin gecko, so some pretty prominent names investing into this infrastructure and how will they use the money Singapore-based soul scan will use the money to improve its existing block. Explorer and launch a new analytics platform, soul, scan analytics and, of course, they’re expecting growth from this in a direct quote from soul. Scan CEO, pure projects, using soul, scan as a block explorer will bring new users to us and they will further use soul scan for other features like a wallet watch list, d5 dashboard and nft scan. So this is the other breaking news involving this headline.

With regards to the nft scan feature, their ceo explained that soul scan will soon add an nft dashboard to its toolkit. So give me your thoughts on this down below in the video comment section love to see the progress i’ll, keep you updated and next piece of news on ethereum and by the way i highly encourage you to check the timestamps down below in the video description check. The time stamps find the news that’s best for you, but for ethereum consensus collaborates with mastercard on their new ethereum scaling solution. The software firm said projects built using consensus. Roll-Ups can reach a throughput of up to 10 000 transactions per second on a private chain.

Interesting, so for those who don’t know, consensus is a major builder on the ethereum network ran by joe lubin, one of the co-founders of ethereum and they’re now making a private chain with the help of mastercard. What are these details? According to their statement, consensus rollups is an innovative modular software solution for permissioned blockchain applications focused on providing scalability and privacy capabilities that can be connected to any ethereum virtual machine evm compatible blockchain, so i’m guessing. This would maybe be more of an enterprise solution for businesses that really care about maintaining their privacy, yet at the same time want fast transactions on the ether network. In a direct quote from the global lead of protocol engineering at consensus, they say consensus roll-ups enable vastly more scalability, in addition to strong privacy protections to both enhance solutions for existing use cases and enable new use cases.

This innovative solution will help accelerate the building of the future of finance. So give me your take on this down below if you’re asking okay. But what are some of these potential use? Cases for this use cases could include central bank, digital currencies, decentralized exchanges, micro and private transfer and taxes. So again, entities that may need slash want private payments on a private chain.

I’Ll keep you updated, but let’s keep moving and next piece of news for the polka dot ecosystem and the recently finalized parachain auctions that have just closed, at least for the first batch clover. Finance has officially won the fifth polka dot parachain slot auction, and the first round of auctions has ended on december 18th. The first five pair chains will be integrated into the polka dot chain to start block production, and then the second round of auctions is expected to start on december 24th. So what this means to you is, while there will eventually be 100 pair chain slots available and auctioned off, they do go in batches of five and the five have been decided now. What is this fifth slot?

What is clover finance, essentially they’re, a foundational layer for cross chain compatibility, and this fifth slot was really neck and neck between them and engines. Project affinity congrats to clover finance for winning a para chain slot, alongside aquila, moonbeam, astar and parallel slot 5, was a tight race. Thanks to our incredible community support, we have our eyes on batch 2. Effinity will be in great company on polkadot, so love to see the community support. Clover finance responded.

Thank you so much affinity team. It was indeed a tight race. We look forward to e5 becoming a para chain soon, so the polka dot ecosystem continues to grow and next piece of news for layer 1 protocol radix we’re pleased to announce that radix alexandria has launched, meaning developers can now get started with programming language scripto. So if you are a developer, then this piece of news is especially for you, but actually this announcement was so big radix actually did reach out to us. They are sponsoring this segment of today’s video, so in two minutes or less.

What is this update, alexandria, and what does this mean for you? The focus of alexandria is developers, and that means the first release of scripto and radix engine version 2, offering a new asset oriented way to build smart contracts that address the failings of smart contracts today. So essentially, this is an update programming language with developers in mind if you’re a developer and want to dive straight in head on over to our new radix developer site, link down below check it out and by the way for a deeper dive on how radix is Different than other layer ones like ethereum polka, dot cardano, i did a deep dive on the radix ecosystem, linked down below check it out. Okay, so the news today is alexandria and, let’s define what the update is. Followers of radix know that we have a sequence of planned technology releases.

First olympia, then alexandria, then babylon, zion and beyond, and while olympia has already happened because we’re now on to alexandria, olympia marked the launch of the radix public network. Mainnet alexandria, however, is a little different. So while it’s not a mainnet update, instead, alexandria delivers the first release of a new smart contract development experience with scripto programming language and the radix engine version 2.

Developers can now use a set of scripto tools on their own computer to start experimenting with what it’s like to build and run defy apps using scripto for now, without deploying code to a network, so they can test out start building using the programming language scripto. So that’s alexandria, next up would be babylon, and babylon is where we bring olympia and alexandria, together with a substantial update to mainnet, to make it possible to deploy crypto code to the network in short, bringing d5 capabilities to radix.

So progress is happening and developers can think of alexandria as early access, meaning their chance to become crypto experts, helping shape the development of scripto with their feedback and get their own defy apps ready to go to be the first deployed to radix at the babylon release. So if you are a developer highly recommend, you check it out again link down below if you want to start building and for a deeper dive on what makes the radix protocol different full video linked down below as well check it out and next up very quick Piece of news for injective protocol, the first ever injective burn – is now complete. 40 000 tokens were burned, meaning that injective is now officially deflationary and acquaintance at best burnt, banksy actually burned over 300 000 in fake fiat today. To celebrate the auction get ready for a burn every week. This is just the beginning, wow.

So two things to unpack here, number one somebody was so excited. They did a little live-action art piece where they burned a bunch of fake money, but number two – and this is the bigger update that injective, like we reported a few days ago, is now officially deflationary. So their platform is decentralized. Derivatives slash a d phi hub, but i think the community voted on this to be a big incentivizer for new investors to come, use the injective exchange, pretty cool, nothing else to say, but progress is happening, i’ll keep you updated and next up what’s happening with altcoin Near the near foundation appoints ex circle. Exec marie flament, as their new ceo, so near, is an a16z backed blockchain and they have just brought in a brand spankin new ceo flament.

The ceo who was circle’s managing director for europe is a french-born computer engineer, who has also worked at luxury giant louis vuitton, boston, consulting group expediashotels.com and, most recently, banking app medal. She is credited with helping circle at 2 million users over a two year period and had a hand in the launch of the popular usdc stablecoin. So make no mistake about it. This is a huge kit.

Huge kit for protocol near and near already is a pretty prominent mid cap coin. In fact, data site defy lama ranks near in 37th, place in terms of tvl total value, locked, a key metric that measures the dollar value of crypto assets committed to a blockchain’s, various decentralized finance apps. If you like near you’ll like this, i honestly, i would guess, probably i don’t know personally any near hodlers. So if you like near, if you hold near, let me know i’d love to meet you. I guess, and next piece of metaverse news for horror.

Metaverse fear we’re excited to announce epic prime, as the first dungeon master in the fear dungeons and for those who don’t know and by the way, i’ll play you. This visual, as i read the update but dungeons, is basically the metaverse in the fear ecosystem where people can instead of buying land. Well, i guess still buying land only in dungeons in the horror, metaverse looks pretty spooky. You tell me either way. The news today is this: that epic, who is just announced to be one of the dungeon masters, will bring major ip and sought after nft treasures into their dungeon realm known as the arcane workshop.

So this will be coming out in q1, 2022 i’ll. Keep you updated next piece of news on symbiosis finance. Symbiosis finance has integrated with oec, and this was significant to me because i didn’t even i don’t think. I knew that ok x had their own blockchain, so binance has their own blockchain. Crypto.

om has their own blockchain and ok. X has their own chain as well as a reminder on what symbiosis finance is. Symbiosis is a multi-chain liquidity, enabler that aggregates decentralized exchange liquidity? Of course, all decentralized all non-custodial and if it helps think of them like a thor chain, but of course with cross-chain liquidity, a focus on that as well. The protocol provides liquidity to major blockchains, while working as a unified layer for cross-chain communication.

At the same time, okay, so if you believe in a multi-chain world, you’re loving this, but that is the video, my name is austin. Like always see you tomorrow,

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